55 Button Puns to Press All the Buttons

best funny button puns
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Button Puns are a playful and creative way to incorporate humor into discussions or situations involving buttons. There are various types of button puns, including those related to fashion, technology, everyday objects, and even random scenarios.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of laughter and wit, join us as we explore the list of 55 Best Button Puns and discover the joy they bring to our conversations.

55 Best Button Puns

  1. my calculator is missing the minus button. but on the plus side, …it still works.
  2. quick-click button one-liners
  3. why did the button enroll in a dance class? it wanted to learn some smooth moves and “button-dazzle” on the dance floor.
  4. buttons make the world ‘sew’ much more interesting.
  5. i was in an elevator with my wife when a couple entered with their kids. i went out of my way to ask what floor they were going up to so i could push the button for them. i wanted to prove to my wife that i was serious about raising a family.
  6. sewing buttons may be small, but they play a ‘sew-pportant’ role in our lives.
  7. i don’t know why i’m so afraid of pressing buttons. i just can’t put my finger on it.
  8. buttons: small but mighty in the style game.
  9. what is green and turns red at a push of a button? a frog in a microwave
  10. i just realized that my calculator is missing the minus button. but on the plus side, it still works.
  11. build-a-button online design center
  12. button making questions – ask abm, common crimping issues solvedjul 12, 2022
  13. what is green but turns red when you push the button a frog in a blender
  14. button by button, we conquer fashion.
  15. i accidentally swallowed a button. don’t worry, i’m not going to “push” it.
  16. what’s green and turns red when you push a button? a frog in a blender.
  17. the iphone x removes the home button. meaning you’ll be homeless on several different levels.
  18. the fashion designer fell in love with a shirt, but it didn’t “button” back.
  19. 3″ button making machines
  20. what military branch is an expert on belly buttons? the naval corps.
  21. yo mama is so fat, when she pressed the up button on the elevator it went down.
  22. why did the firefighter carry a red button to work? in case he needed to extinguish any emergency!
  23. buttons: the original touch-sensitive technology.
  24. what’s a button’s favorite type of music? pop!
  25. what kind of a belly button does a german car mechanic have? an audi
  26. what would you call a race of seafaring belly buttons a naval fleet.
  27. the republican primary race should be called “the curious case of benjamin button” it’s way too long, and the protagonists are becoming more juvenile as it goes on.
  28. buttons are all about community. they’re the heart and “sew”-l of any group!
  29. 10 funny facts about button
  30. what did the button say about its promotion? “they saw my potential and gave me a ‘push’ in the right direction!”
  31. the magician’s button trick was legendary – he could make buttons “vanish” into thin air and then “reappear” in unexpected places.
  32. how did the sewing button inspire? it showed that even small things can “sew” big changes.
  33. buttons: the original wearable tech.
  34. do make-a-wish kids get a button that says it’s my last time at disneyland! ?
  35. buttons are good problem solvers. they really know how to “button” things up!
  36. build-a-button 6.0 tutorials
  37. buttons have a secret life motto: “stay connected, but don’t get too attached!”
  38. why did the button start a podcast? it had a lot of “click-worthy” stories to share.
  39. the fashion designer couldn’t “button” his lip when it came to sharing style tips.
  40. buttons: tiny decision-makers.
  41. this button is my unicorn.buttons make the world go round.this button is my sidekick.push this button for adventure.i’m a button lover.this button is my treasure.buttons are my happiness.this button is my star.press this button for a hug.i’m a button explorer.this button is my best friend.
  42. the puzzle enthusiast loved the button-shaped pieces – they were the “missing link” to completing the picture.
  43. why did the button get a ticket? it was caught “speed-clicking” in a no-pressing zone.
  44. it’s been a rough morning. picked up my coffee, handle came off. put on a shirt, button came off. grabbed my tool box, handle came off. i’m afraid to go to the bathroom!
  45. the fashion designer’s fashion show was a “button-popping” success!
  46. i just realized that my calculator is missing the minus button. but on the plus side, it still works.
  47. the fashion designer was a button aficionado – they had an eye for “button-tiful” details.
  48. “just press the damn button!” – con air (1997)“don’t press the button. you don’t know what that does!” – predators (2010)“push the button, max!” – the andromeda strain (1971)“push the button, frank.” – hellboy (2004)
  49. buttons are masters of teamwork. they know how to “button” up a group!
  50. buttons love going to the beach. they can’t resist the “snap” of the waves!
  51. first day as a pilot, i asked my co-pilot; “what are those buttons for?” “to keep your shirt closed.“
  52. i’ll bet the guy who invented the snooze button…never invented anything else.
  53. what’s a button’s favorite sport? “push”-ups!
  54. hold it together, just like a button!
  55. why is the blondes belly button bruised? her bf is blonde too.

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