135 Tea Puns That Are Sure to Brew-st Your Mood

best funny tea puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Tea puns are a fun play on words related to tea, tea drinking, and tea culture. Many tea puns center around words that are homophones or have similar sounds to “tea” like “t” or “chai.”

Common themes in tea puns include references to steeping tea, different types of tea like Earl Grey or green tea, tea parties or settings, and tea paraphernalia like teapots or teabags.

Many of the puns in the list below reference steeping, types of tea like green or chai, meditative sensations from tea like tranquility, and British terms like “Earl Grey.”

Overall, 135 Best Tea Puns aim to bring humor and laughs through clever wordplay involving tea terms.

135 Best Tea Puns

  1. why did the woman refuse to drink the tea served at the cafe? it wasn’t her cup of tea.
  2. i stopped making tea the old-fashioned way because i was taking strain.
  3. make sure not to oversteep your green tea. you don’t want it to be too bitter – that would be tragic-tea.
  4. hockey players love tea because it helps them to avoid having a penal-tea during their games.
  5. why do teapots hold the most knowledge? because they’re always full of wisdom-tea!
  6. the tea got caught stealing by the cops. he promised to turn over a new leaf.
  7. i went to a tea meditation yesterday. there was a real atmosphere of tranquili-tea.
  8. what did the tea say to the sugar? “let’s stir things up!”
  9. the loving husband always greeted his wife each day with a “hello brew-tea-full!”
  10. if you decide to invite the queen of england over for a drink, consider it to be royal-tea.
  11. what did the teabag say when he got put back in the water? that was a steep too far.
  12. what does a teabag do when it’s tired? – it seeps.
  13. are you even aware that four of the last five presidents were all left-tea.
  14. i told my friend we couldn’t go get boba tea because i had no money. she told me to stop being so boba broke.
  15. this is one of most tea-riffic places i have ever visited.
  16. how does a tea bag greet its friends?a: with a “tea”-rrific hello!
  17. the sommelier suggested a nice, floral darjeeling to pair with the meal. it was the perfect food-tea pairing.
  18. people who are usually worried about everything will drink tea for the safe-tea reasons.
  19. what kind of dinosaur hangs out in coffee shops? a tea-rex.
  20. only one member of the a-team provided refreshments: mr. tea.
  21. this teabag got mad that its friend got brewed first. i told it to stop being sal-tea.
  22. tsunami invited cyclone ,earthquake and drought to a tea party. nobody came.tsunami had a silent tea.
  23. why did tea-rex not hate to drink tea?a: because it was the only dinosaur that could handle it!
  24. why did the coffee tell the matcha to be quiet? he was being too chat-tea.
  25. what do you get when a teabag meditates? sereni-tea.
  26. i only drink green tea to keep in shape – it helps me main-tea-n my weight.
  27. what do you call a teapot in a bad mood? boiling!
  28. coffee’s dangerous, but tea is not. it gives you a sense of safe-tea.
  29. how do tea lovers stay fit? by doing the tea-tox.
  30. i’ll just have one tea-ny tiny cup.
  31. it is such a tea leaf that we have so many tea flavors to choose from so we are not stuck with just one.
  32. i’m totally cap-bubble of drinking something other than tea, i just don’t want to!
  33. what do you say to someone with a great tea sense of humor? you’ve got me infusiastically giggling!
  34. why was one teabag jealous of the other? it was green tea.
  35. this south american green tea was brewed by an angel. it’s a matcha made in heaven.
  36. maybe they’ll get lots of baby tea leaves together!
  37. bubble tea is not bubble tea without bubbles!
  38. will you mind if i invite you to my par-tea?
  39. the reason i meditate every single day is because it renders me tranquili-tea.
  40. from earl grey to pu’erh and oolong, all our favourite varieties of tea have made it in here.
  41. my wife spilled tea on herself, and without a moments hesitation, turned to me and said… “i’ve tea’d myself!”proud hubby here!
  42. my favorite mug has a chip in it – i call it my little tea cup chip.
  43. i’m trying out for the role of the mad hatter – i hope i can tea it off.
  44. it’s good to have positivi-tea.
  45. what’s the difference between a hot spicy drink and an exercise class? one’s chai tea, the other’s tai chi.
  46. what did the tea bag say when he got put back in the water? that was a steep too far.
  47. a man walks into the nearest coffee shop and asks the waitress: “how much is it for a cup of tea?”
  48. what is a ghost pirate’s favorite kind of tea? boo tea.
  49. we’re a matcha made in heaven.you’re totally tea-riffic.
  50. where is the most fertile region for growing tea?chai-land.
  51. why did the tea bag feel relieved? because it was such a tea-leaf (relief)!
  52. most tea drinkers will not socialize with a bad element at work because it is just not their cup of tea.
  53. i will leave you with the exact same words i would say to you if i’d just handed you a nice cup of tea.
  54. why did the tea get in trouble with the law? it was steeping out of line!
  55. i’m pretty sure tea is the secret elixir of life.
  56. the reason chinese tea is so good is because it takes a very oolong time to prepare.
  57. what did the tea leaf say when the kettle finally boiled? that took a very oo-long time.
  58. why does the man put a blindfold on whenever he makes tea?because a watched pot never boils.
  59. why did the tea go to the police station? because it was mugged!
  60. what do you call it when tea leaves take art classes? creativi-tea.
  61. why did the teapot get in trouble? because he was naught-tea.
  62. what does boba tea like to watch on tv? gossip pearl.
  63. the tea and i are truly a matcha made in heaven.
  64. when should you avoid drinking a hot beverage? when it’s not your cup of tea.
  65. boba tea is unbelie-bubble!
  66. they treated us like royal-tea.
  67. what kind of tea do germaphobes hate? dirt tea.
  68. what game do baby tea leaves play? pekoe-boo.
  69. sweet dreams are made of tea.
  70. defense lawyers are only afraid of one particular type of drink, the guilt-tea.
  71. the chai’s been grumbling about how long the kettle takes to boil. it finds the waiting very tea-dious.
  72. i spilled earl grey tea all over my laptop. now i have an earl grey keyboard.
  73. what do you drink with the king of england? royal-tea.
  74. i appreciate the tea kit you gave me as that was just such a beautiful gift so i want to give you plenty of mugs and kisses.
  75. what’s a tea’s favorite game to play? truth or steep!
  76. what did the teapot say to the cup? “i’m just a little steeped.”
  77. why did the tea get in trouble at work? it was caught brewing trouble!
  78. it’s hard to choose the best kind of tea when there are so many possibili-teas.
  79. what type of tea is hard to swallow? reali-tea!
  80. how did the loving cup of tea greet his wife every day?“hello, brew-tea-full!”
  81. there are times when it seems like absolutely nothing can solve your problems but a nice, warm cup of tea.
  82. a movie dedicated to tea must release tea-ser first to evoke the interest of tea lovers.
  83. you’re the best tea-cher, you definitely know hot to mul-tea-task
  84. i’m convinced that tea is the secret to eternal happiness.
  85. why did the coffee tell the matcha to be quiet? he was being too chat-tea.
  86. the reason most of the astronauts prefer tea over coffee is because they have to deal with gravi-tea.
  87. feel-tea pleasure? more tea, please!
  88. why don’t teas ever argue? they always find a common tea!
  89. what kind of celebration pays down the national debt? a tea party.
  90. there’s nothing more brewtiful than a nice cup of tea.
  91. what do you call it when you put off doing your homework to get another tea? pro-caffeine-ating.
  92. never let someone with a temper make you tea, they’ll go stir-crazy.
  93. why did the teapot get in trouble? because it was naught-tea.
  94. the reali-tea is i love a good brew.
  95. i love green tea! so, this is what heaven feels like!
  96. i went into the kitchen last night and heard all this noise coming from the tea caddy. there was a tea party going on.
  97. why do you have brown stains all over your top? it’s a tea-shirt
  98. why did the tea lover prefer honesty in politics?a: because they wanted to get honest-tea from politicians!
  99. why did the tea bag go to school? it wanted to be a little tea-cher!
  100. my friend got hired as a builder working specifically on tea shops. he’s now a tea-struction worker.
  101. why don’t tea bags ever tell secrets? because they’re good at keeping things steeped!
  102. which dinosaur loved drinking tea?the tea-rex.
  103. why do members of parliament need to drink more tea?a: so they can get some honest-tea!
  104. if you decide to invite the queen of england over for a drink, consider it to be royal-tea.
  105. those smart travelers who take part in long desert journeys always drink their camel-mile tea.
  106. dollar tea club has so much varie-tea!
  107. i love green tea; i mean drinking it gives me so much sereni-tea.
  108. what do you get if you throw your cup of tea across the room?
  109. why did marx hate earl grey? because all proper tea is theft.
  110. this tea party is totally tea-riffic!
  111. a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. a cup of tea begins with a single steep.
  112. why is lemonade bad? because it’s not-tea by nature.
  113. how does moses make his tea? hebrews it.
  114. i love finding new productivi-tea tools.
  115. i like discovering different kinds of tea!
  116. make sure to preheat your tea cup – you want it nice and hot for optimal tea experience.
  117. i spilled tea on a first edition book. it was an antique-tea book disaster!
  118. what do you call a tea that’s feeling emotional? sen-si-tea-tive!
  119. a tea shared is a problem halved.
  120. why did the tea coach encourage his students?a: because he knew they could brew-tifully succeed!
  121. a guy drank so much tea he got fat, he had to get liptonsuction
  122. why did the infuser break up with the tea leaf? their relationship was strained.
  123. boyfriend and i were boba ki-tea and avocato for halloween!
  124. i find making a perfect cup of tea to be a tea-dious process, but the end result is always worth it.
  125. i drink my green tea when i relax. but i relax too much and keep procaffeinating.
  126. why are tea leaves always grounded? they’re forever getting in hot water.
  127. how do you encourage students in a tea class? let them know they can brew it and accomplish anything!
  128. what starts with t, ends with t, and is full of t? – a teapot!
  129. the one and only reason you are my bes-tea is because we both love to drink tea outrageously.
  130. some people like coffee. i need green tea to start my day.
  131. what’s a tea’s favorite karaoke song? “don’t stop brew-lievin’”!
  132. there is no problem in the world that a person with strong mental-tea can’t fix.
  133. what’s the difference between a hot spicy drink and an exercise class? one’s chai tea, the other’s tai chi.
  134. i’m starting a new religion called teaism, where we worship the almighty tea leaf.
  135. why did the teapot always win in raffles? pot luck.

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