145 Book Puns that Will Have You Chuckling Cover to Cover

best funny book puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Book puns playfully use book-related words and phrases to make silly jokes and puns. Common book pun themes include using book titles and authors in humorous word play, personifying books by giving them human motivations and activities, and making jokes about common book and library concepts.

Some examples of popular book pun styles are: puns using altered book titles like “To Kill a Mockingbird Becomes “To Grill a Mockingburger;” giving books human qualities like going to parties or getting arrested; playing with library terms like “overdue” and “bookmark;” using fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes for mystery puns; and making puns about reading concepts like getting “lost in a book” or “hitting the books.”

While book puns may not always elicit loud laughs, booklovers and wordplay enthusiasts can appreciate the clever way they twist the language of literature.

145 Best Book Puns

  1. i’m trying to get in her good books.
  2. why did the book go to the casino? it wanted to hit the jackpot.
  3. what reader can resist these bookish feats of wordplay?
  4. i’m reading a book on teleportation. it’s bound to take me places.
  5. i’m not a big fan of books on conspiracy theories. they always seem a bit far-fetched.
  6. why did the book become a lawyer? it wanted to rest its case.
  7. why was the book so good at using tinder? he had a good opening line.
  8. i started to write a book on cats, but writing on paper was so much easier.
  9. i’m reading a book on medieval jousting. it’s a real lance-ful read.
  10. have you read the book about narcissism? it’s all about me.
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  12. the book about infinity went on forever.
  13. are you sure you want to borrow all those books? you don’t want to overdue it.
  14. why was the book so good at using tinder? he had a good opening line.
  15. the shy book just wanted to curl up and read by itself.
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  17. i started a book about gravity. it’s heavy.
  18. i’m reading a book on sign language. it’s very hands-on.
  19. the book on mountains had quite a cliffhanger.
  20. let’s get under the book covers.
  21. what’s a book’s favorite hairstyle? a story-tail.
  22. do you like the book you’re reading? it has prose and cons.
  23. why did the bird fly into the library? because he was looking for bookworms.
  24. “the book club conundrum: solving mysteries between chapters.”
  25. what did the horror book say to the romance novel? “you’re too soft-hearted for me.”
  26. reading a book on gravity, it’s attracting a lot of attention.
  27. the book about the sun was enlightening.
  28. i was reading a book about insomniacs. it was a real sleeper.
  29. why is sir mix-a-lot so smart? he likes big books and he cannot lie.
  30. i’m reading a book about the history of jet engines. it’s taking off.
  31. i like big books and i cannot lie.
  32. why are ghosts always reading? they go through books too quickly.
  33. why are books so annoying to be around? they don’t have any shelf awareness.
  34. what’s a shoe’s favorite book? sole-iloquy.
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  36. what did the librarian say to someone who checked out over 100 books? don’t overdue it.
  37. how do you track a book? you follow their footnotes.
  38. what’s a book’s favorite day of the week? “book-day.”
  39. why does a bookmark make a good employee? it always knows its place.
  40. book on the bright side.
  41. i was going to check out a book from the library
  42. this book on electricity is shocking.
  43. why did the book go to the ruins? it wanted to explore the history.
  44. why did the book visit the fortune teller? it wanted to know its future tense.
  45. what’s a fisherman’s favorite book? tide tales.
  46. why was the gardening book so dirty? it always dug into the plot.
  47. what’s a soldier’s favorite book? battle bound.
  48. what do you call a haunted book? a spine-chilling thriller!
  49. why was the book about the ocean so deep? it was full of sea-crets.
  50. “comma” over here and let me tell you about this great book.
  51. how do books apologize for bad behavior?a: they turn a new “page.”
  52. what would books be jealous of? they would be jealous of a “copy”!
  53. i’m reading a book about mazes. i got lost in it.
  54. how did you “bookend” up here?
  55. what do you call a book that’s about clocks? about-time stories.
  56. “the bookish bartender: mixing up stories and cocktails.”
  57. i’m reading a book about anti-gravity. it’s impossible to put down.
  58. what’s a book’s favorite sport? base-book.
  59. why was the book about the mountain so high? it peaked at the right moment.
  60. why did the book stay home on friday night? it felt too drawn out.
  61. yesterday all of my potter books fell down the mountain. it was j.k rolling.
  62. i started reading a book on mazes. there’s just no way to get out of it.
  63. why can’t librarians finish mystery books? they keep reading between the lines.
  64. what’s an astronomer’s favorite book? starry stories.
  65. what’s a baker’s favorite book? dough delights.
  66. i got a speeding ticket while driving with my poetry book. apparently, the officer thought i had too many verses.
  67. what do books wear? they wear “book-covers”!
  68. wherever they go, the bookworms take shelfies.
  69. “i’m reading a book on the history of glue. i just can’t seem to put it down.”
  70. i tried to write a book on the benefits of architecture, but the plot was too concrete.
  71. what did the bookworm say to the massage therapist? i’m feeling a little past tense.
  72. the book on wind turbines was quite a breeze.
  73. what do you call a book that’s all about betrayal? stab-me-nary.
  74. how did the bookworm catch the book? it used baited breath!
  75. why was the book late for dinner? it got caught up in a chapter.
  76. what’s a sailor’s favorite book? sea and shore.
  77. why did the book go to the boxing match? it wanted to be a knockout.
  78. what did the history book say to the pencil? “you’re so sharp, you could rewrite me.”
  79. take a page from the book and leaf.
  80. why did the dog chase after the book? it was chasing its tale.
  81. when i think about books, i touch my shelf.
  82. i bought a book about tornadoes, and it blew me away!
  83. why was the book about telepathy so engaging? because it really gets inside your head.
  84. why did the book go to the optician? it needed to improve its vision.
  85. why did the book go to the zoo? it wanted to write about the wildlife.
  86. how do you know a book is getting old? it starts to lose its pages!
  87. what is the bartender’s favorite book? a: tequila mockingbird.
  88. why don’t books have any friends? they’re always getting paged.
  89. why did the book always win arguments?a: because it had the best “plot.”
  90. i got a job at the bookstore, but they said i wasn’t well-read enough. i guess i should have taken the time to fully cover the material.
  91. why was the book about anti-gravity so popular? because it’s impossible to put down.
  92. i like to read personal training books, and books on the brighter side.
  93. what’s a beekeeper’s favorite book? hive hints.
  94. why was the book about the jungle so wild? it was full of animal instincts.
  95. what’s a book’s favorite condiment? must-read.
  96. the dwarfs from snow white want to tell their side of the story. they’ve signed a 7 figure book deal.
  97. i’m reading a book about anti-gravity. it’s impossible to put down!
  98. people who don’t read books are spineless.
  99. why was the book about the sun so radiant? it shone with knowledge.
  100. when life closes a book, open a new one.
  101. have you read the book about claustrophobia? it’s not very spacious.
  102. the junior librarian was reincarnated as a bookmark because he always knew his place.
  103. i wish i had a book about boomerangs. i lent out my last one but it never came back.
  104. one of my books wasn’t feeling good. apparently, it had its appendix removed.
  105. i’m reading a book on the history of bicycles. it’s a two-tired read.
  106. how did the robot’s teacher mark his book? with robo-ticks.
  107. why was the book arrested? there was too much character assassination!
  108. why did the book become a detective? it wanted to solve the mystery of the missing pages.
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  110. i checked out a book from the crime section but found it had an unexpected twist ending.
  111. the frustrated book tried to start a new chapter but was bound by its old cover.
  112. my mum’s spaghetti got in the guinness book of records. i hope she cleans the pages.
  113. why did the book go to the garden? it wanted to grow its story.
  114. my dog started eating my book, so i took the words right out of his mouth.
  115. i wrote a book on clocks but it was just a first draft about time.
  116. why did the mystery book go to the therapist? it had too many unresolved issues.
  117. why did the book go to the opera? it wanted to hit the high notes.
  118. why was the book about the circus so fun? it had a ring to it.
  119. i’m reading a book on the history of upholstery. it’s a comfortable read.
  120. my weekend is all “booked” up.
  121. i ordered a book online but received an empty package. turns out it was a pop-up book!
  122. what’s a book’s favorite candy? bookmarked taffy.
  123. when a librarian goes fishing, they take book worms.
  124. what do you call a book about leadership? ruling pages.
  125. what’s a book’s favorite method of transportation? reading rail lines.
  126. we have to book it.
  127. have you read the book on quicksand? it’s a sinking feeling.
  128. why did the book go to the sea? it wanted to sail through the pages.
  129. my friend doesn’t read books. he’s spineless.
  130. what’s a florist’s favorite book? petal portraits.
  131. what makes all books feel superior? sequels, as they always come after.
  132. why did the book go to the party? to meet some characters.
  133. why did the book go to the magic school? it wanted to cast a spell.
  134. i started reading a book about mazes. i got lost in it.
  135. the student was an aggressive learner. he hit the books.
  136. why did the computer go to its book club? it heard they were discussing java-scripts.
  137. why did the book go to the dentist? it had a chipped tooth.
  138. i had plans to begin reading a book about sinkholes but they fell through.
  139. what’s a politician’s favorite book? a manual on flip pages.
  140. have you read the book on teleportation? it’ll definitely take you places.
  141. why did the book go to the laundry? it needed to clean up its act.
  142. i don’t loan out my books. some say i’m shelf-ish.
  143. what’s a book’s favorite winter activity? making book angels in the snow.
  144. have you heard about the new book about bamboo? it’s a great reed.
  145. i’m reading a book on the history of gardens. it’s growing on me.

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