85 Bike Puns for Bike Lovers That Will Pedal Joy

best funny bike puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Bike puns take advantage of the unique vocabulary associated with bicycles. Many play on words like “cycle” and “gears” or reference different bike parts.

Bike puns reference the frame, chain, seats, or handlebars. Avid cyclists also provide fodder for puns through jokes about their passion for “spinning” or achieving the perfect “balance.” With its memorable lingo and active hobby, biking lends itself to many amusing wordplays.

Whether playing on the bike’s mechanics or cyclists’ habits, these 85 Best Bike Puns deliver a “wheelie” good time for those who enjoy a bit of humor along their rides.

85 Best Bike Puns

  1. what do you call a bicycle built by a chemist? bike-carbonate of soda!
  2. my bike wheels are all pumped and looking great.– you could say they look spoke-tacular.
  3. what did the child biker get on their iq test? a wheelchair.
  4. i was selling my bike and an interested buyer asked what’s the lowest i’d go. about 2mph i said, otherwise you’d tip over.
  5. “bikes and bites – the perfect recipe for a wheely good day.
  6. a woodcutter built his own motorbike and used wood for the frame, the engine and even the brakes.– but it wooden start.
  7. when my bike hurts me i kick it back.– you could say we’re in a vicious cycle.
  8. what’s the difference between a well-dressed man on a unicycle, and a poorly dressed man on a bike?– attire
  9. “on the road to happiness – it’s a two-wheeled journey.
  10. “i’ve been cycling so much; i’m starting to get a bike-tiful tan.”
  11. “why did the mountain biker start a band? they had great pedal-rythms.”
  12. the bikers i respect are the ones who torque the talk.
  13. i’m so famous, i have my own bike lane. but it’s always empty, because i’m the only one who knows about it.
  14. my bank manager has finally given up riding his bike. he’s lost his balance.
  15. i put more miles on my bike than i do on my car.
  16. what’s a bicycle’s favorite outdoor activity? “bike” riding, of course!
  17. i used to be obsessed with my bike, going out three or four times a day. but i’ve managed the break the cycle now.
  18. i’m so paranoid, i think my bike is following me.
  19. studying in the library yesterday, i read about a type of dinosaur that was pretty much into bikes.– it was called the velo-ciraptor.
  20. biking is gripping.get a grip!back in the saddle.i’m on the chain gang.fork yeah!e-bikes take charge!don’t ride upgrades, ride up grades.drop bars, not behind bars.
  21. i bought a stationary bike…– but i don’t see myself getting anywhere with it.
  22. what did the mountain biker do when he got caught out by a storm?– cycleone.
  23. the bike therapist told me to come back freewheeling.
  24. i shifted gears and stood up to bike uphill. it was quite the feet!
  25. “life is like riding a bike – wobbly at times, but oh, so enjoyable.
  26. i bought a stationary bike… but i don’t see myself getting anywhere with it.
  27. what do you call a bike that’s always cooking? a chef.
  28. where do crazy people ride their bikes?– on the psycho path
  29. i used to be obsessed with my bike, going out three or four times a day.– but i’ve managed the break the cycle now.
  30. i returned my new bike to the shop and explained the pedals weren’t working. the owner said that’s why it’s called a push bike.
  31. “why did the mountain bike blush? because it saw too many hill-arious views.”
  32. “bike, because adulting is hard, and it’s a good excuse for a helmet.
  33. what’s a bicycle’s favorite type of pasta? “bike-caroni”!
  34. why is riding a bike, jumping off, then riding a bike again good for the environment?– because its recycling.
  35. i’m so unfit on my bike, i once had to stop for a rest after going down a hill.
  36. a policeman told me my dog is chasing people on a bike. i told him my dog doesn’t even have a bike.
  37. paleontologists have discovered a type of dinosaur that used to ride bikes. they’ve named it the velo-ciraptor.
  38. why did the little boy bring his bike into church? because he wanted to pray-cling it.
  39. you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bike, and that’s pretty close.
  40. “why did the bike apply for a job? it wanted to earn some spokesmanship.”
  41. my teenage daughter was sat idle on our spinning bike… i told her she needed to listen to less cardib and start doing more cardio
  42. what do you call a bike that’s always gossiping? a chatterbox.
  43. my bike wheel was crooked, but now it’s fixed.– true story.
  44. i put my bike in the bed of my trek.
  45. heavy metal bands have a lot in common with my bike.
  46. on this day last year me wife got me a stationary bike for my birthday.– well it’s a regular bike but it hasn’t moved in 364 days.
  47. who heard about the crazy guy who won all the medals at the bikers’ tournament?– he took the psycho path.
  48. i wanted to bike to work but it looked like rain so i decided to play it safe and drive instead.
  49. why was the bike thrown off the bridge? because it didn’t have any pontoons.
  50. what’s the difference between a well dressed man on a bike and a poorly dressed man on a unicycle?– a tyre.
  51. “i asked my bike to be more quiet, but it just gave me a silent wheeze.”
  52. my bike wheel was crooked, but now it’s fixed. true story.
  53. “i love my bike; it’s my two-wheeled therapist.”
  54. “sweat, smiles, and spokes – the essentials of a great ride.
  55. “gears and gratitude for the simple joy of a bike ride.
  56. i rode my bike again for the first time since my teens. i can’t believe that i can still ride it so well. it’s just like riding a bike.
  57. why did the bike lean against the wall? it was two-tired.
  58. someone stole all the components off of my friend’s bike and put what was left into my garden.
  59. i just got a tandem bike so i can take my friend along for the ride.
  60. when my bike chain rusted, the rest of my bike started falling apart too.– it was a chain reaction.
  61. my bike won’t stand on it’s own.– it’s two tired.
  62. why didn’t the bike want to go to the beach? because it had sand in its gears.
  63. apparently there was a type of dinosaur which used to ride a bike.– the velo-ciraptor.
  64. what did the hungry lions say after the man escaped on his bike?
  65. there’s really only one wheel difference between a bike and a trike.
  66. my bike doesn’t have a brain, but it’s got the frame of mind.
  67. my bike saddle is so darn uncomfortable. looks like i need an new seat of the pants.
  68. why can’t a bike stand on its own?– it’s two tired
  69. bike helmets that don’t look stupid – top 5 models that combine style and safety?
  70. i’m so ugly, my bike has a blindfold.
  71. i’m so cheap, i bought a bike with no wheels. i just call it a stick.
  72. “i like to support local bike shops (where would we be without them?) and was so happy with manny’s…” more
  73. a bike is like a good friend, always there when you need it.
  74. “bike rides: where the only traffic is in your head.”
  75. what kind of bikes do dogs like most? dog-cycles.
  76. my bike won’t stand on it’s own. it’s two tired.
  77. i went on a bike ride, but it was all downhill from there.
  78. my bike chain went rusty. then my whole bicycle fell apart. it was a chain reaction.
  79. “why did the bike refuse to participate in the race? it was two-tired of the competition.”
  80. what do you call a cyclist in a red leather jacket? the letter b with a motorbike.
  81. i wanted to bike to work but my two tired to pedal that far.
  82. my friend is big on indecision. he ended up buying an electric bike, he loves how it takes charge.
  83. there’s a vampire bike around here that keeps biting other cyclists. it’s a vicious cycle.
  84. what’s a ghost’s favorite type of bike? a boo-cycle!
  85. my dog used to chase people on a bike a lot it got so bad i had to take his bike away.

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