55 Bamboo Puns to Crack You Up

best funny Bamboo puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Bamboo Puns has funny word plays about bamboo. Using humor, each pun involves bamboo-related puns, thereby making the reading interesting.

 The puns relate to different issues like the stiffness and malleability of bamboo, bamboo and pandas together, bamboo is edible as well as for your yards and gardens, and so forth. 

These puns may not please everyone, but if you are either a pun aficionado or just love cute Japanese items, surely this 55 Best Bamboo Puns will make you laugh.

55 Best Bamboo Puns

  1. “bamboo: an echo of antiquity in the symphony of nature.”
  2. bamboo’s life motto: “stay flexible, and you’ll never break.”
  3. what did the bamboo say to the panda? “you bambooze me with your cuteness!”
  4. “in bamboo, strength finds elegance and grace.”
  5. what did the ghost in the japanese forest say to surprise those walking through it? bamboo.
  6. why did the panda bring a bamboo to the fight? because bamboo shoots.
  7. why did the bamboo get an award for being the most down-to-earth plant?because it’s always so “grounded”!
  8. bamboo’s life philosophy: “bend like the bamboo, and you won’t snap under pressure.”
  9. have you heard about the new book about bamboo? it’s a great reed.
  10. what do you get if you cross bambi and a ghost? bamboo
  11. why did the bamboo enroll in cooking school? it wanted to become a bamboochef!
  12. bamboo is more than meets the eye.
  13. repotted my lucky bamboo
  14. why did the bamboo plant win an award? because it was out-standing in its field.
  15. we tried to build an eco-friendly bamboo house. turns out panda bears make terrible architects.
  16. so i was thinking m giant bamboo sounds really cool to own, but how would you cut down that leaning cane without crushing anything? would you need to hire a tree service?
  17. what did the panda give her bamboo friend for his birthday?a new bamboo gaming console!
  18. what do you call a bamboo that loves to dance in the rain? a bamboogler!
  19. breaking news: giant pandas arrested for loitering outside bamboo buffet restaurant and harassing customers.
  20. bamboo we’re having asparagus with dinner. my daughter just said “if you cut off the tops it looks like bamboo. have you been feeding me bamboo?!” i said, “yes, you’ve been… bamboo-zeled.”
  21. what do scary pandas eat? bamboo!
  22. my oscar just swallowed a piece of lucky bamboo stem ,should i be worried??
  23. what do you call a group of bamboo plants that are all the same height? a bam-boo-lance!why did the bamboo plant have to go to the eye doctor? because it was having a stalk-out!
  24. why did all the female pandas want to mate with that one male panda? because he had the big bamboo.
  25. why did the male koala invite the female koala over to his bamboo. he wanted to have a treesome.
  26. what did the bamboo say to the tree?you’re so lumber-some.
  27. how do you confuse a panda? you bamboo-zle it.
  28. what do you get when you cross shaggy and a stick of bamboo? mr.bamboostick
  29. if bamboo were a superhero, it would be the “incredible expandable!”
  30. “bamboo: whispering tales of perseverance in the wind.”
  31. what do you call a bamboo that loves to knit? a bamboocrafter!
  32. there once was a bamboo who loved cooking stewwith carrots and onions and mushrooms toobut he tripped on a rootspilled stew on his suitpoor bamboo was covered in stew goo!
  33. why did the bamboo get promoted? it always shoots up!
  34. why did the bamboo become a gardener? it had a natural green thumb!
  35. bamboo farmers have a secret handshake – it’s pretty “stalky.”
  36. jungle, giant taiga, bamboo jungle, and badlands intersect with completed 12 eye stronghold end portal right below, in between the biomes!
  37. what do you call a panda who has been tricked with food? bamboo-zled
  38. ”we had sworn that we would resist the american and english devils until the last single one of us was dead, if necessary the women and children would resist with bamboo sticks, trying to kill as many enemy troops as they could before being killed themselves”
  39. why did the bamboo enroll in yoga classes? it wanted to find inner bamboalance!
  40. why did the bamboo decide to take up painting? to create some bam-boo-tiful art!what do you call a bamboo that’s always running late? a bam-boo-hoo!why did the bamboo tree feel embarrassed? because it had a bamboo-boo!
  41. why did the bamboo refuse to play hide and seek? it said, ‘i’m too ‘stalky’ for this game!’
  42. i got scammed into buying fake bamboo that day, i was bamboozled.
  43. why did the bamboo plant have to go to the eye doctor? because it was having a stalk-out!
  44. why did the gardener get locked out of his bamboo grove? he lost his ‘plant’ keys!
  45. what did the bamboo say to the tree? i wood bend over backwards for you.
  46. why are pandas endangered? because bamboo shoots.
  47. why did the bamboo get a tattoo? it wanted to show off its bambootiful art!
  48. what doea a panda call a jumpscare? bamboo
  49. what type of bamboo fertilizer was banned due to the chaotic destruction it caused the environment? pandammonia!
  50. why did the panda bring an extra pair of pants to the bamboo forest? in case he got a split!
  51. what did the bamboo say to the tree? “you’re a bit stiff, aren’t you?”
  52. why did the panda go to the bamboo forest? to get some takeout.
  53. i asked my bamboo for advice, but it just ‘stalked’ away.
  54. what do you call a bamboo with no leaves? a bare-boo!why did the bamboo tree go to space? to visit the bam-boo-niverse!
  55. why did the bamboo plant get lost?it was too stalk-ish.

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