45 Boot Puns Designed to Add a Spring to Your Step

best funny boot puns
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Boot puns are a niche form of humor that play on words related to footwear, particularly boots. These puns can cover a wide range of themes, from everyday life and professions to pop culture and witty plays on words involving boots and their features.

Some puns reference boots in action contexts like hiking, dancing, or martial arts. Others reference boots in everyday contexts like going to parties, applying for jobs, or getting dressed. A few puns reference historical or pop culture elements like cowboys, movies, or music.

45 Best Boot Puns

  1. “there’s a great deal of noise coming from your boot,” said the policeman. “it’s my subwoofer, officer. rather bassy isn’t it?”he frowned and said, “sir, i’ve never heard a subwoofer scream for help before.”
  2. what do you call a boot that never complains? “un-sole-ish”!
  3. why did the lawyer wear boots? to kick some legal butt in the courtroom!
  4. what do you call a dinosaur that wears a cowboy hat and boots? tyrannosaurus tex.
  5. during lockdown i discovered that there are only 3 shops i need: specsavers, boots and greggs. my life is just specs, drugs and sausage rolls.
  6. why did the hiker wear boots? to climb mountains and conquer trails!
  7. there were too many applicants for boot camp many of them had to be put on a wading list.
  8. why did the car boot want to be an actor? it wanted to be a ‘trunk’ star!
  9. i don’t feel sexy when she wears snakeskin boots. it’s a reptile dysfunction.
  10. what was the boot’s excuse for being late? it got tied up on the way.
  11. why did the boot go to the dance competition? it wanted to win the “boot-y” prize!
  12. what instrument does a boot use? a shoehorn
  13. the boot is on the other foot now.
  14. why did the cowboy get new boots? his old ones were ‘run-down.’
  15. why did the teacher wear boots? to stomp out any bad grades!
  16. i think my copy of “das boot” i bought at the german market is fake. it’s just a bunch of people turning their computers on.
  17. what did the boot say to the hat? “you go ahead, i’ll ‘heel’ later!”
  18. why did the frog wear boots? to keep its feet dry in the rain!
  19. i wish i could wear a boot on my head. because then i’d be a foot taller.
  20. why did the ninja wear boots? to sneak up on its enemies without making a sound!
  21. i noticed a man with a boot in each ear. what was happening?a: he was just hearing music boots and all!
  22. my buddy john gave his size 13 boots to his little brother, phil. problem is, phil wears size 9. john left large shoes to phil.
  23. my ugg boots are ‘grounded’ individuals – they never let success go to their ‘fluffy’ heads.
  24. why did the car boot go to the party? it heard there would be plenty of ‘booty.’
  25. with my time machine, i went back in time to show the creator of doc martens my shiny new boots… do you think i created a pair o’ docs?
  26. why did the ugg boot apply for a fashion show? it wanted to ‘walk the runway’ in style!
  27. “hey watson, is that mud on your boots?” “no, shit, sherlock.”
  28. i saw someone holding a pair of boots to his ears. apparently he was listening to sole music.
  29. your success story is quite boot-iful.
  30. why did the boot want to become a lawyer? it was great at “soul”-ving problems!
  31. double parked my boot. it got toe-d
  32. why did the boot go to the cooking class? it wanted to learn how to make “sole” food!
  33. i kicked my boot off a cliff today. it was an assisted shoe-icide
  34. what instrument does a boot use? a shoehorn.
  35. my dad’s mexican and my mom’s canadian… but i don’t wanna taco boot it
  36. why did the actor wear boots? to take on any role with confidence!
  37. how did hitler tie his boots? in little nazis
  38. what did one boot say to the other at the dance party? “let’s rock this ‘sole’ train!”
  39. i bought these boots from a drug dealer i don’t know what he laced them with but i’ve been tripping all day
  40. why did the boot blush?a: because it saw the sock it always wanted.
  41. android crashes on boot when running from sd card
  42. “he accidentally wore his spanish friend’s rain boots instead of his.
  43. what is the difference between an isis boot camp and a local school? how should i know? i just fly the drones.
  44. why did the ninja wear boots? to sneak up on their enemies with a firm foot!
  45. why did the ugg boot start a gardening hobby? it wanted to ‘plant’ its fashionable footprint.

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