55 Celery Puns to Get Your Daily Serving of Laughter

best funny celery puns
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Celery puns is a type of funny banter with which the vegetable celery is used as the common object. These pun types often play with different variations of celery-related words like “stalk” or “to celerybrate?”.Celery is a multifaceted vegetable that lends itself to many different types of puns. 

Celery can be used as a punch Therefore, whether it is for your joy in wordplay or to put some fun into the veggie discussion, you can have fun with this 55 Best Celery Puns.

55 Best Celery Puns

  1. what do you call celery leaves covered in solid gold? a: a bunch of money.
  2. what’s a celery’s favorite type of shoes? stalk-ilettos!
  3. what’s a celery’s favorite way to travel? by “stalk”ar jet!
  4. how does a farmer make money? through his celery.
  5. how much do you make selling vegetables? a 5 figure celery.
  6. why was the celery a successful businessman? because he was stalk-smart.
  7. why did the celery part ways with carrot? because she found someone whose stalk-er level could match up perfectly.
  8. what did the lettuce say to the celery?a: quit stalking me!
  9. what did the celery do on the computer? stalk people on social media.
  10. my friend peanut butter called me today said he had great news about his job apparently he is on celery now!
  11. i want to sell christmas decor. i think i’ll celery-th.
  12. what did the bunny ask his boss for? a raise in celery.
  13. what did the celery say to the mushroom? “you’re a fun-guy, let’s stalk together!”
  14. what’s a celery’s favorite genre of music? “stalk” and roll!
  15. you can eat celery raw or cooked, in smoothies, salads, stir-fries, and as a garnish.
  16. what do you call a sad celery? a sob stem!
  17. celery never divulges sensitive information – it understands the value of maintaining discreet stalk-rets.
  18. how did the vegetables ask to be paid more? leetuce have a raisin celery
  19. why don’t you ever argue with a celery? it’ll only give you a stalky answer.
  20. what’s a celery’s favorite board game? stalkopoly!
  21. why did the celery cross the road?to get to the other side!
  22. celery loves giving advice – she makes for an invaluable sounding board!
  23. did you hear about the celery who won an award? it was outstanding in its field!
  24. what’s celery’s guilty pleasure? reading stalk-erazzi magazines!
  25. what is the celery’s superpower? cele-kinesis.
  26. due to covid-19 a grocery store started paying its employees in vegetables it was a weird celery
  27. what’s the difference between celery and snot? a: kids dont eat celery.
  28. how do you make a vegan happy? give them a celery increase
  29. the theory of negative-calorie foods suggests that some foods, like celery, require more energy to digest than they provide. however, the effect is minimal, and celery alone cannot cause weight loss.
  30. the local grocery store decided to copy the big supermarket’s idea to reduce their prices on courgettes, cucumbers, carrots, celery, celeriac, cabbage and cauliflower, and now they’re being fined for breaking piracy laws. it’s because they sale’d the seven cs.
  31. celery always remains calm – its personality can only be described as relaxed.
  32. what happened when the celery got a job at the bakery? it made a lot of dough!
  33. what did one celery stick say to the other? “we make the perfect “stalk” couple!”
  34. why did the celery always bring a camera to the farm? it loved stalk-ing pictures!
  35. why did the gardener decide to abandon his project? because his celery didn’t grow high enough.
  36. i went to the e.r. with celery in my ears and a drumstick up my butt the doctor told me that i needed to start eating right.
  37. my wife said i only eat tasteless white vegetables. well, not neci-celery.
  38. why did the celery break up with the cucumber? it found someone who wouldn’t “stalk” away!
  39. how did the celery react to a scary movie? it had “stalk”-erophobia!
  40. why did the celery go skydiving? it wanted to experience an adrenaline stalk!
  41. celery believes in living life to its fullest and not having regrets!
  42. celery is one of the unsung heroes in snack world – always crunchy when crunch time rolls around!
  43. how did the celery become a champion swimmer? it had excellent “stalk”-ing technique!
  44. celery knows love at first crunch.
  45. how did the celery propose to the carrot? with a celery-n-tine’s day card!
  46. “they don’t make pizza or beer out of celery. and that is all you need to know about celery.” bill murray
  47. you can’t rely on celery because they’re all stalk and no action.
  48. i was recently made redundant from my job at the greengrocers they gave me a months celery, and four leeks in lieu of notice
  49. celebrate → celerybrate: as in “let’s celerybrate!”
  50. why did the celery become a farmer? he wanted to grow his own stalk.
  51. how did the celery find out it had won an award? it received a “stalk”erazzi picture!
  52. how do you make a celery stew? steal its favorite spoon and threaten to break it!
  53. how do you invite celery to a party? send it a “stalk”-ing invitation!
  54. what do you call celery that has been frozen too long in your freezer? frozen.
  55. why did the celery start a podcast? it wanted to share stalk-worthy stories!.

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