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55 Chin Puns Can Turn Your Day Around!

best funny chin puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Chin puns play on the multiple meanings of words associated with the chin, such as taking things “on the chin,” having a “stiff chin,” or being “under the chin.”

Chin puns themes involve activities the chin might do, like “bringing your chin to the potluck.” Descriptions of chin size or appearance are also popular, with jokes about double or multiple chins. Plays on words that sound similar when said aloud are widely used as well, like “Chin up” or “Chin music.”

While not for everyone, these 55 Best Chin Puns can bring a smile by creatively twisting our concept of this facial feature.

55 Best Chin Puns

  1. did you hear about the paleontology intern who broke a dinosaur’s chin?it was a jaw dropping discovery.
  2. i told her to keep her chins up”
  3. i met a girl who said she liked imagine dragons. i asked her if she could imagine dragon these nuts across her chin.
  4. my cousin looks like he has no chin we were making fun of my cousin because it looks like he doesn’t have a chin, it blends with his neck. his dad has the same thing.i told him “i guess you have your dad’s chinetics” and my cousin asked me to see myself out the door.
  5. 3 weeks post op. swelling mostly gone down except double chin and cheeks. have lost 18kg in weight. still have complete numbness on left side of both lips and left side of chin. and numbness on gums. how long does this usually last?
  6. yo mama is so fat, her first and last chins have different area codes.
  7. what game are chins’ favorite to play? jaw-pardy!
  8. i have a big chin! thus you are inferior.
  9. i occasionally read tarot cards, with decent accuracy. because of my weight and ability many call me a fat psychic. i prefer the term “four-chin teller“.
  10. what did chin tell his children at bedtime? “let’s face it; it’s time for sleep!”
  11. why wasn’t my chin ever sunburnt? simply because it remained under the shade of my beard!
  12. the error message on fat bastards screen when his computer crashed chin-tax error
  13. why can’t you make a phone call in china? there’s so many wings and wong’s, you might wing the wong number.
  14. chin? i thought you had an orange in your throat. but, seriously, you ain’t got a chin.
  15. did you hear about the obese millionaire? he has a four chin.
  16. why did the chin begin writing poetry? in order to use his i-chin-ometer.
  17. what do you call an animal that makes your chin really really cold? a chinchilla
  18. what do you call a greedy asian? chin ching.
  19. big bad wolf by ted chin
  20. what do you call an animal that makes your chin really really cold? a chinchilla
  21. what role did the chin have in writing a thriller? it provided readers with an unbearable cliffhanger!
  22. my girl nikki was seemingly fine this morning before we left from my parents place. it was a 5 hour drive and when i put her in their cage when we got back she had this massive growth on jer neck. shes always had a double chin but now its hard and round under the skin. has anyone experienced this?
  23. did you hear about the new fat marvel superhero?he is from multi-chiniverse!
  24. i asked my chinese friend what it’s like to live in china he says he can’t complain
  25. chin up pal, there are worse looking people out there.
  26. what do muslim men do while foreplay? tickle the goat under it’s chin.
  27. the compilation of the most overweight individuals in the world is called the four-chin 500 list.
  28. what did the chin bring to the potluck? a jaw-tastic dip.
  29. i found myself bereft at the chaos that run through the winding streets of china town. the horror the wonton destruction.
  30. “what do you call an animal that makes your chin really really cold?
  31. why can chins never seem to disappear? because they always follow in an upward-stride!
  32. what do you call a fat psychic? a 4-chin-teller
  33. what is the flower that is located between your nose and chin? two lips
  34. chuck norris once kicked a horse in the chin and giraffes were born
  35. hello guys, am looking for pyro with big willne chin angle looking down, it would be great for my chin collection. thank.
  36. why can chins remember so well? that is because their memories are jaw-teeming!
  37. y’all know that gif of the lizard with the double chin going “hehehehehehehe”?? that’s what i looked like when i read this. if anyone deserves to go bald it’s him
  38. what do you call a pudgy psychic? a four-chin teller.
  39. could anyone please help photoshop my double chin? covid was not good to me!!! ( i am the one without a beard)
  40. why do chins always win staring contests? because they’re always confronting it head on!
  41. why was the chin adept at negotiation? because of its expertise in jaw-gling!
  42. where do fat people go when they want to see into the future? a four chin teller
  43. what do you call nuts on the wall? -walnuts. what do you call nuts on your chest? – chestnuts. what do you call nuts on your chin?… ? ? .. nothing because you’ve got a mouth full of dick. lool my uncle told me this yesterday it is an absolute cracker 😉
  44. i pointed out to a friend at a party that she had something on her face… she said, “it’s probably just a little yogurt.” she wiped her chin with her sleeve and looked at it. “wait, come to think of it…”
  45. jimmy comes home and tells his dad the other kids at school are bullying him for having a double chin… dad: don’t worry jimmy, just walk ignore them and hold your chin upjimmy: which one?
  46. what do you call a fat psychic? a four chin teller.
  47. what have the triple and double chins decided upon for themselves? more cushion for pushing!
  48. why did his chin carry such pride? it never accepted what happened without protest.
  49. you got more chins then a chinese phone book”
  50. what do you call flowers that grow between your lips and your chin?
  51. either this penguin has a double chin or they have a mouth as well as a beak
  52. why did chin venture into politics? he wanted to face off against allies against him in this war on terror.
  53. husband: i don’t like three things about you. wife: what things? husband: your chin.
  54. when life gets tough, i think about my parents… i take it on the chin like my mum, and just move on like my dad.
  55. carrot is a face with big nose and chin dimple. reminds me of bert from sesame street.

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