65 Boxing Puns That Will Knock You Out!

best funny boxing puns
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Boxing puns play on words related to the sport of boxing and can reference various aspects of the sport. boxing puns include references to boxing equipment like gloves, the ring, punches, and knockouts.

Puns also make lighthearted jokes about boxing matches, training, coaches, famous boxers, and boxing moves or styles.

The goal of these 65 Best Boxing Puns is to make readers chuckle by finding the humor in everyday phrases through a boxing lens.

65 Best Boxing Puns

  1. icy you’re ready for a boxing match!
  2. the boxing chef’s signature dish? a knockout noodle soup.
  3. are you a boxing referee? because my heart feels like it’s been counted out every time i see you.
  4. the cat was boxing around the house.
  5. what’s the best sport to learn when you are moving? boxing.
  6. that’s a boxing good idea!
  7. i prefer to use the vacuum cleaner with boxing gloves on they call me dyson fury
  8. why did the boxer go to the museum? to study the art of boxing.what do you call a boxer who’s always singing? a knock-out vocalist.
  9. who’s ready for a boxing match?
  10. did you know father time is actually really good at boxing? yeah, he can clock you a good one.
  11. q.what did the hairstylists do at the big boxing match?
    a. they bobbed and and weaved.
  12. do you have a name or can i call you mine after this boxing match?
  13. why did the boxer refuse to fight on christmas day? he didn’t want to ruin his boxing day.
  14. i tried boxing my plants
  15. q.why don’t people typically box while wearing glasses?
    a. because boxing is a contact sport!
  16. the book about boxing is bound to have a few hard covers.
  17. i lost a boxing match with a pirate. he had a vicious right hook.
  18. my chinese friend refuses to believe that our friend ty is now the state boxing champion. the chinese don’t want to recognize ty won.
  19. olive the thrill of a good boxing match!
  20. why did the christmas tree go to the barber on boxing day? it needed a trim.
  21. “i like that they intersperse the boxing drills with some pretty hardcore (for me) calisthenics like…” more
  22. are you a boxing match? because i could watch you all night.
  23. doris closed, how can i see the boxing match?
  24. what do you call a fight between film actors? star boxing!
  25. one of my bulls just took up boxing. i call him moo-hammad ali.
  26. what are people saying about boxing near sterling, va?
  27. boxingkickboxingbrazilian jiu-jitsu
  28. are you a boxing glove? because i want to hold your hand.
  29. did you know father time is really good at boxing? he can clock you a good one.
  30. i have a boxing bone to pick with you.
  31. what do you do when you see two snails boxing? nothing, you gotta let ‘em slug it out.
  32. that boxing lesson was a real hit!
  33. it’s a boxing ring of emotions.
  34. are you my boxing opponent? because i can’t stop thinking about you.
  35. why did the boxer bring grapes to the ring? because he wanted a grape post-boxing snack!
  36. are you a boxing glove? because every moment spent with you is a real hit.
  37. are you a boxing match? because i’m completely captivated by your every move.
  38. sadie magic word and let’s start the boxing match!
  39. don’t you know it’s time to start boxing training?
  40. what do you call a pug dog that has become the boxing world champ? a pugilist.
  41. why was the boxing match held at the zoo? they wanted to see some knockout chimps!
  42. are you a boxing ring? because i want to devote all my time and attention to you.
  43. “i strongly recommend trying a class if you want to try boxing, need to get fit or really want to…” more
  44. are you boxing serious right now?
  45. the scarecrow won the boxing match – it was outstanding in its field.
  46. workoutsyour first classboxingkickboxing
  47. what did one boxing glove say to the other glove? (i’ll catch you on the rebound!)
  48. that strategy is way below the boxing belt.
  49. are you a boxing coach? because my heart needs some training to handle you.
  50. see more boxing near sterling.
  51. don’t cry, it’s just a boxing match!
  52. are you a boxing ring? because i’m totally floored by you.
  53. are you a boxing referee? because every time i see you, i hear “one… two… three… i’m out!”
  54. i told my friend to stop boxing. he hit back.
  55. some popular services for boxing include:
  56. why was jupiter banned from competing in the planetary boxing match? he took asteroids.
  57. oscar a silly question, but are you boxing today?
  58. boxing isn’t violent, it’s just a series of rapid-fire negotiations.
  59. why was the computer good at boxing? because it had a hard drive.
  60. boxing is like jazz, the better it is, the less people appreciate it.
  61. mr. t was asked for his comments before his celebrity boxing match with dave grohl. he said “i pity the foo”.
  62. what do you call a bunch of chess players bragging about their games in a boxing day sale? chess-nuts boasting in an open foyer.
  63. why did the boxer refuse to fight on boxing day? he wanted to spend time with his family.
  64. boxing idioms that were left out on this webpage:on the back foot;on the front foot;box clever;give someone the slip;
  65. harry up and answer, the boxing match is about to start!.

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