45 Brown Puns That Make Even the Grumpiest Smile

best funny brown puns
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Brown puns tend to associate the color with food, nature, and bodily functions to create silly humor. Food puns are especially popular, with brownies, chocolate, and coffee as common fodder. The color brown has many natural connections that punsters can play with for comedic effect.

Common brown pun themes include:

Brown food items – Chocolate, coffee, gravy, potatoes, baked goods like brownies and cookies, etc.

Bodily functions – Poop and fart jokes.

Ethnicities – Skin color puns related to brown complexions.

Nature – Dirt, mud, tree bark, bears, etc.

These 45 Best Brown Puns can be entertaining and witty, providing a unique way to celebrate the color brown through humor.

45 Best Brown Puns

  1. what’s brown and rhymes with snoop? dr. dre.bonus: why does snoop dogg carry an umbrella?-fo’ drizzle
  2. my dad was making brownies… and i saw the delicious batter. i asked if i can lick the rest of the bowl. he replied, “no you have to flush like the rest of us!”
  3. what did the reddish poo say to the brown poo? “i feel flushed.”
  4. what are the two dirtiest animals in a farm? brown chicken brown cow
  5. why do brownies love to read? because they’re choco-lit fans.
  6. what is brown, hairy and wears sunglasses? a coconut on vacation, lol!
  7. my brother doesn’t like brown rice he’s a rice-ist
  8. my daughter made brownies for me.
  9. nothing beats a girl with a beautiful singing voice… except chris brown.
  10. how did rihanna find out chris brown was cheating on her? she found another woman’s lipstick on his knuckles.
  11. what’s brown and sticky a stick
  12. what’s brown and sticky? a stick.
  13. if you love white rice, and hate brown rice.. you’re a ricist.
  14. what’s a blockchain developer’s fav breakfast item? hash dum tss
  15. what do you say when someone roasts a person with reddish-brown hair? auburn
  16. what do you call a blonde who dyes her hair brown? ai (artificial intelligence)
  17. sorry for this why did the baker have brown hands?he kneeded a poo
  18. i love white rice, but hate brown rice! does that make me rice-ist?
  19. what do you call it when a blonde dyes their hair brown artificial intelligence
  20. was barry white ? was cilla black ? was james brown ? sure makes stevie wonder
  21. what do you call a song with a chris brown feature? an instant hit.
  22. what´s brown and rhymes with snoop? dr. dre
  23. why did the brownie get a tan? so it could be a little less fudge-like.why do brownies love to read? because they’re choco-lit fans.
  24. so chris brown has quit music… unsurprisingly, he has beaten rihanna to it.
  25. what do you get when you cross a blue eye and a brown eye? pink eye
  26. which artist has a brown finger? picasso
  27. i like my women like i like my diarrhea brown, chunky, and on my face.
  28. why did the brownie shop worker quit? because they didn’t have enough raisins.
  29. nothing beats a beautiful girl with a great singing voice! except chris brown
  30. i call my wife bambi. she thinks it’s because she’s cute with big brown eyes… but in reality it’s because i want someone to shoot her mother with a hunting rifle
  31. what do laxatives and gentrification have in common? both tend to displace brown populations.
  32. i call my wife bambi and she thinks it’s because she’s cute with big brown eyes… actually, it’s because i shot her mother with a hunting rifle…
  33. what did chris brown say the first time he saw rhianna? hey man, i’d love to hit that.
  34. just burned 2,000 calories in 2 hours that’s the last time i leave my brownies in the oven while i’m at work
  35. i burnt 2600 calories yesterday! i forgot the tray of brownies in the oven.
  36. what’s brown and sits on a piano? beethoven’s last movement.
  37. what do you call an artist with brown fingers ? pickasso.
  38. what’s brown and sticky? a stick!what were you thinking?
  39. you guys want to play that new michael brown drinking game? it’s easy, you just stand there and take eight shots.
  40. as a guy from ohio, i love sports. that’s why whenever i tweet about my team, i go “hash browns.”
  41. who hits houston harder? bobby brown or hurricane harvey.~probably too soon.
  42. what’s brown, three inches long, and sits on a piano bench? beethoven’s first movement.
  43. so the british government have just produced a white paper detailing their plan of leaving the eu well, they weren’t about to use black or brown paper now were they?
  44. who’s doc brown’s favorite star wars character? the man-delorean
  45. what’s the difference between chris brown and a tesla? the tesla gets fewer battery charges in a year.

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