35 Asparagus Puns to Spear-tackled with Laughter

best funny asparagus puns
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Asparagus puns are a type of puns that derives its theme or motif from one of the species popularly called asparagus. These can act as ways of adding humor or entertainment to communication, social media postings or even blog articles.

We have different variants in asparagus jokes that fall under the theme of cookery puns regarding asparagus recipes like bacon-wrapped asparagus bundles, asparagus and chicken stirfry, asparagus eggs salad tea sandwiches, etc Some of them relate to wordplay involving the form or look of Asparagus.

35 Best Asparagus Puns

  1. get the recipe: bacon wrapped asparagus bundles
  2. get the recipe: asparagus and chicken stir-fry
  3. the definition of an asparagus: a bean with aspirations of becoming a paintbrush.
  4. get the recipe: asparagus egg salad tea sandwiches
  5. this vegetarian-friendly quesadilla calls for a sweet and crunchy mixture of bell peppers and asparagus.
  6. what did the grocery store owner say to the customer that asked him if he sold tires? he shrugged and said, “i’ve got asparagus.”
  7. jessie johnstoneditrix in chief, asparagus magazine
  8. i got a flat tire on my way home from the grocery store at least i have asparagus
  9. get the recipe: orecchiette with asparagus and peas
  10. i got a flat tire on my way home from the grocery store at least i have asparagus
  11. get the recipe: pesto and prosciutto asparagus
  12. get the recipe: steamed asparagus
  13. all the flavors you love in a gratin come to life in this easy asparagus recipe, which requires only five minutes of hands-on time.
  14. get the recipe: asparagus noodles with pesto
  15. get the recipe: mushroom barley and roasted asparagus salad
  16. how are buttsex and asparagus the same? if you’re forced to have it as a child, you won’t enjoy it as an adult.
  17. what did the italian asparagus say to the man trying to kill him? asparagi
  18. get the recipe: asparagus with prosciutto and pickled shallots
  19. what’s the hardest part about eating a vegetable? the respirator. (my dad told me this while he was cooking asparagus)
  20. get the recipe: asparagus pasta salad
  21. this low-waste, no-flip brunch recipe uses a whole bundle of bright green asparagus stalks, woody ends and all.
  22. step 1trim the woody ends from the base of the asparagus spears by cutting off the bottom 2 inches or by snapping it off with your hands.
  23. my wife asked if we had asparagus. i said nope, just the one, and i’m using it.
  24. i was peeing the other day, and my girlfriend said “were you eating asparagus?” she has a keen sense of taste.
  25. take bacon-wrapped asparagus to the next level with a mouthwatering brown sugar glaze.
  26. what do you call an asparagus that wants to be a better person? aspiregus
  27. hollandaise can go on more on just eggs! the next time you roast asparagus, whip up a quick sauce in your blender to add to the dish.
  28. the definition of an asparagus: a bean with aspirations of becoming a paintbrush.
  29. get the recipe: slow-cooker asparagus-barley risotto
  30. want to health-ify pizza night a little bit? top your homemade pies with fresh asparagus.
  31. for these party-ready stacks, giada uses grilled slices of eggplant to sandwich layers of asparagus with a creamy ricotta spread.
  32. what prosciutto is best for prosciutto-wrapped asparagus?
  33. lemon-asparagus rice recipe
  34. get the recipe: five-ingredient grilled asparagus with pecorino and pine nuts
  35. what does a vegetable use to change a flat? asparagus.

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