115 Blue Puns to Anchor Your Funny Bone!

best funny blue puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Blue puns, like a refreshing breeze on a sunny day, bring a splash of humor and creativity to our conversations. With their clever wordplay and witty twists, these puns revolve around the color blue, offering a delightful way to brighten up any interaction.

Whether they’re inspired by the ocean, the sky, art, or nature, blue puns never fail to bring a smile to our faces.

So, get ready to dive into a world of 115 Best Blue Puns as we explore the wonderful realm of blue puns.

115 Best Blue Puns

  1. my friend tried to sell me a blue guitar. i told him it was too low-key for me.
  2. why are blueberries blue? because they’re sad.what’s blue and has a lot of legs? a blue spider.
  3. i’m so blue that i don’t know what to do with myself.
  4. the blue fairy granted wishes by sprinkling “glitter-blue” – it always made dreams come true!
  5. feeling blue, but still smiling through.
  6. what did the blue flower say to the bee?a: “buzz off, i’m blooming.”
  7. i couldn’t help but feel blue when i spilled my blueberry smoothie all over my shirt.
  8. roses are red, violets are blue, don’t confuse ky, with gorilla glue.
  9. “why was the ghost sad? because it had the ‘sea-blues’ from missing the ocean!
  10. the depressed tree felt blue because it had a lot of bark to bear.
  11. why was the blue pen always optimistic?a: it saw the world in a positive hue.
  12. how do you kill a blue elephant? shoot it with a blue elephant gun.
  13. feelin’ blue-tiful from head to toe.
  14. what’s blue and not heavy at all? light blue!
  15. the sad blue crayon couldn’t stay within the lines – it always colored outside its “blue-sted” area.
  16. how do you know your house was burgled by smurfs? you’ll see the blueprints.
  17. what do you call a person who studies the color blue? a cyantologist.
  18. 32 if you have been wondering why your pizza is so sad, maybe it’s time to lay off the blue cheese.
  19. what was the dark blue sea lion mistaken for? a navy seal!
  20. what did the blue tea say to the sugar?a: “you make life sweet.”
  21. what do you call a blue dinosaur? a stegoblueus.why did the blueberry go to the party? it wanted to be the life of the jam.
  22. i’m now eating for blue.
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  24. why did the blue orange stop in the middle of the road?a: it ran out of juice.
  25. which dwarf planet is blue?
  26. the ocean was feeling blue, so i told her to sea the brighter side!
  27. what’s a bear’s favorite color? blue-berry!
  28. why is the ocean always blue?– because the shore never waves back.
  29. why did the little blue light shine so brightly? because it finally got the spotlight!
  30. why don’t blue man group members trust each other? because they’re blue men.
  31. i bought my blue parrot a pair of glasses, but he still can’t make out what i’m saying. i guess we suffer from a communication dis-fluency.
  32. feeling blue? just add sunshine and smiles!
  33. why was the ocean so blue? because the island never waved back.
  34. why did the fireman wear red, white, and blue suspenders?– to hold his pants up.
  35. i had to take my phone to the dentist earlier. i found out it has a blue tooth.
  36. “even though it’s blue, the ocean always waves back.”
  37. give credit where credit is blue.
  38. what’s blue and not very heavy? light blue.
  39. my new friend is a young prince who experiments with the blood types of snails and octopuses. he wants us to work together, but i have no experience with blue bloods.
  40. what’s blue with plenty of teeth? a blue man group shark!
  41. did you hear about the depressed rainbow? it only had the blues.
  42. what burns longer; a red candle or a blue candle?neither; they both burn shorter!
  43. do you describe it when your blue jeans are all worn
    a. they’re on their last legs.
  44. what’s blue and doesn’t weigh much? light blue
  45. why was the blue key always happy?a: it was the key to success.
  46. what did the green grape say to the blue grape? “breathe, man, breathe!”
  47. what did the blue ball say to the pins?a: “strike while the iron is hot!”
  48. feeling blue-tiful today (editors pick)
  49. you goody blue shoes.
  50. q.what do you call a school kid with a dictionary in his blue
    jeans pocket?
    a. smartie pants!
  51. a small step for cyan, a giant leap for bluemanity.
  52. sex workers explain why blue check stigma and blocktheblue aren’t so straightforward
  53. when in doubt, wear blue.
  54. why did blue refuse to play hide and seek with the other colors? it was afraid it would get caught in the navy!
  55. officially the longest-running children’s show on tv anywhere in the world, blue peter was initially a 15-minute programme scheduled to run for just six weeks when it first aired on october 16, 1958.
  56. i blue you were trouble.
  57. q.why did the blueberry make such a good reporter?
    a. it always had fruitful discussions.
  58. why did the blue whale break up with the beach? he thought she was too “shore” for him.
  59. you’re right on the blue.
  60. q.what do you call a blueberry that got stepped on?
    a. toe jam.
  61. what’s blue and would kill you if it fell out of a tree? a really fast apple
  62. the blue cheese thought he was the king, but he was just a cheesy guy.
  63. what’s blue and not very heavy?– light blue
  64.’s good as blue.
  65. how do blues greet each other? “how do you blue?”
  66. two boats full of red and blue paint crashed in the indian ocean today all of the crew are marooned
  67. why did the blueberry go to the doctor? it wasn’t peeling well.
  68. why is the ocean blue? because the sky is blue.why are blueberries blue? because they’re sad.what’s blue and has a lot of legs? a blue spider.
  69. “ever seen a blue sun? you should try waking up at noon!”
  70. give credit where credit is blue.
  71. what did blue tell its friend about imitating confidence?
  72. why did the smurf wear sunscreen on beach day? he didn’t like the color dark blue.
  73. 27 what do you do if you see a blue banana? try to cheer it up, of course!
  74. how did the blue fish greet its friends? with a friendly “fin-ally!”
  75. how do you fix a broken blue drum? with a tuba glue.
  76. to give it a blue-st.
  77. q.what is it called when your blue jeans turn brown?
    a. dung-arees.
  78. why is the ghost blue? because it has no guts.
  79. why did the blueberry turn red? because it saw the strawberry!what’s blue and not very heavy? a feather.why is the ocean blue? because the sky is blue.why are blueberries blue? because they’re sad.what’s blue and has a lot of legs? a blue spider.
  80. why was the color blue incredibly lazy? because it didn’t want to do anything in-deep-azure!
  81. blue is a tranquil color. it symbolizes trust, loyalty, freedom, responsibility, and truth.
  82. what did the blue potato say to the fryer?a: “i’m about to be hot stuff!”
  83. give credit where credit is blue.
  84. what’s blue and cries? baby blue(anna, age 10, after i told her “what’s blue and not very heavy?” “light blue”)
  85. 29.blued to the television.
  86. roses are red; violets are blue. once i’m done strangling, you will be too.
  87. nothing beats a beautiful blue sky.
  88. what do you call something that’s blue and fuzzy?
  89. i painted my computer blue, but now it won’t stop singing the blues.
  90. why does blue never win races? because it always finishes azure!
  91. what’s red and smells like blue paint? red paint
  92. why did the blue dog sit in the shade?a: it didn’t want to be a hot dog.
  93. how does a blue rabbit stay cool? it uses hare conditioning!
  94. the blue monkey swung from tree to tree, always carrying a banana “blue-niforms”.
  95. what did the blue orange say at the juicer?a: “squeeze the day!”
  96. blurry pick up line: hey girl,
    your eyes are as blue as the water in my toilet bowl!
  97. what did blue say about the color that was working a lot but accomplishing nothing?
  98. when blue went for a drive, it got pulled over for speeding. the cop said, “you blue past the speed limit.”
  99. why is the ocean blue? because the sky is blue.why are blueberries blue? because they’re sad.what’s blue and has a lot of legs? a blue headed into town…get teal.are there any cobalternatives?for aware…every picture teals a story.
  100. what’s blue and smells like red paint? blue paint
  101. what happened when the blue grapes got promoted? they got a raisin pay.
  102. have i got blues for you!
  103. the blues guitarist was feeling a bit downbeat, so he lifted his spirits with a lively indigo tune.
  104. what did the blue lemon say at the party?a: i’m a little bit tart-y.
  105. what did the blue paper say to the pencil?a: “write on!”
  106. blue shirts and chinos have been banned by a university students’ union due to “dangerous behaviour” by some students.
  107. what did people mistake dark blue sea lions for?
  108. see what i did there? if you’re blue, that is.
  109. why was the artist arrested? because he got caught blue-handed!
  110. the artist’s blue paint ran out, but he figured it was just a pigment of his imagination.
  111. what did the smurf say when asked if he was sad? “i’m just feeling a little blue.”
  112. why’s the ocean blue?
  113. what did the ocean say to the shore? “wave goodbye.”what do you get when you cross a blueberry and a watermelon? blueberry water.why did the bluebird visit the psychiatrist? it was feeling a little down.why did the bluebird refuse to fly south for the winter? it preferred the cold, blue sky
  114. the blueberry muffin won the marathon – it was a true berry-athlon champion!
  115. have i got blues for you!.

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