50 Chainsaw Puns to Sharpen Your Smile

best funny chainsaw puns
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Chainsaw puns find humor in the lively wordplay possibilities offered by this boisterous power tool. References to its buzzing motor or sawing abilities provide the raw materials for punsters to craft zany rhymes and double entendres.

From the lumbering laughs of “cutting loose” to the piercing puns of a “sharp-witted chainsaw,” chainsaw humor fells frowns with its rip-roaring wordplay sure to split sides.

So fire up your funny bone for a rollicking ride of 50 Best Chainsaw Puns that rip, roar, and cut to the quick!

50 Best Chainsaw Puns

  1. what does a chainsaw say when it’s introduced to a tree? “nice to “cut” you!”
  2. the salesman takes the chainsaw, starts it up to see if there’s a problem, and the man asks in surprise, “what’s that noise?”
  3. how do chainsaws handle breakups? they “saw” it coming!
  4. what’s a chainsaw’s favorite sport? crosscutting!
  5. what is the scientific name for the fear of the chainsaws? common sense.
  6. what’s a chainsaw’s favorite subject in school? woodworking class!
  7. how does a chainsaw keep its blades sharp? it goes to the tooth fairy for regular sharpening!
  8. why did the chainsaw enroll in a self-defense class? it wanted to learn how to saw-guard itself!
  9. what’s the difference between a saxophone and a chainsaw? you can tune a chainsaw.
  10. what do you call a fear of chainsaws? logic.
  11. a man had a chainsaw accident and lost 2 fingers. he lost 20% of his touch. ouch.
  12. what do you call a chainsaw with a sharp wit? a “cut-up”.
  13. stihl-ing smiles with chainsaw-inspired wit
  14. why did the chainsaw go to therapy?
  15. what’s a chainsaw’s favorite sport? lumberjacking, of course!
  16. i will never understand why my neighbors complain about my chainsaw waking them up at 2am. it’s a chainsaw not a chainheard.
  17. you are stuck in a cement room with only a table and a chainsaw, how do you get out? you cut the table in half, because two halves make a hole.
  18. why did the chainsaw become a journalist? it was good at “slicing” through the news.
  19. are you a chainsaw operator? because you’ve got the skills to handle my heart with care.
  20. why did the chainsaw start a band? it wanted to make some saw-ful noise.
  21. what’s a chainsaw’s favorite genre of movies? saw-spense thrillers!
  22. how do chainsaws stay up to date with the latest news? they read “saw times”!
  23. q. how many corpses can you fit in a car trunk?a. only one if you chop them up first with a chainsaw!
  24. why did the tree refuse to play cards with the chainsaw?
  25. why did the chainsaw become a scientist? it wanted to saw-lve complex problems with precision!
  26. stihl’s humor is so sharp, it’s like a chainsaw cutting through the silence!
  27. why don’t chainsaws ever get invited to parties? because they always cut in!
  28. why did the chainsaw become a taxi driver? it loved to “cut” through traffic.
  29. why was the chainsaw always invited to parties? it really knew how to rev things up.
  30. do you have a chainsaw? because you’re making my heart buzz with excitement.
  31. why did the chainsaw take up gardening? it wanted to give trees a little trim.
  32. how does a chainsaw like its coffee? extra saw-gar, please!
  33. why did the chainsaw enroll in music school? because it wanted to fine-tune its cutting edge performance.
  34. what’s a chainsaw’s favorite type of car? “cutlass” supreme.
  35. is your name chainsaw charlie? because you’ve got the power to cut right through me.
  36. how did the chainsaw win the game? it saw the opportunity and seized it!
  37. why did the chainsaw become a geologist? it loved to “cut” through rocks.
  38. why did the chainsaw go to the comedy club? it wanted to see if it could “saw” a few laughs.
  39. how does a chainsaw get ready for the day? it brushes its “teeth”.
  40. what did the chainsaw say when it started to feel tired? “i’m getting saw-ry.”
  41. why did the chainsaw start a social media account? it wanted to gain more followers!
  42. why did the chainsaw start a blog? it wanted to “cut” through the noise.
  43. what’s a chainsaw’s favorite game? saw-charades!
  44. why did the chainsaw apply for a job? it wanted to make a lot of sawbucks!
  45. how do chainsaws like to travel? they prefer “saw-cations” in the forest.
  46. why did the chainsaw start a rock band? it wanted to be a “saw-lo” artist!
  47. why did the chainsaw bring a ladder? to take its career to the next level.
  48. what’s a chainsaw’s favorite song? “i want to saw you happy” by pharrell williams.
  49. what did the chainsaw say when it won the marathon? “i saw the finish line and cut through it!”
  50. i bought a chainsaw 10 years ago it stihl works.

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