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Citrus puns are jokes or wordplay that make humorous references to citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. Many citrus puns play on the various citrus fruit names, turning them into verbs, adjectives, or other parts of speech.

Citrus puns aim to elicit a chuckle by creatively using the names of citrus fruits in wordplay and double meanings. They emphasize qualities like sunshine, zest, and acidity to draw an amusing link between the literal fruit and another context.

These 65 Best Citrus Puns add a tangy twist to language through their fruity word manipulation.

65 Best Citrus Puns

  1. what’s an orange’s favorite superhero? “captain citrus,” fighting for vitamin c justice!
  2. what do you call a citrus fruit when it has been crossed with a cat? a felime
  3. i predict a surge in the popularity of small citrus fruit later in the year. kumquat may.
  4. what did the avocado say to the orange after the orange told him to citrus ass down? you aren’t my mom, you don’t know me until you guacamile in my shoes!
  5. what do you call an orange that got an award? a citrus!
  6. my friend told me that being a citrus farmer is easy as pie. i said, “so you’re saying it’s a piece of lime?”
  7. how do oranges stay in touch with each other?a: through their “citrus” network!
  8. ask: what do you call a lemon’s martial art move? reply: the “citrus kick”!
  9. my friend traded an old jalopy for a citrus fruit… it was a lemon.
  10. “citrus lovers unite! we’re in peeling.”
  11. there was a sale on citrus fruit at the grocery store… it’s for a lime-eted time only!
  12. “i’m feeling citrus-ified today, ready to squeeze out some fun!”
  13. what do citrus fruits use to get dates? pickup limes.
  14. many compounds in citrus fruits can benefit heart health by improving cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure.
  15. why did the orange go to the library? it wanted to find some “citrus literature”.
  16. what do you call a citrus fruit that can play the guitar? a lemon jammer!
  17. you make my heart skip a beet – a citrusy twist to love!
  18. how do oranges communicate? they use “citrus-speak”.
  19. ask: how did the orange respond to a compliment? reply: “aw, you are making me blush, and i am not even a citrus blush!”
  20. citrus trees prefer slightly acidic soil, so consider testing the ph of your planting site and amending accordingly.
  21. “sip on some sunshine with citrus delights!”
  22. you can find all kinds of citrus fruits year round. the peak season for oranges and grapefruits in the northern hemisphere is between mid-december and april.
  23. “feeling zestfully citrus-ated today!”
  24. here are some popular varieties of citrus fruits:
  25. i got a new job at a citrus factory, but i got fired. i guess i just couldn’t concentrate.
  26. how did the citrus fruit do on the golf course? he hit an orange slice!
  27. “embracing the citrusy side of life, one post at a time.”
  28. a lot of chinese people enjoy discussing their love of citrus. they particular like to talk all things mandarin.
  29. “squeeze the day with some citrusy goodness!”
  30. i’m not citrus-rious, i’m just having a zest for life!
  31. if i had to smell like two things for the rest of my life, i’d pick lavender and citrus. but that’s just my two scents.
  32. did you hear about the citrus embezzling scandal? they were liming their pockets.
  33. what citrus drink do the beatles like? lennonade
  34. i heard the citrus farmer was trying to break the lemon ceiling.
  35. “squeeze the day and make it citrus-ful!”
  36. what do you call assistants that help citrus fruit? lemonade.
  37. i’ve been sitting quietly under citrus trees all day, and i must say… i feel sublime.
  38. i once knew a rapper who used cannabis infused citrus as chewing tobacco he spat some dope limes
  39. “sun-kissed and citrus-infused, that’s my kind of day!”
  40. if an orange was a knight, it would be sir citrus-a-lot.
  41. “orange you glad it’s citrus season?”
  42. while citrus fruits are generally healthy, they can have some drawbacks. their acid can erode tooth enamel and grapefruit can interact with some medications.
  43. oranges are citrus royalty; they always reign supreme.
  44. are you a citrus farmer? because you’ve got all the right qualities to steal my heart!
  45. what’s the difference between mandarin and chinese? only one of them tastes like a citrus.
  46. how many citrus fruits does it take to kill a pirate? none.
  47. orange you glad we can share a laugh with these citrus one-liners?
  48. the national news did a story on my friend’s bumper crop of green citrus fruits… he loves being in the limelight.
  49. data related to citrus × limon at wikispecies
  50. what do you call a group of musical oranges? a “citrus symphony”.
  51. i’ve recently started writing an ebook about the history of citrus fruits. it’s nowhere near finished, but the first chapter’s on lime.
  52. citrus fruits will not ripen off the tree, so refrain from picking them too early.
  53. while orange and grapefruit juices contain lots of vitamin c and other nutrients often found in whole citrus fruits, they’re not quite as healthy.
  54. why did the orange start a band?a: because it wanted to play “acitrus-tic” music!
  55. how do you make an orange float? just add some “citrus-soda”.
  56. why did the orange become a pilot? it wanted to soar through the “citrus-sphere”.
  57. what’s an orange’s favorite ice cream flavor? “citrus swirl”.
  58. citrus fruits grow on flowering trees and shrubs. they are characterized by a leathery rind and white pith that encases juicy segments.
  59. how did the citrus fruit do on the golf course? he hit an orange slice!
  60. what happens when citrus fruits work overtime? they get lime and a half…
  61. citrus kisses and tangy wishes!
  62. i’ve recently started writing an ebook about the history of citrus fruits. it’s nowhere near finished, but the first chapter’s on lime.
  63. how do you make a fruit salad with citrus fruits? you peel good about it!
  64. the grapefruit was tired of being alone, so it finally found a whole slot of other citrus fruits.
  65. what do you call an orange that’s lost its way? a “disoriented” citrus.

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