55 Bartender Puns That Will Leave You Buzzing with Joy

best funny Bartender puns
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Bartender puns play on words related to mixing drinks and working behind a bar. The puns also draw comparisons between bartending and other careers.

Many reference specific drinks like why a bartender might tell rum “You truly bring life and vibrancy to this gathering!” Others relate to bartender duties such as checking IDs – “We don’t serve time travelers in here!”. But most bartender puns center around the unique customers, drinks, and situations that come with the job behind the bar.

The 55 Best Bartender Puns aims to find the humor in the interactions bartenders regularly face.

55 Best Bartender Puns

  1. a wayward baseball rolls into a bar, and the bartender throws him out.
  2. why did a bartender become a firefighter? he knew how to safely handle hot beverages!
  3. why did a bartender turn teacher? his goal was to impart knowledge of mixology!
  4. why are most chemists good bartenders? because they enjoy solving mixtures.
  5. what did the bartender tell rum? “you truly bring life and vibrancy to this gathering!”
  6. the bartender says, “we don’t serve time travelers in here!” a time traveler walks into a bar.
  7. why did a bartender become a dj? because he knew exactly how to combine beats with beverages!.
  8. the bartender says “we don’t serve you people here.” two time-travellers walk into a bar
  9. a female bartender notices his attractiveness and gives him her number on a tissue.this is ridiculous! i could get laid for this much!
  10. a really bad impressionist walks into a bar.the bartender says, “why the wrong face?”
  11. hey bartender having a loose stool means two completely different things depending on if you are a nurse or a bartender.
  12. what dance style do bartenders prefer most when entertaining clients? the cocktail shuffle!
  13. a skeleton walks into a bar. orders a beer and a mop. bartender says, “sorry, we don’t clean up after our guests.”
  14. a string goes into a bar, the bartender asks: “would you like a drink”? string: “i’m a frayed knot.”
  15. the bartender says, “where did you get that pig from?”the woman responds, “it’s not a pig, it’s a duck.”the bartender says, “i was talking to the duck.”
  16. the man says, “follow me.”the man walks into the bar and the bartender says, “jesus christ your back!”
  17. a guy walks into a bar with 10 bucks. he looks at the bartender and asks, “what can i get?” “you can get those deer outta my damn bar!”
  18. a bartender is just a pharmacist with limited inventory.
  19. how does a bartender make a pitcher? he draws it with a pilsner!
  20. why is the bartender always motivated? they hear everyone say, “that’s the spirit!”
  21. why did the bartender study for his exam? because bartending doesn’t exclude one from wanting a higher education or pursuing a different career.
  22. a bartender told a customer the most humorous drinks are cocktails because they’re always the “life of the party”.
  23. why did the bartender become a magician? because he knew how to disperse spirits!
  24. what’s a bartender’s favorite book? “tequila mockingbird”
  25. horse walks into a bar, bartender asks “why the long face?” horse replies, “the bank denied my home loan because i don’t have stable income.”
  26. Why did the welder become a chef? Because they knew how to handle the heat!
  27. What’s a welder’s favorite dance move? The sparks shuffle!
  28. Did you hear about the welder who won an award? They really know how to stick with it.
  29. How does a welder express excitement? They shout, “Weld it up!”
  30. What’s a welder’s favorite vacation destination? The Rivet-iera.
  31. Why did the welder bring a ladder to work? To reach new heights in welding.
  32. What do you call a welding superhero? The Iron Weld.
  33. How does a welder handle a bad joke? They steel themselves and laugh anyway.
  34. Why did the welder become a musician? They love playing the metal guitar.
  35. What’s a welder’s favorite movie? “The Welding Inferno.”
  36. How does a welder answer the phone? “Weld-o?”
  37. Why did the welder go to therapy? They had too many emotional joints to mend.
  38. What’s a welder’s favorite type of bread? Weld-grain.
  39. How does a welder make decisions? They weigh the options and choose the one with the most metal.
  40. Why did the welder bring a pencil to work? To draw some solid lines.
  41. What’s a welder’s favorite board game? Connect the Rods.
  42. How does a welder start a conversation? “Let’s bond over some welding talk.”
  43. Why did the welder go to the beach? To work on their tan and welding skills.
  44. What’s a welder’s favorite candy? Snickers – because they love a good weld Snick!
  45. How does a welder greet a friend? “Let’s spark up a good time!”
  46. Why did the welder become a poet? They love to express themselves in steel-y verses.
  47. What did the welder say to the procrastinator? “It’s time to weld your ideas together!”
  48. How does a welder handle stress? They take a deep breath and weld it out.
  49. Why did the welder bring a map to the workshop? To find the path of least resistance.
  50. What’s a welder’s favorite type of coffee? Espresso – for a quick jolt of energy to keep welding!
  51. How does a welder stay organized? They keep everything in metal-licious order.
  52. Why did the welder start a YouTube channel? To showcase their welding masterpieces.
  53. What’s a welder’s favorite type of sandwich? The Steel-sandwich – it’s riveting!
  54. How does a welder handle a difficult task? They tackle it bead by bead.
  55. Why did the welder bring a backpack to work? To carry their weld gear on the go.

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