30 Butcher Puns That Will Have You in Meat Heaven

best funny butcher puns
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Butcher puns play on words related to butchering and meat to create funny wordplay and jokes.

Common Butcher puns involve butchers having romantic interests in meat, becoming other professions that relate to their work like chefs or pilots, and making jokes about their tools and products.

These 30 Best Butcher Puns will use homophones like “meat” and “meet” or twist common phrases to involve cutting meat.

30 Best Butcher Puns

  1. why was the butcher so romantic? he had a ‘heart’ for meat.
  2. why did the butcher become a vegetarian? he wanted to make a clean slice.
  3. the butcher stopped eating deli meat every day, he decided to go cold turkey.
  4. what do you call a butcher who is great at baseball? a ‘hit’ maker!
  5. what’s a butcher’s favorite type of tree? a ‘chop’lar!
  6. why did the butcher go to the museum? he loved ‘ancient’ meats.
  7. why did the butcher become a pilot? he wanted to “sir-loin” the skies!
  8. why did the butcher join the army? he was ready to take on some “meaty” challenges!
  9. an alien walks in a butcher shop and the butcher says”we don’t serve aliens here!” the alien said “that’s fine, is the human fresh?”
  10. did you hear about the butcher that backed into the meat grinder? he got a little behind in his work.
  11. my friend showed me how he keeps his expensive butcher knife sharp. i thought it was pretty cleaver.
  12. how does the butcher stay entertained? he watches “meat-rix” movies!
  13. have you ever seen sausages hanging up in a butchers shop? i havent. i’ve only seen them hanging down.
  14. what did the butcher say to the rude customer? “you’re ‘cut’-ting in line!”
  15. why did the butcher become a gardener? he wanted to grow his own ‘herd’!
  16. what did the butcher say to the vegetable? “lettuce ‘meat’ and make a great salad!”
  17. have you heard about the butcher who risked everything and opened a shop on top of mount everest? the steaks couldn’t be any higher
  18. what do you call a dancing butcher? the “meet” and greet champion!
  19. what do you call a butcher who is also a chef? a ‘grill’ master!
  20. cuts and giggles butcher spoonerisms
  21. why did the butcher become a comedian? he knew how to handle all the “rare” moments in life.
  22. what do you call a butcher convention? a meat and greet
  23. how does the butcher celebrate his birthday? with a “cut”-ting-edge party!
  24. baloney butcher shop point to ponder: is an argument between two
    vegans still called a beef?
  25. how does a butcher introduce his wife? meat patty.
  26. what do you call a butcher who is also a lawyer? a ‘suet’!
  27. why did the vegan break up with the butcher? because she saw him with a tenderloin!
  28. what is a butcher’s favorite elvis presley song? love meat tenders.
  29. why did the butcher join a band? he had the ‘chops’ for it.
  30. q.what is a great name for a butcher?
    a. chuck.

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