70 Asian Puns for a Hearty Laugh

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Asian puns are a type of word play that utilize elements of Asian culture, language, and stereotypes for comedic effect.

These puns can range from simple word play to more complex jokes that require a deeper understanding of Asian culture and history. Some common themes in Asian puns include food, language, martial arts, and technology.

These 70 Best Asian Puns will make you laugh and appreciate the richness and diversity of Asian culture.

70 Best Asian Puns

  1. why did the asian pilot start a comedy podcast? to reach “new heights” of laughter!
  2. how does an asian ghost introduce itself? “hi, i’m just here for the “boo-ffet”!
  3. why did the asian computer engineer win the coding competition? he had byte-sized determination!
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  5. why did the asian actor start a comedy career? to prove they were “act-ion” and laughter!
  6. why was the asian artist good at pottery? he had a strong clay-sian!
  7. why did the asian doctor start doing stand-up comedy? to practice some “laugh-ter” therapy!
  8. why did the asian chef start a cooking channel? to stir up a “ladle” of laughter!
  9. what do americans and asians have in common? they both love hot dogs.
  10. what’s an asian cow’s favorite snack? moosli!
  11. what do you call an asian bee? an origami!
  12. what’s an asian musician’s favorite fruit? a “ban-dana”!
  13. why did the asian artist become a comedian? to paint “stroke” of joy!
  14. why did the asian chef become a comedian? because they had a great “wok” ethic!
  15. i couldn’t decide what asian food i wanted more: japanese or chinese, so….. i just called it a thai
  16. girlfriend challenged me to an asian cuisine eating contest it was a thai
  17. flavorful flips tasty twists with asian spoonerisms
  18. why did the asian computer get a sunburn? it forgot to apply “screen” lotion!
  19. how does an asian cloud feel after a rainstorm? mistified!
  20. how does an asian cat ask for food? sushi-ously, can i have some?
  21. what do you call an asian wizard? wonton!
  22. what’s an asian cat’s favorite dessert? meowchi ice cream!
  23. why did the asian filmmaker become a comedian? to direct some “scene”-stealing laughter!
  24. i asked my boss if he would donate to my organization that provides medical support to asian children with terminal diseases so they don’t have to be put down. he hasn’t responded yet, but when he does i’ll find out if he supports youth in asia.
  25. what’s a decent asian stereo type? sony and yamaha are my favorite.
  26. what do you call an asian kid who’s bad at math? an orphan
  27. what do you call an asian kid who’s bad at math? anorphan
  28. why did the asian athlete bring a ladder to the race? he wanted to climb to new heights!
  29. how does an asian filmmaker start a movie? “konnichiwa,” camera, action!
  30. how does an asian cloud communicate? it sends “mist” messages!
  31. how does an asian vampire start a letter? “dear dearly departed…”
  32. i met an asian girl today with the last name of “china” it was her made-in name
  33. whom does asian parents love more than a honorable child ? a+ honorable child
  34. what’s a decent asian stereotype? i like sony and yamaha.
  35. why did the asian chef start a cooking show? to add a dash of “spice” to humor!
  36. did you hear about the small asian country that started their own air force? they were thai fighters
  37. what’s an asian superhero’s power? wonton destruction!
  38. what has two wings and a halo? a: ian asian phone call, wing, wing, halo?
  39. why did the asian scientist become a comedian? to mix “elements” of giggles!
  40. why did the asian musician start a band? to create some “tempo”rary happiness!
  41. what kind of asian people do mexicans hate the most? the mal-aysians.
  42. what’s an asian cow’s favorite instrument? the moo-sical triangle!
  43. why blurry criminal images get sent to asia to zoom and enhance? because interpolasian
  44. what’s an asian detective’s favorite snack? soy-suspect!
  45. why did the asian tailor become a comedian? to “sew” the seeds of laughter!
  46. a sales associate spots an asian man at a mortal kombat console. she asks if the man wants to try it out.the man replies, “no, i’m just liu kang.”
  47. what did the ceo say when announcing layoffs at the southeast asian division? “imma firin malaysia!”
  48. if you drop your phone in water, put it in a bowl ofrice. overnight an asian will come to your house, fix the phone, eat the riceand then run away.
  49. what’s an asian ghost’s favorite ice cream flavor? vanilla “boo-tter”!
  50. how does an asian scientist stay warm? by using degrees!
  51. so i was trying to decide if my favorite type of asian food is chinese or japanese… i decided to call it a thai
  52. why did the asian musician start a comedy tour? to play “tunes” of humor!
  53. why did the asian chef start a cooking show? to serve up a “dish” of humor!
  54. why did the asian scientist become a comedian? to create “chemical reactions” of giggles!
  55. what do you call a woman who invites you to her house to eat southeast asian food? the hostess with samosas.
  56. school reminds me of a p….. its long and hard unlessyour asian
  57. what do you call an asian woman with one leg longer than the other? irene
  58. why did the asian musician start a comedy band? to play “laugh-instruments”!
  59. q: what happens when you spin an asian man on a swivelchair? a: he gets disoriented!
  60. why did the asian car go to the mechanic? it was having “rice” issues!
  61. asians are so bad at driving, i’m starting to think pearl harbor was an accident.
  62. what’s an asian bee’s favorite job? bee-keeping it real!
  63. why was the asian gardener always calm? he found zen in his green thumb!
  64. how does an asian chef measure ingredients? with a “wok” scale!
  65. why was the asian painter always happy? because he found his brush with happiness!
  66. why did the asian artist go to school early? to brush up on skills!
  67. what do you call an asian ghost? a rice-ting spirit!
  68. why did the asian athlete join the circus? they wanted to show off their “acro-bat”ic skills!
  69. why won’t the guy buy colgate toothpaste ever again? it says ‘guaranteed whiteness’ after 2 weeks but it has been 4 weeks and he is still asian.
  70. why you get c? your not c-sian or b-sian your asian.

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