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55 Ankle Puns to Make Your Day a Whole Lot Funnier

best funny ankle puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Ankle puns make use of the ankle’s association with movement, injuries, and its role in supporting our bodies.

The themes in ankle puns often revolve around wordplay related to ankles, such as ankle injuries, ankle monitors, ankle-related professions (like detectives or motivational speakers), the relationship between ankles and feet, and the resilience of ankles in the face of challenges.

These 55 Best Ankle Puns make them enjoyable for readers who appreciate a good dose of fun and laughter.

55 Best Ankle Puns

  1. i had a tiff with my ankle, but it’s all history now — i’ll step past it.
  2. rolled my first joint last night. fuck, my ankle hurts this morning.
  3. what do you call a broken ankle that tells amazing stories? a real ankle-dote!
  4. as i walk around the children’s party i think, “wow, it was really easy to get that ankle monitor off.”
  5. ankle injury? that’s a knee-slapper, isn’t it?
  6. why did the broken ankle become a detective? it had a keen eye for solving twisted cases!
  7. i broke my wrong ankle. it wasn’t the left one, but it definitely didn’t feel right.
  8. why did the ankle become a motivational speaker? it had a knack for inspiring “ankle-hievers”!
  9. what do you call an ankle that loves to solve mysteries? a “sleuth-ankle”!
  10. why did the ankle refuse to play hide and seek? it knew it would always be found in the footnotes.
  11. why did the broken ankle take up painting? it wanted to express its colorful recovery journey!
  12. q: why did the ankle break up with the foot? a: it couldn’t stand being walked all over.
  13. why did the ankle become a detective? it had a knack for cracking cases!
  14. my daughter said her ankle hurts when she walked on it. i said you should walk on your feet, not your ankles.
  15. my podiatrist seems to have a bone to pick, particularly with ankle matters.
  16. why are ankles terrible at hide and seek? they always stick their foot in it.
  17. why did the broken ankle refuse to watch scary movies? it didn’t want to have a fracture attack!
  18. sadly i hurt my ankle the other day not to worry, it’s heeling well
  19. what did the ankle say to the high heels? “let’s put our best foot forward!”
  20. why does bill clinton wear underwear?  to keep his ankles cozy.
  21. how does the foot praise the ankle?
  22. recently, my friend heard his ankle bone crack. i told him that he shouldn’t be so broken up over it.
  23. harrison ford has broken his ankle. there will now be a new star wars cast.
  24. why did the ankle go to therapy after it was broken?  it needed some serious soul-searching!
  25. why did the broken ankle join a gym? it wanted to get a leg up on the competition!
  26. how did the man feel after losing just his legs at the ankles?
  27. why do ankles never miss a workout? they’re always on their toes.
  28. what did the broken ankle say to the dancer? “i’ll be your biggest supporter on the sidelines!”
  29. what did the ankle say to the trampoline? “let’s bounce to new heights!”
  30. what did the ankle say to the running shoes? “let’s hit the pavement and break some records!”
  31. why are ankles good at geography? they’ve been around the block.
  32. what did the ankle confide in the foot after a hectic day?
  33. q: how does the ankle feel at the end of the day? a: absolutely defeated.
  34. while playing football, my ankle took a hit. the pain? unbearable! an agony to stand.
  35. recently, my friend had his ankle bone crack. i told him he shouldn’t be so broken up over it.
  36. to keep his ankles cozy.
  37. what do you say when your friend has a fractured ankle?   “oh no, you’ve got a fractured ankle!”
  38. you can tell a lot about a woman from her ankles. if they are on your shoulders, she probably likes you.
  39. this comes from my 5 yr old neighbor’s ankle bitter: what do you call a broken can opener? a can’t opener. get it? a can’t open her. lol!
  40. what did the ankle say to the shoes? “sock it to me, i’m ready to go!”
  41. why did the ankle enroll in a dance class? it wanted to be the “ankle of the ball”!
  42. bob got into a horrible accident and had to have his legs amputated below the ankles. the suffered the agony of de-feet.
  43. why did the basketball player break his ankle?
  44. what do you call an ankle that loves to swim? a “fin”-tastic ankle!
  45. hear about the guy whose brother cut off his leg below the ankle? treachery was a foot.
  46. why did the broken ankle refuse to join the dance class?
  47. how does the ankle relax on vacation?
  48. what do you call an ankle that’s a jeweler? a gem of a heel.
  49. why don’t ankles like to travel? they hate walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.
  50. has anybody gone through the london foot and ankle clinic? how much did the surgery cost?
  51. what do you call an ankle that’s a carpenter? a heel that hammers.
  52. why are ankles so dependable? because you can always count on them to keep you grounded.
  53. my niece calls me ankle… … i call her my knees. we are a joint-family.
  54. my brother’s ankle was hurting him yesterday he asked me to check it out, so i put a check mark on it.
  55. what’s a broken ankle’s favorite tv show? “breaking ankles bad”!

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