135 Bone Puns That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

best funny Bone puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Bone puns are jokes or wordplay that use phrases related to bones or skeletons. Many bone puns play on the double meaning of words like “bone” to be funny or amusing.

Bone puns draw humor from twisting skeletal phrases and anatomy terms into new contexts and meanings. The examples provided target specific bones like the funny bone or use skeletal sayings to paint vivid pictures with double entendres. References to dancing skills, music, and adventure capture a lively spirit, while allusions to work and travel capture day-to-day themes.

Bone puns lightheartedly graft skeleton jargon onto everyday items to elicit smiles and grins from their target audience.

135 Best Bone Puns

  1. the ribcage really wanted to start a fight on halloween. he had a bone to pick with the werewolf.
  2. the skeleton was a fantastic dancer – it really knew how to shake its bones!
  3. how did the humerus bone feel after a long day of work? humer-tired.
  4. how many bones do you think are in a hand? only a handful.
  5. when the skeleton got in trouble, he was really boned.
  6. what do you say to a skeleton who’s leaving on a trip? bone voyage!
  7. what do you call a skeleton who acts in movies? a bone actor.
  8. what do you call a romantic skeleton? a bone-afide lover!
  9. “a skeleton’s favorite road? the ‘hip bone highway’!”
  10. how do skeletons text each other? on cell bones.
  11. why did the skeleton become a geologist?a: to understand the bare bones of the earth.
  12. what do skeletons say when they se off to sea? “bone voyage”
  13. i’m trying to bone up on my anatomy, but the femur is a tough bone to crack.
  14. she was a natural bone leader.
  15. hitting your funny bone is anything but humerus.
  16. what do skeletons eat at the airport? cinna-bones.
  17. did you hear about the skeleton who went to the barbecue? he had a bone to grill.
  18. lots of bones try to be cool, but none are ever going to be more trendy than the hip.
  19. did you hear the one about the baby skeleton? he liked to rattle his bones.
  20. what do you call a skeleton snake? a rattles-bone.
  21. she knows that sticks and stones may break her bones!
  22. why did the skeleton choose a career in stand-up comedy? it wanted to tickle people’s funny bones!
  23. i’m trying to find the backbone to face my fears.
  24. i knew what was about to happen next when i turned into a skeleton. i could feel it in my bones.
  25. “c’mon, throw a dog a bone!”
  26. what is a skeleton’s favorite musical instrument? the trombone, but they have no lungs. so it has to be the bongos.
  27. why was the skeleton so good at basketball?a: it had some serious bone skills.
  28. why did the broken bone go to the band concert? to hear the trom-bone.
  29. the father skeleton comes home from work exhausted because he works himself to the bone.
  30. lots of bones try to be cool, but none are ever going to be more trendy than the hip.
  31. “why did the skeleton go to the dance class? to bone up on his skills.”
  32. what’s a skeleton’s favorite fruit? a bone-ana.
  33. leg bones are known for always wanting to tell the truth. they find it easy tibia honest.
  34. what’s a skeleton’s favorite instrument in an orchestra? the trom-bone.
  35. what song do skeleton bikers sing while riding? bone to be wild.
  36. because a dog was after his bones!
  37. did you hear about the skeleton that went to the party? he had a bone to pick with the dj.
  38. i went on a date with a skeleton, and things got a little bonerrific!
  39. why was the dog digging so much in the backyard? he needed to get down to the bone.
  40. the skeleton loved music; he had a real bone for rhythm.
  41. why did the musician stay home?a: he was feeling bone today.
  42. what do you call a funny bone that doesn’t laugh? a humerus bone!
  43. pfft-and people say i have no backbone.
  44. what do you call a fake noodle? an impasta. what do you call a fake skeleton? a boney phony.
  45. backbones are great at chopping down trees. they make brilliant lumbar-jacks.
  46. the skeleton had a wild night, but it woke up regretting its bone-duct!
  47. “what’s a skeleton’s favorite place to shop? the bone-yard sale!”
  48. what did the skeleton say to his friend? bone voyage!
  49. lots of bones try to be cool. but none are ever going to be as trendy as the hip.
  50. the skeleton was being picked on at school and now his mother had a bone to pick with the principal.
  51. bones have to connect with one another in the body otherwise they will easily get bonely.
  52. what did the skeleton say before eating? bone appétit!
  53. i love my funny bone. there is no denying that i find it very humerus.
  54. did you hear about the musician who played the trom-bone? he really had backbone!
  55. what do you call a skeleton that won’t do any work? lazy bones!
  56. i was worried that my bone humor would fall flat, but then i used my funny bone.
  57. why did the skeleton cross the road? to get to the boneyard on the other side!
  58. what’s a skeleton’s favorite biscuit?a: bour-bone.
  59. the skeleton couldn’t help but dance because he had a bone to pick.
  60. what do skeletons say before a big meal? bone-appetite.
  61. what do you call a skeleton that tells secrets? a bone-a-fide gos-skeleton!
  62. what do you get if you boil funny bone? laughing stock.
  63. how do skeletons communicate? they use their tele-bone.
  64. i tried to make eye contact with a skeleton, but it just gave me the cold shoulder bone.
  65. why do skeletons hate winter? they’re always bone-chilled.why did the skeleton refuse to eat at the steakhouse? he was a vegetarian.
  66. the skeleton decided to bone up on the facts for the big exam.
  67. when does a skeleton laugh? when something tickles his funny bones.
  68. a melodious solo riff on the polished sax-a-bone of the skeleton was played by the skeleton.
  69. what did the skeleton say to the dog? “bone appetite!”
  70. tami had to hang all the decorations this holiday because her husband is simply a lazy bones.
  71. what do you call a pirate with a skull for a head? a skull and crossbones.
  72. if you want to get a hold of your anatomy professor, the best thing to do is call them on their cell bone.
  73. what did the skeleton say when it was surprised? “you nearly bone away my mind!”
  74. i picked up a pile of bones i ordered online. i was surprised that they weighed a skele-ton.
  75. why did one skeleton ask the other skeleton on a date? he wanted to jump her bones.
  76. what do you call a skeleton that lies? a phony-bone.
  77. after buying a harley davidson for his fortieth birthday the skeleton was hoping he was finally “bone” to be wild.
  78. what do you call a humerus bone that can play the guitar? a humerockin’ bone.
  79. my bones don’t follow normal rules. they’re bone tibia wild.
  80. my skull doesn’t mind when i call it a bonehead.
  81. what do you call a humerus bone that can’t stop laughing? a hilarious humerus.
  82. i met a french orthopedic doctor. i didn’t know how to greet him, but he said “bone-jour.”
  83. the skeleton used his tax money to buy a motorcycle because he was bone to be wild.
  84. the skeleton loved to travel; he had a bone for adventure.
  85. i had to send my spine to prison. it was bad to the bone.
  86. did you hear about the bone that went to a party? it had a skeleton key.
  87. the baby skeleton kept asking for his bottle to be filled because it was always bone dry.
  88. toss us a bone and share your thoughts. your feedback helps keep our humor structure solid and the bony chuckles building!
  89. i have a bone to pick with you.
  90. why did the funny bone cross the road? to get to the hilarious side.
  91. what does a happy and excited bone in the pelvic region say? ‘hip hip hooray’.
  92. the skeleton went to the gym to work on its bone fitness – it likes to keep things in shape!
  93. i left a skull out in the sun. it became bone dry.
  94. what do you call a skeleton with no friends? bonely.
  95. the skeleton liked to gamble; he always bet his funny bone.
  96. a dog’s favourite book is harry potter and the sorcerer’s bone.
  97. bones are always so calm. nothing ever gets under their skin.
  98. who’s the laziest group of people at work? the bones crew.
  99. i knew what was about to happen next when i turned into a skeleton. i could feel it in my bones.
  100. why did the skeleton break up with his girlfriend? he thought she was a bit of a bonehead.
  101. what do you call a skeleton that’s afraid of everything? a fraidy bone!
  102. what do you call a skeleton who lies in bed all day? a lazy bones!
  103. leg bones are known for always wanting to tell the truth. they find it easy tibia honest.
  104. what do you call a skeleton who tells lies? a phoney-bone!
  105. how did the skeleton know a storm was coming? he felt it in his bones.
  106. why did the humerus bone refuse to fight? it had no guts.
  107. why are bones so calm? nothing gets under their skin.
  108. if you decide to boil your funny bone, you might be able to turn it into a laughing stock.
  109. spending time home a-bone this year.
  110. what do you call a skeleton who is always late? a tardy bone!
  111. “why did the skeleton climb the tree? for a bird’s-eye view of the bone-yard.”
  112. the skeleton had a favorite chair; it was his bone throne.
  113. the skeleton opened a coffee shop and served bone-afide espresso shots!
  114. the skeleton played the piano – it had a bone-tiful musical talent!
  115. bone lovers always tend to like spending time in the forest. i found out that it’s because they like the s-pine trees.
  116. i put a skull on the front of my harley davidson motorbike. what can i say, i’m bone to be wild.
  117. why were the skeletons’ fingers missing? because he had worked them to the bone.
  118. why was the skeleton a great musician? it had a natural talent for bone-o playing!
  119. how do french skeletons say hello? “bone-jour!”
  120. i met a skeleton who was a professional dancer – it moved with bone-credible grace!
  121. “what do you call a skeleton detective? sherlock bones.”
  122. what indie rock band do teenage skeletons love the most? bone iver.
  123. do you know how many bones there are in a human hand? i’m not sure either, but i’m assuming it’s a handful.
  124. name the kind of plate skeletons to prefer to eat? bone china.
  125. i like to watch my favorite bone doctor show on the skelevision.
  126. the orthopedic doctor was working far too hard. i told him, “you’re going to work yourself down to the bone!”
  127. i invited a skeleton to my house for dinner, and said i’d cook him a t-bone steak. he politely declined, he said he didn’t have the stomach for it.
  128. american skeletons love the history of america. their favourite part is the bit about napoleon bone-a-part.
  129. the femur is the longest bone in the body, which makes it a real thighbreaker.
  130. what did the skeleton order for dinner? bone broth and spare ribs.
  131. why did the skeleton like winter? cold weather is bone-chilling!
  132. what tv show do skeletons love? bones.
  133. i knew what was about to happen next when i turned into a skeleton. i could feel it in my bones.
  134. what do you call a bone that takes a lot of vacations? a resting bone.
  135. what did the skeleton say when it got lost? “i’ve lost my funny bone!”

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