75 Brick Puns to Block Out Your Cares

best funny Brick puns
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Brick puns play on the various meanings and associations of bricks to deliver comedic wordplay. Bricks can represent strength, construction, weight, and more. Common brick pun themes involve their role in building, comparing them to other sturdy objects, and positioning bricks as fun characters.

Brick puns take the ubiquitous construction material and use it as the basis for silly word jokes and double entendres. Whether emphasizing bricks’ solidity, role in structures, or ability to be “laid,” brick puns lay the foundation for smiles with mortar-fying humor mortared together with concrete wordplay.

75 Best Brick Puns

  1. don’t judge a brick by its color
  2. what’s red and bad for your teeth? a brick.
  3. what’s a brick’s favorite type of music? brick-hop!
  4. what did the brick say to the wall? “i’m glad we’re on the same ‘brick’”.
  5. what did the brick road say on thanksgiving? cobble cobble cobble!
  6. my local store sells clothes made of bricks. it’s a hardware store.
  7. what do you call white thin bricks blank slates….
  8. why did the brick call in sick? it felt under the weathering.
  9. why did the second-rate toy plastic brick maker become obsessed?
  10. the weird thing is he was breaking into people’s houses just to ruin their washing machines by putting bricks in them and turning them on!
  11. brick wordplay that’ll leave you smiling from ear to ear.
  12. how to repair this brickwork? (more detail in comments)
  13. what’s a brick’s favorite tv show? “game of stones”!
  14. why did the brick start a clothing line? it wanted to “suit up” in style.
  15. brick house if a red house has red bricks, a yellow house has yellow bricks, what color bricks does a green house have?none, a green house is made out of glass.
  16. my friend saw i was upset the other day and he said “it could be worse. you could be an irrigated hole in the ground surrounded by brick work that people use to get water” it didn’t help, but i knew he meant well
  17. quick brack!2. stick pricks!3. tick the bricks!4. wack bralker!5. pick a brun
  18. 4 bodys chained to a brick. …also, octopi
  19. what do you call a brick’s dream job? a “brick-tect”!
  20. i’ve always wondered what a ton of bricks would feel like and then it hit me.
  21. what did the brick say to the cup of tea? “i’m just steeping by!”
  22. what did the fish say when he swam into the brick wall. dam
  23. what do you call a brick’s favorite game show? “wheel of misfortune”!
  24. a lorry carrying lego bricks overturned on the motorway. the police say they don’t know what to make of it.
  25. why wasn’t toto as excited as dorothy when they traveled the yellow brick road? he missed the rains down in africa
  26. why did the brick order a pizza? it wanted to have a slice of life!
  27. what did the brick road say on thanksgiving?
  28. what weighs more 10 pounds of bricks or 10 pounds of feathers? feathers because you have to carry the weight of what you did to those poor birds.
  29. what did the teacher say to the brick student? “you’re a hard learner.”
  30. chuck norris is the reason dorothy must follow the yellow brick road.
  31. this overflowing crack in the brickwork where the ants deposit their dead
  32. bricks always have a “concrete” plan for the future.
  33. why don’t bricks ever get lost in the forest? they always have a strong sense of direction.
  34. the secret is to stuff a few bricks in there.
  35. local shop sells clothes made of bricks. it’s a hardware shop.
  36. why did the brick go to the doctor? it had a case of “brickitis.”
  37. 500 bricks are on a plane. one falls off. how many are left? 499.
  38. what did one brick say to the other? “i’m falling for you!”
  39. just a nether brick in the wall
  40. which weighs more, a tonne of bricks or a tonne of feathers? the feathers. because you also have to carry the weight of what you did to those poor birds.
  41. what do you call a brick that thinks it’s a superhero? “block”man!
  42. what do you call a brick that loves to travel? a globe-trotter!
  43. what’s a red house made of? bricks. what’s a yellow house made of?yellow bricks. what’s a blue house made of?blue bricks. what’s a white house made of?lies.
  44. when you’re in a tough situation, you have to be “brick”le and strong!
  45. water stain just appeared on my living room wall. it’s about 500mm from the ceiling. i’m on the top floor of a flat so could be a leak from above but why would there not be water all the way down?? right angle indicates it’s coming from the brickwork..?
  46. what kind of company did sauron start? brick & mordor.
  47. what do you call a scared brick? a “brick-a-boo”!
  48. why was the brick so good at math? it had great counting skills, brick by brick!
  49. ben folds: “she’s a brick and i’m drowning slowly”
  50. why did the brick blush? because it saw the brick next to it!
  51. we should raise the lego bricks and help them to a normal level of respect! they have been stepped on for far too long.
  52. brick humor is a solid investment in smiles.
  53. what’s the difference between the thalmor and a brick? a brick will actually help rebuild skyrim
  54. my friend has this weird habit where he gnaws at bricks when he visits someone’s home. doctors are calling it munch housin’ syndrome.
  55. why did the brick take a day off? it needed to brick-lax!
  56. what do you call a brick’s favorite kind of music? heavy metal, naturally!
  57. why did the brick bring a backpack to the party? it wanted to pack in the fun!
  58. what weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks? a ton of feathers. you have to carry the weight of what you did to those poor birds.
  59. the brick was feeling artistic, so it decided to “brick-spress” itself with graffiti.
  60. what do fat girls and bricks have in common? they both get laid by mexicans.
  61. what do you say when you get hit by a brick of gold? auch
  62. if a red house is made of red bricks and a blue house is made of blue bricks, then what is a green house made of? glass
  63. brick or treat: halloween just got a whole lot “brick”ier!
  64. bricks are the happiest construction materials. they’re always getting laid.
  65. why did the brick want to be an actor? it thought it could deliver “block-buster” performances!
  66. what did the brick say to the brick wall? “i’ll support you, no matter how rough the patch!”
  67. why did the brick go to the dentist? it had a chipped tooth that needed filling.
  68. why did the brick break up with the cinder block? it found someone more concrete.
  69. did you hear about the brick comedian? it was a real “brick”ster!
  70. bricks are so “down to earth” – literally!
  71. what’s a brick’s favorite holiday? ground-breaking day!
  72. i got some barbeque flavoured crisps. they taste of bricks and mesh.
  73. the brick loved to travel and collect “brick”-souvenirs from different places.
  74. what’s a brick’s favorite exercise? wall-ups!
  75. my house’s brickwork is covered in faces.

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