35 Catfish Puns to Make You Caw with Laughter

best funny catfish puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Catfish puns play on the name of the bottom-dwelling fish by replacing words with “catfish” or making jokes about their habitat and activities.

Many puns focus on catfish taking up hobbies or jobs in funny ways, like becoming artists, librarians, or bankers. There are also puns about how catfish communicate, travel underground through “fin”derground tunnels, or celebrate holidays and birthdays.

35 Best Catfish Puns

  1. how do catfish prefer to travel? they swim by “fin”derground.
  2. why did the pictus catfish become an artist? it loved creating ‘fin-tastic’ masterpieces!
  3. what did the catfish dress up as for halloween? a vampire squid!
  4. what’s the difference between a lawyer​ and a catfish? one’s a bottom-feeding scum-sucker and the other’s a fish.
  5. what did the catfish say to the jellyfish? “you’re electrifying, my friend!”
  6. how do catfish communicate? they drop each other a line.
  7. the pictus catfish likes to ‘scale’ new heights in its tank!
  8. how do catfish keep themselves organized? they use a school planner.
  9. do you have a map? i just got lost in your eyes and ended up in catfish cove.
  10. why don’t fish do online dating? they are afraid they might get hooked, or catfished.
  11. you just been catfished
  12. what is a pervert’s least favorite food? catfish.
  13. kuhli loachneon tetrazebra daniomolly fishcory catfishguppiesgourami
  14. what do you call a catfish that’s an artist? a draw-fish.
  15. my it company got catfished they hired a java developer remotely but when they finally met him in real life, he turned out to be a javascript developer!
  16. why did the catfish get a job at the bank? it was great at handling fin-ances.
  17. brother: “why do we have a mouse-shaped fishing lure?” me: “so you can catch a catfish.”we were using my late dad’s tackle box from the 90’s. only logical explanation is that i was controlled by his spirit.
  18. why did the white catfish refuse to play hide-and-seek? it didn’t want to be mistaken for a ghost fish!
  19. what do catfish use to make calls? shell phones.
  20. why did the catfish become a chef? it loved experimenting with different fish flavors.
  21. why did the catfish go to the library? it wanted to ‘read’fish.
  22. how do catfish like to celebrate their birthdays? with a big splash!
  23. why did the catfish join the choir? it loved to ‘sing’ray.
  24. which catfish one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with catfish? i can suggest the ones about big fish and goldfish.
  25. why did the catfish start a band? to play bass guitar, of course!
  26. what’s a catfish’s favorite sport? water ‘polo’ck.
  27. what did the catfish say to the worm? “it’s a trap!”
  28. my fishing cat catfished me by fishing a cat instead of fish.
  29. why did the white catfish always bring a map on its fishing trips? to find its way back to sea-where!
  30. why did the catfish become an architect? it had a fin for design.
  31. what do you call a catfish with a job? employed.
  32. what did the catfish say to the fisherman? take me to your liter.
  33. why don’t catfish like to play cards? they’re afraid of cheetahs!
  34. what did the catfish say to the gossiping shrimp? “quit carping about others!”
  35. why did the catfish take up painting? it wanted to make a splash in the art world.

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