35 Chips Puns That Will Leave You Snaaaaaaack Attack!

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Chips puns take everyday snack foods like potato chips, tortilla chips, and fish and chips and give them a comedic twist through clever wordplay. Whether it’s chip-related jokes about delivery, relationships, parties, health, or keeping cars clean, chips puns leverage the crunchy snack’s name and associations to elicit a chuckle.

Playing on phrases like “chip off the shoulder,” “chip away,” and “chip in” as well as the various types of chips like potato chips and tortilla chips, these 35 Best Chips Puns deliver a lighthearted laugh through rib-tickling rhymes and relatable food references.

35 Best Chips Puns

  1. last night my wife says “honey will you go get us some tortilla chips and cheese?” i looked deep into her eyes and said”i’m nacho delivery service. “
  2. if chips are wrong, i don’t want to be right!
  3. why do chips make terrible secret keepers?a: “they always crack under the pressure!”
  4. how do potato chips throw a surprise party? they shout, “chip-chip-hooray!”
  5. i’m not mad, just a little salty…like these chips!why did the chip go to the doctor? it had a chip on its shoulder – literally!this snack is nacho average snack, it’s amazing!
  6. how do potato chips stay connected? through “potato-chips”!
  7. chips are my kryptonite.
  8. “i’ll have a bag of salt and vinegar chips, please,” said tom sourly.
  9. i was hungry so i ate all my chips. everyone else at the poker game was not impressed.
  10. 101.  certified healthy and made from the finest potatoes, our chips are the best choice for a guilt-free indulgence.
  11. the chips met salsa and it was love at first bite.
  12. did you hear about the fight at the fish and chip shop? five fish got battered and a bunch of chips were a-salted.
  13. “warning: these chips are highly addictive. snack responsibly!”
  14. “in a relationship with chips: we’re a ‘snack-mance’ made in heaven!”
  15. even in the rainforest, you’ll hear the parrots squawk, “polly wants some chips!”
  16. how do chips keep their cars clean? they take them to the “chip”-wash!
  17. what do ducks love with their tortilla chips? quackamole
  18. what has 22 legs and goes crunch crunch crunch? a soccer team eating potato chips.
  19. i’m in a crunch for time, so i’ll have to potato chip away at this task.2. let’s go the extra dip and make these potato chips extra crispy.3. i can’t wait to sna
  20. how do chips stay calm?a: “they take salsa breaks!”
  21. “chips: the ‘crunch’-worthy fuel that powers my snacking adventures!”
  22. how do tortilla chips greet each other? with a “crunch” and a smile!
  23. what do nuclear engineers in britain eat?a: “atomic chips.”
  24. how do potato chips propose to each other? “let’s get marri-chip!”
  25. my life is just a series of moments between opening new bags of chips.
  26. chips are the perfect accompaniment to any diet—said no doctor ever!
  27. why do tortilla chips make great comedians? they always have a “crisp” delivery!
  28. my local ski resort was ripped off last week for around $900. the robber stole a burger, two beers, and some chips.
  29. what do you call a monkey that loves chips? a chipmunk.
  30. if someone ever made potato chips laced with thc, they could call them blayz
  31. our baked chips are baked perfectly, just for you.
  32. try our sweet potato chips for a unique and delicious twist.
  33. how do chips celebrate birthdays? with a chip-and-dip party, of course!
  34. life is full of chips and dips, embrace both!
  35. how do potato chips communicate with each other? with “potato-chips”!.

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