115 Cherry Puns to Add a Dash of Delight to Your Day

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Cherry puns are fruit-based wordplay that utilizes the various meanings of the word “cherry” to form humorous phrases and jokes.

Common themes among cherry puns involve word substitutions that swap out syllables containing “cherry” for other words, like “bury” becoming “cherry” for puns about conflict resolution.

Puns also look at the cherry fruit itself, with jokes about cherries being smart, talented, or enjoying certain activities. Broader fruit themes extend the wordplay, allowing puns about talents, games, social media, and more to be “cherry-fied.”

115 Best Cherry Puns

  1. what do fruits look for at a talent show?– a berry that can really cherry a tune.
  2. they took a cherry (ferry) ride to cross the lake.
  3. what did the cherry say during meditation?a: “i’m in a cherry peaceful state.”
  4. why did the cherry go to the bank?a: to check its cherry-savings!
  5. “why did the cherry stop in the middle of the road? because it ran out of juice!”
  6. the two decided to cherry (bury) the hatchet.
  7. why did the cherry get cold? because it left its coat in the juice box!
  8. what’s a cherry’s favorite game?“pitfall!”
  9. what’s a cherry’s favorite social media platform? snapcherry!
  10. thank you cherry much.
  11. i donated money to cherry-ty.
  12. why shouldn’t you be too inquisitive with a cherry? ask no questions tell no pies.
  13. cherry-pick your partners wisely for a tantalizingly fruitful experience!
  14. she misses her puppy so cherry-bly.
  15. why did the cherry go to the dance party? it wanted to be the cherry on top of the groovy moves.
  16. you’re the cherry to my sundae, the icing on my cake!
  17. let’s cherry-ish every moment we have!
  18. what did the fruit bowl say when it saw santa claus come down the chimney? we wish you a cherry christmas!
  19. why did the cherry stop in the middle of the road?a: it ran out of cherry-gy!
  20. went shopping for a cherry and a microphone… bought a bing,bought a boom..
  21. it was a myst-cherry.
  22. i’m going to the gro-cherry store.
  23. i’m just a girl standing in front of a cherry tree, asking for a snack.
  24. “just a bunch of cherry-ful moments.”
  25. you’re cherry-ffic.
  26. purchased a cherry and a microphone bought a bing, bought a boom
  27. i’m cherry glad to see you.
  28. why did the cherry go to the good drinks factory? it was cordially invited.
  29. he had great cherry-sma.
  30. if you don’t work on your skills, they may de-cherry-orate.
  31. cherryosity encourages learning.
  32. how does a cherry show gratitude?a: “cherry much thanks!”
  33. 17 cherries are actually great at a lot of different sports. their favorite one, in case you were wondering, is archerry.
  34. why is cherry pie so legendary? because it is history in the baking.
  35. you have give a cherry-fic performance of your life.
  36. what do you call a cherry that is hard as nails? tough as old fruits.
  37. i’m feeling is short, but cherry is forever.cherries are my jam!
  38. when i was a kid people used to cover me in chocolate and cream, and put a cherry on my head. yeah, life was tough in the gateau.
  39. what do cherries write in love letters? a: i miss you cherry-bly.
  40. what do you get when you cross a snowman and a cherry? frosty fruit!
  41. i’m not cherry-able, i’m cherry-tastic!
  42. why did the cherry become a comedian? it had a natural talent for cherry-king people laugh.
  43. why did the cherry always get good grades?a: it was cherry-smart!
  44. what happens to a cherry tree when it grows up? it blossoms.
  45. there’s no need to cherry your feelings, i know you love me really.
  46. the cherry-iff i met yesterday was quite rude and unfriendly!
  47. for-cherry is not allowed in writing.
  48. i look for singers that can really cherry (carry) a tune.
  49. “when life gives you cherries, make a cherry-licious feast!”
  50. what do cherries say during the festive season?a: merry cherry christmas!
  51. what do you call a cherry that loves to read? a book-cherry.
  52. how do you organize a party in a fruit bowl? you “cherry” pick who to invite.
  53. everyone’s buying lo-cherry tickets.
  54. what does a mommy cherry say to her children? “i love you cherry much.”
  55. release your inhibitions and let your cherry-infused imagination run wild!
  56. keep calm and cherry on!
  57. what’s a cherry’s favorite game show? wheel of for-cherry-ne.
  58. i’m just here to spread some cherry-tude!
  59. what saturday morning cartoon do fruits watch? tom and cherry.
  60. why did the cherry love movies so much?a: it was a cherry-nophile!
  61. what’s a cherry’s favorite winter activity? making snow-cherry-cicles.
  62. did you hear about the cherry that liked to explode? it was da’ bomb.
  63. you’re a cherry person.
  64. when you cross a cherry with citrus, you get a tan-cherry-ne.
  65. 8 have you ever heard the marriage vows between two fruits? they promise to love, honor and cherryish each other.
  66. “what do you call a cherry that shares too much? an over-sharer-y!”
  67. a library comprises the books only on cherries is called lib-cherry.
  68. can’t cherry what you see?
  69. “savoring the sweetness of life, one cherry at a time.”
  70. what do you call a cherry with a great sense of humor? a comedberry!
  71. why did the cherry turn into a baker?a: it loved making cherry-licious pies!
  72. what did the cherry say to the cherry pie? “i really crust you.”
  73. “i’m not a regular fruit; i’m a cool fruit. ”
  74. is it bad to swallow a cherry whole?– no don’t worry, it’s just one of the pitfalls of life.
  75. dad sent me this picture and said “found your new car, man! it’s a cherry!”
  76. he had great cherrysma.
  77. will you cherry me?
  78. what did the cherry say when it won the lottery?a: “i’m cherry-rich now!”
  79. my friend mashed up some cherries on halloween and said they were blood. i was cherry-fied!
  80. what did the mom cherry say to her daughter?“you’re the apple… err, cherry of my eye!”
  81. “cherry on top, always!”
  82. how do two cherries make up after an argument?– they cherry the hatchet.
  83. that’s the cherry sat on.
  84. why did the cherry’s phone go to voicemail? it was already cherried away.cherries are the sweetest fruit, just like you!
  85. in jamaica apple pie costs $2 a slice while in the bahamas a slice of cherry pie costs $3. these are the pie rates of the caribbean.
  86. what’s a cherry’s favorite type of movie? romantic cherrymance.
  87. what do you call a cherry that is hard as nails? tough as old fruits.
  88. “why was the cherry so happy? because life was just a bowl of cherries!”
  89. eat, drink, and be cherry!
  90. what do two cherries say when they get married? a: i promise to cherry-ish you forever.
  91. “finding my daily dose of vitamin c in these cherrylicious bites!”
  92. why did the cherry start a band? it wanted to create cherry-sical harmony.
  93. what did the cherry say to the lemon? “i’m so proud of your lemon-credible zest!”
  94. swallowing a cherry stone is not the end of the world. it’s just one of life’s little pitfalls.
  95. a lot of american cherries in high school end up on the cherryleading squad.
  96. what did the cherry say at the art gallery?a: “this is cherry-inspiring!”
  97. how did the cherry propose to the strawberry? it got down on one knee-dle.
  98. what’s a cherry’s favorite subject at school? his”tart”y, of course!
  99. what did the cherry wear to the party?a: a cherry-suit!
  100. they were laughing hys-cherry-cally.
  101. “why was the cherry always early? it didn’t want to be a late cherry!”
  102. what do you call a cherry that loves to travel? an adventur-cherries.
  103. what’s a cherry’s favorite subject in school? his-tree!
  104. why was the cherry good at chess?a: it was always thinking several pips ahead!
  105. the best things in life are’re cherry amazing.i’m feeling is short, but cherry is forever.cherries are my jam!
  106. it’s cherry season, time to indulge in nature’s candy!
  107. make every day a cherry on top kind of day!
  108. the two decided to cherry (bury) the hatchet.
  109. how do you hide an elephant in a cherry tree? paint its toenails red.
  110. what do you do when you try to bake a cherry pie for the first time and it doesn’t turn out so well? just wait for the second bite of the cherry.
  111. what do you call a tiny cherry?a: a little pit-iful.
  112. what do fruits look for at a talent show? a berry that can really cherry a tune.
  113. why shouldn’t you be too inquisitive with a cherry? ask no questions tell no pies.
  114. the cherry felt it in its pit.
  115. what do you call a cherry that can sing? a cherry-o-key!

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