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Bell puns playfully use the various meanings and sounds associated with bells to create silly wordplay and jokes. Bells are commonly rung to create a ringing sound, so bell puns will often substitute ‘ring’ or words with the ‘ing’ sound in clever ways, like “feeling a bit ring-lish” instead of English.

Puns also focus on bell-related concepts like ringing, clanging, dinging, jingling, and chiming. Words that sound similar to ‘bell‘ like well, sell, tell, dwell are used interchangeably. And the bell’s purpose of ringing and signaling is extended metaphorically, like “ringing in the new year.”

So in summary, 70 Best Bell Puns humorously manipulate the sound, imagery, and meaning of bells and bell-ringing.

70 Best Bell Puns

  1. i saw the advertisement on a bell-board.
  2. what did the doorbell say to the house? “i’ve got you ‘covered’ with my ‘ring’ of protection!”
  3. bells are excellent when it’s time to ring in the new year – they’re real party animals!
  4. what did one bell say to the other? “you’re ‘sound’ asleep!”
  5. why did the bell visit the doctor? it had a case of the “ring”worms!
  6. the bell couldn’t find the key to open its house, so it had to resort to door-bell-y entry.
  7. i had to make a bell-shaped cake, but it was a bit of a toll order.
  8. quasimodo is suing notre dame cathedral for the damage to his back from all the bell-ringing. i think he might be getting a big lump sum.
  9. why do cows wear a bell? because their horns don’t work.
  10. yo mama so fat when she eats taco bell, she gets the walks.
  11. it’s impossi-bell.
  12. why did the bell cross the road? to get to the other chime.
  13. did you hear about the bell who started a rock band? they were called “the bell-ter skelter”!
  14. what do you call a bell that’s always on time? depend-a-“bell”!
  15. what do you call a bell that never rings? a dumbbell!
  16. my friend asked if i had heard of pavlov but it didnt ring a bell
  17. bells: making even the quietest moments “ring” with significance.
  18. bells have a natural talent for performing in musicals – they’re the ultimate “ring-tertainers”!
  19. why doesn’t the bell ring at the gym? it’s a dumb-bell.
  20. what’s a bell’s favorite kind of cereal?a: bell-loggs!
  21. “ring the bell of courage, let its sound reverberate in your spirit.”
  22. how does a bell introduce itself? “i’m here to ‘ring’ in the fun!”
  23. what do you call a bell that can sing? a jingle bell!
  24. the bell was jealous of the clock because it knew the clock would always have time on its side.
  25. here are some funny and interesting facts about bells.
  26. what’s a bell’s favorite type of weather?a: ring-sunny days!
  27. why was the bell so good at making decisions? it had a great sense of “clap-altitude”!
  28. why do bells always know the latest gossip?a: because they have excellent ring-formants!
  29. how do bell peppers get their news? they read the “capsi-cum” newspaper!
  30. what’s brown and sounds like a bell? dung.
  31. these tacos have got me taco-ver with joy – they’re definitely ringing my bell!
  32. why they put a bell around a cow’s neck? because its horn doesn’t ring.
  33. why was the christmas bell always invited to parties? because it could really “ring” in the fun!
  34. the witch cast a s-bell.
  35. the bell ordered coffee with extra cream and sugar – it wanted its morning “ring-come”.
  36. yeah, i’ve heard that… does the name quasimodo ring a bell?
  37. a bell’s favorite arcade game is pin-bell.
  38. “life is like a bell – the harder you’re hit, the louder you resonate.”
  39. what’s a bell’s favorite memory? the time it was saved by the bell!
  40. why did the bell take up gardening? because it wanted to be a ding-ericulturist!
  41. the bell went to a risqué comedy show and laughed so hard, it almost cracked its “bell-y”!
  42. what do you call a shy bell? a “ting”-tative bell!
  43. the old bell was feeling rusty, so it decided to take up yoga for some bell-lissful relaxation.
  44. why did the bell join a dance class? it wanted to learn the “swing and ting” dance!
  45. what do you call a bell with perfect comedic timing? a “bell-lectual”!
  46. why did the bell go to school? it wanted to get a “regulation”!
  47. what did the liberty bell say when it got a job? “i’m finally bringing ‘ring’ to the workplace!”
  48. what’s brown and sounds like a bell? dung
  49. what’s a bell’s favorite weather? when it’s “ringing” outside!
  50. the bell decided to get a tattoo – it chose a design of a resurrected bell, symbolizing its unbreakable spirit!
  51. what do you call a skunk with a bell?a: jingle aroma…
  52. taco bell forced to shut down temporarily… due to the corona virus the shortage of toilet paper has made this step a necessity.
  53. why did the liberty bell start a bakery? it wanted to serve “ring”-shaped pastries!
  54. bells: because silence can be a little too “ring”ulous.
  55. what do you call the liberty bell’s favorite dance move? the “ring-around-the-rosy” twist!
  56. why did the doorbell get a promotion? it had the perfect “ring” to lead the team!
  57. what’s a bell’s favorite book genre?a: ring-teresting mysteries!
  58. what do you call a bell that hosts a late-night talk show? the “ringmaster of comedy”!
  59. who needs a diet when you can just be a little bell-y?
  60. why was the bell so popular? everyone wanted to ring with it.what’s a bell’s favorite color? yell-ow.
  61. make yourself comforta-bell.
  62. what’s a bell’s favorite spot? the dingle peninsula!
  63. taco ’bout a ringing endorsement; these flavors are bell-tastic!
  64. just joined the local church’s bell ringing group. they said they would show me the ropes.
  65. what do you call a bell that’s having a bad day? “dis-“ring-tied!
  66. i’m starting up a festive business where i attach christmas bells to men’s neckwear.. good tie-dings to all men!
  67. why did the liberty bell get a job as a chef? it wanted to “ring” out the flavors!
  68. how does the christmas bell celebrate the new year? it “rings” in the changes with style!
  69. why can’t i identify my doorbell?a: i’m just unable to ring a bell with it!
  70. every bite of these tacos is like a little bell ringing in my mouth.

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