75 Concrete Puns that Get Your Reps in and Your Laughs Out

best funny concrete puns
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Concrete Puns are wordplay jokes that involve the use of concrete, a building material made from cement, sand, and aggregates. These puns often play on the double meanings or associations of words related to concrete, construction, and building.

Concrete Puns can be a fun way to lighten the mood and add humor to conversations or situations related to construction, building, or even everyday life. They rely on wordplay and clever associations to create laughter and amusement.

75 Best Concrete Puns

  1. he loved materials used with cement to create reinforced concrete.they were simply aggregreat.
  2. what’s a concrete’s favorite holiday? easter, because it involves egg-cement.
  3. why did the concrete truck start a new business? it wanted to mix things up.
  4. a fish swims into a concrete wall. dam.
  5. my friend didn’t believe that i could make cement.he asked for concrete evidence.
  6. why did the concrete refuse to fight? it was too laid-back.
  7. my friends don’t believe i can make cement they’re always asking for concrete evidence
  8. concrete conductor – leading tours of city landmarks.
  9. where do chinese dogs dig their holes compared to american dogs humorously?a: “slaughterhouses don’t use concrete.”
  10. concrete in the vehicle
  11. what’s a concrete wall’s favorite bedtime story? “cinder-block-ella”!
  12. what did a concrete worker’s mother say when he fell on a concrete floor humorously?a: “you’ll leave a good impression!”
  13. what happens when a grave is lined with concrete humorously?a: “the mystery deepens!”
  14. what’s a concrete mason’s favorite board game? “jenga-crete” – balancing and building fun!
  15. why was the concrete block always in a hurry? it had a “cement”-tation to attend.
  16. why don’t concrete slabs get lonely? they’re always surrounded by friends.
  17. what’d the fish say when he hit a concrete wall? damn.
  18. why do concrete workers always carry a pencil? to sketch out their “con-crete” ideas.
  19. why was the concrete book unsuccessful? it was too hard to follow.
  20. what did a man hear from outside a mental hospital yard humorously?a: “chanting ‘fourteen!’ through a waist-high hole in the concrete wall!”
  21. what’s a concrete slab’s favorite game? hard to get.
  22. what’s concrete’s favorite music? rock!
  23. why did the concrete win the talent show? it really knows how to crack up a crowd.
  24. what did one colleague say to the other at the concrete factory?“aw, man. this job just keeps getting harder and harder.”
  25. why did the concrete fail the test? it had too many cracks.
  26. how did the concrete race begin? “ready… set…”
  27. what do you call a dancing slab of concrete? “con-crete-boogie”!
  28. my son: dad, what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life? me: i poured some concrete once.son: was that really hard?me: it is now.(this took place at lunch earlier today. was followed by groans all around.)
  29. what do you call a grumpy piece of concrete? a “con-crete”ch.
  30. what’s a concrete structure’s favorite instrument? the “concrete” jungle drums!
  31. on a post about concrete coke
  32. what did the construction worker say when he saw a group of pigeons on the job site? “these birds are really concrete about sticking around.”
  33. what do you name an egg dropped on a concrete floor humorously?a: “safe!”
  34. what do you call a concrete slab that’s bad at sports? a brick.
  35. i asked my friend what roads are made of. she told me, “cement.”i don’t think she gave me a concrete answer.
  36. why did the concrete slab go to the beach? it wanted to feel the sand between its cracks.
  37. landed a good i think while pressure washing today. me: well son the driveway was long over due for a son: oh yeah? was it?me: i think evidence is pretty concrete!he gave me the eye roll and head back, a win in my book.
  38. why couldn’t the asphalt business be held accountable for fraud humorously?a: “no concrete proof.”
  39. why did the concrete slab refuse to gossip? it believed in keeping things “con-fidential”.
  40. what did the concrete say to the earthquake? “you crack me up!”
  41. i asked my friend what he was doing with all the cement he bought. he didn’t give me a concrete answer.
  42. i found some concrete evidence.
  43. why did the concrete block go to therapy? it had too many emotional cracks.
  44. cement truck driver stole my identity and nobody would believe me but then i found some concrete evidence
  45. what’s a concrete’s favorite food? hard-boiled eggs.
  46. how do escape a concrete room with no windows or doors, with nothing but a dresser and a mirror? you look in the mirror and saw what you see, then saw the dresser in half.then you use the two halves of the dresser to make a whole, and jump through it to freedom.
  47. why didn’t the concrete go to the party? it heard it was going to be plastered.
  48. it irks me when people misuse the words gravel, asphalt, and concrete. it’s all about cementics.
  49. what’s concrete’s favorite subject? geome-try!
  50. how do you describe some people’s minds humorously?a: “like concrete—thoroughly blended and set in place!”
  51. why did the concrete go to the doctor? it couldn’t stop cracking up.
  52. i recently poured concrete for the foundation of a house. the plot thickens.
  53. there’s been talk that the ancient egyptians invented cement. historians have looked into the ruins for evidence, but there’s nothing concrete.
  54. what do you call a fashionable concrete worker? a “con-crete” trendsetter!
  55. they finally released the film on the use of clocks in concrete water barriers. it’s about dam time!
  56. why did the concrete slab join the army? it wanted to be a private.
  57. what’s a concrete slab’s favorite book? “pride and prejudice.”
  58. what do you call a talented piece of concrete? “con-crete” performer!
  59. why did someone want to be buried in wet concrete humorously?a: “to deepen the mystery!”
  60. he loved materials used with cement to create reinforced concrete. they were simply aggregreat.
  61. why did they arrest the guy who buried people in cement? they had concrete evidence against him.
  62. the fish swam into the concrete wall.dam.
  63. i got into a concrete throwing competition. didn’t win but i did have a solid throw.
  64. a guy has been accused in our town for murdering people by hitting them with a cement bag. however the police still don’t have any concrete evidence against him.
  65. what did the construction worker say when he finished the job early? “that was a concrete accomplishment!”
  66. why did the concrete see a therapist? it had a hard time expressing its feelings.
  67. why did the concrete statue refuse to move? it said, “i’m set in my ways.”
  68. how do concrete workers stay cool in summer? they seek shade in the “cement-ery”.
  69. two fishes swimed into a concrete wall. one turned to the other and said dam!
  70. what did the fish say when it ran into a concrete wall? dam.
  71. what did authorities find when they investigated “mafia” concrete in the genoa bridge collapse humorously?a: “six more dead than reported missing!”
  72. a person was accused of burying someone in cement but there was no concrete evidence.
  73. my friend pushed george bush into a vat of set a very bad president.
  74. how did the concrete race begin?“ready… set…”
  75. last evening i walked up the hill in the park to see the planets. stumbled over a lip in the concrete and went down pretty hard. ripped pants and skinned hands and knees. when i got to the top i couldn’t see a thing. the view was not worth the trip.

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