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best funny Bean Puns
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Bean puns playfully substitute the word “bean,” “beans,” or bean-related terms into common phrases and idioms. They often riff on popular bean types like pinto, jelly, baked, green, kidney, or coffee beans.

Bean puns also frequently feature beans as animated characters getting into silly situations, like forming a band, going camping, becoming authors, or getting arrested.

These anthropomorphic 130 Best Bean Puns breathe life into the humble legume to highlight amusing connections between bean and human behavior.

130 Best Bean Puns

  1. how do you catch a runaway bean? with a can-opener!
  2. why did the bean break up with its partner? it said, “you’re just not my cup of tea!”
  3. what is a bean’s favorite tooth? its beanie tooth!
  4. my broad-bean connection is too slow. i can’t download anything.
  5. how do you cheer up a sad bean? lift its spirits and put on a pot of chili!
  6. i bean waiting for this moment.
  7. i’ve bean blessed with your presence.
  8. how did the bean feel after a long walk? pinto-sted!
  9. why did the bean get kicked out of the choir? it was always off-key.
  10. why are hipsters’ coffee always cold?a: they use underground beans.
  11. how are coffee beans like teenagers? they’re always getting grounded!
  12. what did the mama bean say to her misbehaving son? soy sorry, young man!
  13. did you hear about the bean that changed careers? he went into a different field.
  14. how do soy beans greet their friends? “i’m soy happy to see you!”
  15. why was the classroom trip to the green bean farm canceled?a: it’s in a seedy neighborhood.
  16. during the war, everyone took cover except the navy bean that was left to navigate the waters.
  17. let’s make like beans and split!
  18. what do you call a bean that’s always on the go? a bean-nomad!
  19. why do beans love going camping? it lets them get back to bean basics!
  20. how do beans solve problems? they think outside the stalks!
  21. don’t be a mean bean.
  22. why do beans make great builders? they know how to stick together!
  23. what’s a pirate bean’s favorite restaurant? arrrrby’s!
  24. why did the green bean become an author? it had a way with words, bean-stilling!
  25. life is better with beans.
  26. what’s a bean’s favorite candy? jellybeans!
  27. they received a su-bean-a to appear in court.
  28. i’m having eggs bean-edict for breakfast.
  29. that’s a hill of beans.
  30. we should take a coffee bean break.
  31. why did the green bean refuse to fight? it believed in bean-ner peace!
  32. what did the daddy bean say when his kids wouldn’t wake up? rise and bean, kids!
  33. what do you call a bean that’s always happy? a jolly bean!
  34. i look at birds through bean-oculars.
  35. what did the bean say to its friend on a beach trip?a: it’s bean a while since we had such fun!
  36. why are beans never lonely? they come in cans!
  37. it’s bean a long day.
  38. what type of bean is the fastest? the runner bean.
  39. you’re a lean, mean, bean machine!
  40. can you bean-lieve it?
  41. why did the bean get a job in the bakery? it wanted to be a roll model!
  42. did you hear about the bean who looked just like his dad? like lava, like son.
  43. they rely on good old bean counting.
  44. beans are healthy and a good substitute for meat and animal protein.however, string beans will tie your stomach in knots.
  45. why did the bean bring a suit to the meeting?a: he was trying to be a has-bean executive.
  46. why couldn’t the green bean answer the door? it was in the can.
  47. what did the bean of coffee say to its wife? you are brew-ti-ful.
  48. how do beans like to relax? they take a bean bag chair break!
  49. what made the green bean turn red? it saw the salad dressing.
  50. what’s a bean’s favorite thing to draw? a self-por-bean-trait!
  51. you bean so much to me.
  52. why couldn’t the bean that had been smoking respond to your question? it was too baked.
  53. what kind of music do beans like? heavy metal—because they love to head-bang-er!
  54. i can’t do anything about this problem, it’s in my beans(genes).
  55. why do beans never lie?because they can’t keep a secret, they always spill the beans!
  56. and a blessed bean?you’ve got yourself a holy bean!
  57. why did the bean never give up?a: it’s bean persistent!
  58. what do you call a bean that’s a great dancer? a legume-bo!
  59. why did the bean go to the gym? it wanted to be a lean, mean bean machine!
  60. soya bean up to much lately?
  61. that’s the long and the short of the bean.
  62. what’s a bean’s favorite part of the computer? the “escar-key”!
  63. what did the bean of coffee say to its wife?– you are brew-ti-ful.
  64. are you a magician? because whenever you’re around, everything disappears bean by bean.
  65. why did the bean go to the doctor? because he was feeling pea-nuckle sore.
  66. why did the beans get in trouble during the q&a session?a: they were baked!
  67. life is full of choices, but i always choose bean-tastic meals.
  68. why did the garbanzo bean start a band? it wanted to be the chickpea lead singer!
  69. why didn’t the green bean want a new car? because it couldn’t afford the payments!
  70. what’s a bean’s favorite pick up line? “what’s cookin good lookin?”
  71. i’m bean-spired by you!
  72. why did the lima bean open a dance studio? it wanted to teach the cha-cha-cha!
  73. why are beans so cheap? because they’re legumes!
  74. what’s a tailor’s favorite kind of vegetable? a string bean.
  75. why did the bean get a telescope?a: it wanted to see the stars up bean.
  76. why did the bean get kicked out of the game? it was always cheating.
  77. quick-fire bean one-liners for instant laughs
  78. let’s spill the beans and have a latte fun!
  79. why did the kidney bean go to therapy? it needed help processing its emotions!
  80. let’s jump around like a can of beans – full of energy!
  81. why was the bean so fit?a: it’s bean exercising regularly.
  82. i am very bean(keen) to pursue higher studies.
  83. why did the bean go to the caribbean?a: it wanted to be a caribbean bean!
  84. “legume-daries: tales of the bean world!”
  85. i’m not sure what’s more bean-illiant, a bean that can solve math problems or a bean that can write poetry.
  86. what did the bean say to the gardener? “stop picking on me!”
  87. why vegetables and beans hate each other at a party? because they both wear green dresses.
  88. i have bean a professional soccer player during high school years.
  89. why was the bean always positive?a: it’s bean optimistic.
  90. how do you compliment a bean?a: say it’s bean-tastic!
  91. i’ve been told green beans are good for you. but why are they better than the other jelly bean colours?
  92. how does a bean patch another bean? with a band-bean!
  93. i killed an entire container of garbanzo bean spread. it was hummuside.
  94. what’s a bean’s favorite movie? the great gatsbean!
  95. suffice to say i’m just looking for the beaning of life.
  96. what do you call a bean that’s been promoted? a high-jump bean!
  97. did you know there are exactly 239 beans in irish stew? any more and it would be two farty…
  98. why did the bean cross the road? to get to the other side of the can.
  99. what did the bean say when it was accused of something it didn’t do?a: it hasn’t bean me!
  100. what do you call a bean that’s always getting into trouble? a bean-evolent prankster.
  101. what do you call a bean that’s good at solving puzzles? a bean-teaser!
  102. how did the bean comfort its friend after a breakup?a: better things are yet to bean.
  103. how do beans show appreciation?a: thanks a bean-ch!
  104. how do beans travel in style? they take a limo-bean!
  105. the bean stalker was finally arrested.
  106. thank you for bean you.
  107. you’ve bean brilliant
  108. life’s a bowl of beans, so let’s make it souper!
  109. why did the lentil bean win the cooking competition? it had all the right ingre-lentils!
  110. what happens to coffee beans when they have a similar experience? they are having a deja brew.
  111. bean and not heard
  112. what do you say to a bean that’s been great at work?a: you’ve bean outstanding!
  113. be-leaf in yourself, just like a bean growing towards the sun!
  114. by any beans necessary.
  115. i’m bean-ing with pride.
  116. the bean said, “i’m a hot tamale—bean there, spice that!
  117. bean prepared is half the victory.
  118. beans love william shakespeare, especially the tragedy hamlet with the famous phrase: “to bean, or not to bean”
  119. why are there exactly two hundred and thirty-nine beans in a soup? a: because if there were one more, it’d be too farty.
  120. what’s a bean’s favorite workout? jumping beans!
  121. so, settle into your comfiest beanbag, clutch your coffee, and brace yourself for a hilarity harvest that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear!
  122. how did the beans say goodbye after a great summer together?a: it’s bean real!
  123. i have bean teaching this topic for last 3 days.
  124. beans are healthy and a good substitute for meat and animal protein. however, string beans will tie your stomach in knots.
  125. what’s a bean’s favorite game to play at the beach? sand-volleybean!
  126. you’ve bean caught red-handed!
  127. i bean-ieve in you.
  128. this conversation is really bean-a-licious.
  129. what’s a bean’s favorite type of movie? a chickpea flick!
  130. this is a bean-saster!.

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