95 Coconut Puns That Make You Laugh Hard

best funny coconut puns
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Coconut puns also come in many forms and normally make use of several words that refer to coconuts. Some of these common themes are jokes about breaking the husks, the outer shell hardness, the soft inside, and coconut as associated with exotic beaches.

Coconut Pun also explores the uses of coconut which range from coconut milk and coconut oil through wordplay in “funny” stories like “The nutty side of Coconut.” From the point of view of creativity one can compare a coconut to problem-solving brain.

So Pull up a palm tree and enjoy 95 Best Puns of Coconut Comedy coming your way!

95 Best Coconut Puns

  1. why did the coconut go to the comedy club? it wanted to crack everyone up!
  2. coconuts are so resourceful, they’re like the “macgyver” of the fruit world!
  3. why did the coconut join a band? it had great “rhythm”-nuts!
  4. coconuts are always “hanging loose” at the beach!
  5. when two coconuts crash into each other, you get a piña collide-a.
  6. the coconut was sad because it felt empty inside.
  7. the coconut tried to join the circus but got canned. it was too “coco-loco.”
  8. what do you call a coconut that’s great at solving puzzles? a “brain“-ut! it cracks the code every time.
  9. why did the coconut go to the dentist? it wanted to fix its “nut-cavity”!
  10. coconuts are great friends because they’re always willing to “shell” out some advice.
  11. how do you make a coconut laugh? you tickle its funny “meat! it’s a guaranteed way to crack it up.
  12. what do you call a coconut that’s always late? a cocon tard.
  13. i asked the coconut if it wanted to go to the gym. it said, “nah, i’m already shredded!”
  14. how do you make a coconut float in water? you use a “buoy”-nut!
  15. what do you call a coconut that’s always painting? an artistic coconut!
  16. why did the coconut start a blog? it wanted to share its “nut”ty adventures!
  17. why was the coconut staring at the can of whipped cream? it couldn’t believe its “eyes”!
  18. why did the coconut bring a parachute? it wanted to be a “free”-fall nut!
  19. “the only time i feel at ease is swinging up and down in a coconut tree.” — the kinks, “apeman”
  20. how does the author describe the taste of coconut?a: “a paradisiacal taste.”
  21. what is brown, hairy and wears sunglasses? a coconut on a summer holiday.
  22. osama bin laden took a ancestry test and found out he was 78% middle eastern 8% chololate and 14% coconut it was due to the bounty on his head
  23. why was the coconut so rude? it had no manners.
  24. i heard a little boy asking his mom where coconut milk comes from while i was in the grocery store today. without skipping a beat, the kid’s mom said “from cow-conuts son.”
  25. why did the coconut refuse to swim in the ocean? it didn’t want to be a “beach bum”!
  26. what did the hurricane say to the coconut tree? hold on to your nuts, this is no ordinary blow job!
  27. “why did the coconut bring a ladder to the beach? it wanted to reach new heights!”
  28. coconut oil: the multi-purpose miracle in a jar.
  29. what’s the author’s humorous take on preparing kale in coconut oil?a: it makes it easier to discard.
  30. why did the coconut go to therapy? it had shell-f-esteem issues.
  31. how does a coconut get around? it uses a “nut”omobile!
  32. “you had me at coconut.”
  33. a coconut that calls out the smallest details is a coco-nitpicker.
  34. what did the coconut say when it won an award? “i’m just a shell of greatness!”
  35. why did the coconut go to the beach? it wanted to get a tan-line!
  36. coconuts are so versatile, they can go from “nutty” to “milk-shake” in no time!
  37. where can extraterrestrial coconuts obtain a beverage (again)?a: at the “milky way” location.
  38. why did the coconut cross the road? to get to the other side… and then back, because it’s a coconut.
  39. what do you call a coconut that’s always getting into trouble? a cheeky coconut!
  40. “why was the coconut always late? it ran on island time!”
  41. why did the coconut take up yoga? to find its inner “tree-nut.”
  42. “why are coconuts so good at meditation? they always keep their inner peace!”
  43. i asked the coconut if it wanted to go out, but it said it was already “cracked” for someone.
  44. why was the sick coconut not allowed into the restaurant? because it was full of coco-snot.
  45. what do you call a coconut that’s in love? a “coco-nutcase”!
  46. i’m like a coconut. i’m tough to crack, but super sweet on the inside.
  47. i tried to teach the coconut a new dance, but it said it was already “coco-nutty” about its moves!
  48. why do coconuts lack currency (again)?a: because people abuse them.
  49. what do you call a coconut that’s been in the water too long? a soggy nut.
  50. what might the coconut next to you say in a humorous scenario (again)?a: “a talking coconut, my god!”
  51. what does the author suggest about coconuts making life better?a: coconuts make life better.
  52. why did the coconut get a new car? it wanted to drive around in style.
  53. was looking for some coconut milk, wasn’t disappointed
  54. how do coconuts greet each other? they say, “shell-o!”
  55. “coco-nutty adventures await! let’s crack this day open!
  56. coconuts are great listeners because they have “shell”-f awareness.
  57. what do you call a coconut that meditates? a serene-nut!
  58. coconuts: nature’s way of saying, “it’s okay to go nuts!”
  59. how do you know when a coconut is ready to eat? it’s “falling” for you!
  60. why did the coconut go to therapy? it was feeling a little “coco-nuts”!
  61. how does the author propose easing concerns?a: drink a coconut.
  62. why did the coconut go to school? to get a little “nut”rition!
  63. coconuts are nature’s way of saying, “here’s a surprise package filled with deliciousness and hydration!”
  64. what does the author humorously suggest about coconuts being their soul mate?a: “coconuts might be my soul mate.”
  65. why did the coconut get a pet dog? it wanted a little hound.
  66. how do you unlock a coconut? you use a coco-nutcracker!
  67. why did the coconut become an artist? it wanted to paint a picture-perfect coconutty life!
  68. why do coconuts lack currency?a: because people abuse them.
  69. “sip, sip, hooray for coconut drinks!”
  70. the coconut was feeling a bit shy, so it decided to come out of its “shell” slowly.
  71. how do coconuts party? they go coco-nutty!
  72. what do you call a coconut that can’t swim? a drifty nut!
  73. why don’t coconuts ever go to school? because they’re already well-schooled in the three r’s: reading, ‘riting, and re-coconut-struction!
  74. how do you make a coconut watermelon? plant a coconut and wait for it to “grow”!
  75. “why was the coconut afraid of the ocean? it didn’t want to get watered down.”
  76. why was the coconut so angry after the race? it was totally coco-nuts!
  77. what’s a coconut’s favorite book? “the chronicles of narnia: the voyage of the dawn treader.”
  78. what’s a coconut’s favorite tv show? “game of coconuts”!
  79. what did the coconut say to the lime? “you’re the zest!”
  80. i can’t help but smile when i see a coconut. they’re the “crack”-ups of the fruit world.
  81. why did the coconut bring a map to the party? it didn’t want to get “nut” of place!
  82. how do you make a coconut smile? you say something “nut”ty to it!
  83. “living that coconut kinda life.”
  84. what do you call a coconut that’s in a hurry? a “fast” nut!
  85. what combination does the author mention with enthusiasm?a: palm palms and cold coconuts.
  86. when the ballet came to town, everyone attended except the coconuts. they were terrified of the nutcracker.
  87. a coconut tree in a deserted island is a trope-ical plant.
  88. why did the coconut break up with the pineapple? it couldn’t find the right “tropical” chemistry!
  89. “what did one coconut tree say to the other during a storm? ‘hold onto your coconuts – it’s going to be a ‘nutty’ ride!’”
  90. what do you call someone who searches for chocolate-covered coconut?
  91. if life gives you coconuts, make a tropical smoothie and sip it under a palm tree.
  92. what does the author humorously ask about trips?a: can you travel without coconuts?
  93. coconuts are like nature’s surprise packages, filled with deliciousness and fun.
  94. “why did the coconut go to therapy? it had some shell-flection to do.”
  95. i asked my friend if he wanted a coconut. he said, “sure, but don’t go nuts!”.

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