55 Apricot Puns to Make Your Taste Buds Dance with Delight

best funny apricot Puns
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Apricot puns playfully use the name, properties, or associations of apricots to make humorous wordplay. apricot puns include references to the pit, fuzzy skin, orange color, or sweet flavor of apricots. Puns may play on phrases like “the pits,” “fuzzy logic,” “peachy keen,” or use apricot terms in clever double meanings.

Apricot puns come in many types – rhyming puns like “strike-fruit” for a bowling apricot, homophones like “tidy-cot,” apricot-themed spoonerisms like “soft-jets,” and punny apricot portmanteaus like “apricotastrophe.”

 So, get ready to chuckle and enjoy the sweet and tangy world of apricot puns!

55 Best Apricot Puns

  1. why did the apricot go to the dentist? it needed a little fruit canal!
  2. what do you call an apricot that’s really good at bowling? a strike-fruit!
  3. what did one apricot say to the other? “let’s stick together like velcro-pits.”
  4. how do apricots stay in shape? they practice fruit-aerobics!
  5. what do you call an apricot that’s a great dancer? a salsa-fruit-o!
  6. relax – it’s only an apricot; it won’t bite.
  7. why did the apricot become a music producer? it had an ear for fruity beats!
  8. snook in apricot, garlic and chilli oil-based sauce.
  9. i gave an apricot to my friend and said, “you’re the zest apricot in the world.”
  10. apricots and blueberries, 12×12″ oil on linen.
  11. had me some apricot pancakes this morning..
  12. if apricots could fly, they would be called soft-jets.
  13. you’re so apricot-tive and full of zest, you’re like the life of the fruit party.
  14. when the apricots got together for a party, it was a real stone-fruit extravaganza.
  15. they say you are what you eat and that’s true because from that moment on, i was ready to eat apricots
  16. these apricots are costing me an absolute fortune!
  17. what do you call an apricot that’s always cleaning itself up? a tidy-cot!
  18. coconuts for apricots.
  19. why was the apricot upset? it couldn’t find its pit crew!
  20. this apricot cake is so tender it’s literally dream-worthy! enjoy an extra moist experience when baking this delightful treat.
  21. now the apricot tree was fully-formed.
  22. what do you call an apricot that’s a great storyteller? a peachy narrator!
  23. when life gives you apricots, make apricot-lade.
  24. these apricots are deliciously crunchy!
  25. this is the northern california seedling “morning star” sunshine yellow with blush red on ridges . tastes of apricots especially nearest the eye with a thick gelatinous gooey goodness that leaves you wanting more to eat. this a most have addition to your collections
  26. why was the apricot always calm and collected? it knew how to stay pit-stoic!
  27. breakfast this morning! soaked oats, flaxseed, bananas, apricots, plums and a nectarine!
  28. i am truly passionate about apricots! they make an irresistibly juicy treat!
  29. why did the apricot become a detective? it had a nose for fruitful investigations!
  30. i had an apricot smoothie today – it was pulp-fictionally delicious.
  31. how do apricots express their love? they send sweet, heartfelt peachages!
  32. gg and apricot kush week 4. took out my carbon to see how well it was working and now it stinks even outside of my house. going back in tmrw morning.
  33. what do you call an apricot that’s a master of magic tricks? a fruit-illusionist!
  34. what would you call an apricot that’s always studying? a book-cot!
  35. what do you call an apricot who loves playing sports all of the time? an athlete-cot!
  36. hear about the fire at the dried fruits factory?it was an apricotastrophe.
  37. dwarf apricot, southern california zone 9a, 3 year old tree. what are these red bumps?
  38. roasted oolong morning with apricot from nearby tree
  39. why did the apricot become a race car driver? it loved the thrill of the pit-stop!
  40. i made peach apricot breakfast bars this morning.
  41. just gave my pup an apricot, and now he’s obsessed with it and keeps trying to chase it around like mad.
  42. what did the apricot say to the orange? “we make a-peeling friends!”
  43. when you have a rough morning… but you made apricot oat slice the night before!
  44. apricots make for an impressive spread!
  45. what do you call an apricot that keeps going missing? a lost-cot!
  46. i’d watermelon-ly die for you!!!love is apricot all about us . . .i’ll be your apple if ever you’d pear me.
  47. a group of apricots started a band – their hit song was called “apricot in the middle.”
  48. what do you call an apricot that loves to travel? a globe-trotting fruit explorer!
  49. why did the apricot break up with the grapefruit? they were too citrus-tive.
  50. my espaliered apricot tree
  51. can anybody help!? every morning i get a message which says” the apricot tree could not grow” and i don’t understand why…
  52. how did the apricot become a detective? it cracked the case wide open!
  53. my dog got ahold of the pit of an apricot and ate some. i know it can be poisonous, but she’s a big dog and only ingested a little bit? do i need to wake my mom up now or can i wait until morning?
  54. why did the apricot go to therapy? it had some serious fruit-issues to work through!
  55. anyone know why i keep getting a popup message every morning saying my apricot tree wont grow?

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