75 August Puns for Warm Weather Loving Folks

best funny august puns
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August puns often play on the heat, sunshine and summer vibes associated with the month. With their focus on fun in the sun and lighthearted takes on typical August experiences, puns are a perfect match for the last full month of summer.

They always celebrate the dog days of summer or send kids back to school with a smile, these 75 Best August Puns are a great way to embrace the sunny vibes and bring some laughs.

75 Best August Puns

  1. why did august become a writer?a: it had a talent for scorching plotlines and creating stories as hot as the summer sun!
  2. what do you call a labrador at the beach in august? a hot dog.
  3. what’s august’s favorite type of dessert?a: a sun-dae, of course!
  4. why did the giraffe wear sunglasses in august? because it didn’t want to be a spectacle.
  5. why did the tomato turn red in august? it was “august”-stained with embarrassment!
  6. kid: “mommy, why am i getting christmas presents in august?” mother: “because it’s cheaper than chemotherapy..”
  7. august who? august some sunblock for you, the sun is blazing today!
  8. pride month should really be moved to august… because pride cometh before the fall
  9. knock, knock.who’s there? august.august who? august your attention, it’s time for a pool party!
  10. why did the ice cream melt in august? it couldn’t handle the “august”-y temperatures!
  11. why did the august calendar become a detective? it was always “day-termined” to solve the month’s mysteries!
  12. august without gust is…gold.
  13. why did august become a fashion designer?a: it had a flair for hot styles and knew how to make every outfit sun-worthy!
  14. what do you call a mentally handicapped young male gymnast born on august 1st? a leotard.
  15. august is the month for watermelon eating contests.
  16. why did the tomato refuse to play hide-and-seek in august? it didn’t want to be “august”-tractable!
  17. “it’s your party, august dance like nobody’s watching!”
  18. “why do retired folks love picnics in august? because it’s an ‘aug-feast’ for the senses.”
  19. “i’m excited to start my new diet of august ice cream and swimsuits.”
  20. “you august blow out the candles and make a wish.”
  21. august: the last month of socks and sandals season.
  22. how do flowers keep their cool in august?
  23. what did the backpack say to the school kids in august? “pack up, it’s ‘august’-dy to go back to school!”
  24. why did the raincloud go on vacation in august?
  25. why do fish never take summer holidays in august?
  26. august: sunshine, smiles and sweetness.
  27. why did the tomato refuse to go on holiday in august? i didn’t want to miss the “august”-t harvest!
  28. “it’s getting hot in here, august turn on the fan!”
  29. my das just dropped this one on me “there’s going to be an eclipse in august. don’t look at it with a naked eye. make sure you’re wearing clothes….”
  30. how do mosquitoes survive in august?
  31. welcome 8th month with super-healing words, august quotes!
  32. “life in summers demands june, july, and august and, in return, wants all your enthusiasm and energy.”
  33. what did the computer say to the printer in august? “i’m having an ‘august’-tastic day!”
  34. that day in august was so hot, i saw a chicken laying an omelet!
  35. why did the vegetable garden throw a party in august?
  36. “why did the retired man go fishing in august? he wanted to ‘aug-catch’ the biggest fish.”
  37. “why do older folks love august? because they know the best things in life are ‘aug-free’, like sunshine and summer breezes.”
  38. why is august called the “sunny” month?a: because it brings out the best summer vibes and sunshine!
  39. the doctor has given me two months to live. i’ve chosen august and december because i like summer but don’t want to miss christmas.
  40. august one liners: as the sun sets on a beautiful august day, let’s brighten up the summer nights with some quick-witted one-liners. here’s a batch of 15 to keep your humor crisp:
  41. i’m feeling beezy like busy august bees.
  42. august is like a break from life, but with tanning potential.
  43. how does august stay cool in the summer heat?a: by hanging out with its friend september, of course!
  44. “i’m having a fling with august – a summer fling!”
  45. why did the sunflower go on vacation in august?
  46. looking for a hot date? pick any day in august, they don’t get much hotter than that!
  47. august who? august you be tired of all this heat by now!
  48. what do you get when you cross august with a fish? a dish that’s too hot to “trout”!
  49. how do you make a tissue dance in august? put a little “boogie” in it!
  50. “when you enter august, you want some beach days, some relaxing days, and some wife-out-of-town days.”
  51. why did august become a teacher?a: it knew how to brighten young minds and bring the sunshine into every classroom!
  52. what did the tree say to the lumberjack in august? “please don’t ‘august’-rate me!”
  53. what did the ocean say to the beach in august? nothing, it just waved!
  54. what do you call a cat on the beach in august? a sand-wich!
  55. don’t june know it’s august?i can’t december.
  56. what did the tomato say to the cucumber in august? “let’s make an ‘august’-ment to be fresher together!”
  57. why did august get a promotion?a: because it knew how to sunbathe in success and bring the heat!
  58. how do clouds beat the summer heat in august?
  59. why do pirates hate may, june july and august? because they don’t have arrrrrs in them.
  60. the doctor has given me two months to live. i’ve chosen august and december, because i like summer but don’t want to miss christmas.
  61. august is the time when your dog refuses to go outside.august – the month when you can hear the grass screaming, “water me!”.
  62. why did the sun spend most of its days in august? it was just too hot to be anywhere else.
  63. “why was the senior citizen excited about august? he wanted to show that old ‘aug-dogs’ could still enjoy summer.”
  64. let these playful words whisk you into a world of laughter, filling august with sunshine and endless chuckles!
  65. what do you call a cricket enjoying august?
  66. welcome to august, the month where summer’s laughter hits its peak, and so should yours!
  67. why did august become a pilot?a: it loved soaring through sunny skies and enjoying the view from above!
  68. what do august birthdays and ice cream have in common? both are sweet treats that everyone loves!
  69. we’re august-ing for gold in the summer games!
  70. what kind of key doesn’t open any locks? a “kiwi” because it’s perfect for august.
  71. why did the calendar go on a diet in august? to “august”-state!
  72. august: when the sun is high, and the sprinklers are higher.
  73. what did the pencil say to the paper in august? “let’s ‘august’-ment each other’s creativity!”
  74. “august be there or be square!”
  75. why did the calendar get a promotion in august? because it was so “august”-tenacious!

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