50 Cilantro Puns for Herb Enthusiasts

best funny cilantro puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Whether you love it or hate it, cilantro is a polarizing herb that lends itself well to wordplay and humor.

As an ingredient that people have very strong opinions about, cilantro is ripe for puns and one-liners that poke fun at those who enjoy its distinctive flavor as well as those who find it soapy or disgusting.

50 Best Cilantro Puns

  1. let’s cibo about how cilantro makes salsa more vibrant!
  2. spike up your day with cilantro humor!
  3. what do you call someone who gives away free herbs? a cilantro-pist
  4. i am taking my chances with cilantro.
  5. i want to create the flavor of cilantro without its smell and taste.
  6. since my friends enjoy it so much, i decided to give cilantro a try myself.
  7. i am cilantrophobic. to put it mildly. i can’t stand this herb!
  8. there is a spice that agrees with people. it’s called cilantro.
  9. my sense of humor is distinct in flavor; cilantro-scented in its spice.
  10. i hate soap it tastes like cilantro.
  11. cilantro: the star of the herb world!
  12. not everybody may embrace cilantro, but at least you can make them laugh!
  13. maintain your composure and bring on the cilantro!
  14. my friends find cilantro to taste more coriander-y than what it truly is.
  15. cilantro: an amusing green leaf!
  16. cilantro: the ultimate green leaf comedian!
  17. a little cilantro goes a long way!
  18. i plan on banishing cilantro from my life.
  19. i am giving cilantro another try and will post my experience here.
  20. “cilantro silliness fresh and flavorful one-liners”
  21. parsley has always been one of my go-to flavors when it comes to flavorful herbs such as cilantro.
  22. i’m giving cilantro another try and making an attempt at giving its benefits a chance.
  23. cilantro: the herb that brings zesty spice into your tastebuds!
  24. i use lots of cilantro.
  25. i’ve decided to give cilantro another chance.
  26. cilantro lovers know how to have fun! and in their sense of humor!
  27. i am planting chives to give cilantro another chance at being harvested as food.
  28. add laughter and delight to family time with cilantro-induced laughs!
  29. avoid cilantro at all costs!
  30. i want to give cilantro a try but am uncertain of my reactions.
  31. cilantro can change herb-haters into laugh lovers!
  32. be distinctively cilantro in an environment saturated by parsley.
  33. cilantro craziness spoonerisms that will leave you in a lather
  34. i can’t understand why so many people enjoy cilantro.
  35. why did the cilantro attend the party? after learning that its aromatic properties made for excellent seasonings!
  36. cilantro was the star of this party.
  37. coriander (cilantro) haters club and their 50 funniest memes
  38. basil, cilantro, dill, mint, oregano, thyme, and parsley. they’re some of the top herbs you may have in your kitchen.
  39. cilantro: the herb of the people.
  40. i absolutely hate cilantro.
  41. make words more fun through wordplay with cilantro! revel in its wordplay today!
  42. my way is the cilantrono way.
  43. i am enjoying cilantro but am uncertain whether i truly love it.
  44. my attempt at garnering favor with my friends by trying cilantro will hopefully win their appreciation and support.
  45. life’s too short for mundane humor – add some zest with cilantro!
  46. cilantro wordplay is my secret herb-gredient!
  47. my enthusiasm for cilantro continues to expand.
  48. i wasn’t initially attracted to cilantro, but its aroma has grown on me over time.
  49. i decided to experiment with cilantro by garlicing.
  50. i should like cilantro more, but unfortunately that just isn’t my case.

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