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55 Bass Puns to Leave You Gasping For Air

best funny bass puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Bass puns play on words related to the bass guitar and bass instruments, as well as bass fish and other meanings of the word “bass.”

Many bass puns are lighthearted jokes that bass guitarists might appreciate, playing on musical terminology or the unsung role of bass in a band. Some poke fun through self-deprecating humor about supposed bassist stereotypes.

So read on if you’re ready for a giggle at bass’s varied and versatile expense.

55 Best Bass Puns

  1. why did the bass player become a yoga instructor? he wanted to learn how to stretch out his solos.
  2. djs don’t usually go fishing probably because they would keep dropping the bass.
  3. bass players make life more harmonic.
  4. what’s a bass’s favorite sport?
  5. it’s not about the destination; it’s about the bass journey.
  6. fret – small living space for poor bassists.
  7. what type of music do freshwater fish like? drum and bass…
  8. keep your friends close and your bass closer.
  9. bass players are always ready to take center stage.
  10. what do call the illegitimate son of a fish? a reel bass turd.
  11. how many bass guitarists do you need to change a lightbulb? one. but the guitarist has to show him how to do it first.
  12. what do you call a fish that is not smart, a dumb bass now laugh
  13. life without bass would be a treble-filled mess.
  14. bass players make great catchers—they’ve got the groove.
  15. there are so many basses i want my friend talking about guitars – “you know, there are so many basses i want”me – “what about acids, i hear they’re pretty cool”
  16. why does everyone like the guitar more than the bass? it’s more of a bassic instrument!
  17. why can’t you take skrillex fishing? he’s always dropping the bass.
  18. you can’t spell “bass” without “a” and “s” for “awesome skill.”
  19. why does everyone like the guitar more than the bass? it’s more of a bassic instrument!
  20. the bass guitar teacher at my school was so good, he was practically magical. whenever he started a class, he told everyone, “pick a chord, any chord.”
  21. a barracuda. that fish kicks bass
  22. why was the bass drum always confident? because it knew how to make a ‘big impact’!
  23. em-bass-y -bass guitarist representatives in a  foreign country.
  24. did you hear about the bass vocalist who decided to leave the choir? he wanted to see how well he would do as a so low singer
  25. why did the bass player become a carpenter? he wanted to learn how to nail down the groove.
  26. what do you call a chihuahua that plays heavy bass music? a sub woofer.
  27. bass players are the glue that holds the band together.
  28. what’s a fisherman’s favorite type of music? hard bass.
  29. what do bass players and spiders have in common? they both like to weave intricate webs.
  30. bass players make the world a groovier place.
  31. a rare sea bass has been spotted
  32. a bass-ically talented musician!
  33. i’ve got my bass-ic instincts.
  34. why did the bass player become a teacher? he wanted to learn how to grade on a curve.
  35. bass players make every note count.
  36. how do you know when a stage is level? the bass player drools out of both sides of their mouth.
  37. fretty – what you call a bass guitar after it gets fret.
  38. what’s a bass drum’s favorite type of music? anything with a heavy beat!
  39. why did the double bassist start a gardening business? because they had a knack for planting the “bass-il”!
  40. bass players know how to keep things moving.
  41. bass players know how to go with the flow.
  42. i tried fishing with eminem today it didn’t go too well as he kept on dropping the bass
  43. why did the bass player go on a diet? he wanted to lose some of the bottom end.
  44. bass players make the world go ’round.
  45. explaining his stance on eating fish, he says that he’s fine with eating fish just not bass, because you should never go bass to mouth
  46. bass players are the unsung heroes of the music world.
  47. what do you call a bass player with a college degree? overqualified.
  48. asked my gf why she chose this salad over the drum and bass salad, she wants to disown me.
  49. did you know that seals can’t hear bass? it’s true – the seal hearing range bottoms out at 1000 hertz. no wonder they don’t like clubbing.
  50. what do bass players and pilots have in common? bgbgthey both like to cruise at low altitudes.
  51. why do bass players always lose at poker? they can’t handle too many chips.
  52. bass players never fret the small stuff.
  53. how do you tell the difference between a fisher and a musician? you ask them to say the word bass.
  54. bass players are experts at keeping the groove alive.
  55. you stole my viola, cello, and double bass. you made me so angry, i’m violint now.

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