35 Chipmunk Puns to Brighten Your Day

Chipmunk puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

chipmunks are some of nature’s cutest critters. But while their chubby cheeks and stash of acorns are adorable, it’s their potential for chipmunk puns that really makes me chuckle.

chipmunks, with their hyper activity and nut-hoarding ways, provide the perfect nuts and bolts for crafting corny puns.

35 Best Chipmunk Puns

  1. what did the chipmunk say to the squirrel? “let’s go nuts together!”
  2. why did the chipmunk climb the clock tower? i heard time flies when you’re having nutty fun!
  3. how does a chipmunk communicate with other forest animals? through squirrel-phones!
  4. what is a chipmunks favorite number? tree.
  5. how do you invite a chipmunk to a party? you send out acorn-ments!
  6. what do you call a chipmunk who can play the piano? a chipmunk maestro!
  7. why did the chipmunk cross the road again?
  8. how do you differentiate between a chipmunk and a rabbit? check their tails – chipmunks have bushy ones!
  9. what do you call a chipmunk that gets caught stealing?
  10. what do you get when you cross a chipmunk with a skunk? nuts that stink to high heaven!
  11. what did the chipmunk say when it was too cold outside?
  12. what did the chipmunk say when it discovered a hidden treasure? “acorny surprise!
  13. what did one chipmunk say to another on valentine’s day? “you drive me nuts, valentine!”
  14. why does the mother chipmunk never tells her babies a bedtime story?a: she doesn’t have a tale!
  15. what do you call a chipmunk with a lisp?
  16. why couldn’t the chipmunk eat the macadamia nut? it was one tough nut to crack.
  17. what’s a chipmunk’s favorite rock band? the rolling acorns!
  18. “what did one chipmunk say to another?
  19. what’s a chipmunk’s favorite type of music?
  20. what did one chipmunk say to the other during a race? “i’m acorn-fused!”
  21. in a nutshell, chipmunks are the best.
  22. cardi b sounds like alvin and the chipmunks after a few drinks
  23. why did the chipmunk always carry a pencil and paper? it loved taking notes on its nutty adventures!
  24. the chipmunk chef’s special? squirrel-sagna with extra nuts!
  25. why did the chipmunk bring a ladder to the movie theater? i heard the best seats were on the treetop balcony!
  26. why did the chipmunk challenge the deer to a race? because he wanted to prove that chipmunks are the fastest rodents in the forest!
  27. for chipmunks, it’s always crunch time.
  28. what did the chipmunk say when he was happy?
  29. why did the chipmunk cross the road? a: to prove to the possum that it could be done!
  30. what did the chipmunk say when he won a marathon? “i’m on top of the wood!”
  31. what do you call a monkey that sells potato chips? a: a chipmunk.
  32. what’s a chipmunk’s favorite movie genre? action and adventure, especially if it involves climbing trees!
  33. once in a magical forest, there was a chipmunk who could speak seven languages. his favorite phrase was “i’m nuts about you!”
  34. chipmunks are a popular subject of humor for several reasons.
  35. brace yourself for some lightning-quick chipmunk wit! these one-liners are short, snappy, and nutty!

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