55 Cone Puns to Have You Screaming with Laughter

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Cone puns playfully substitute the word “cone” or cone-related terms in clever wordplays on common phrases and situations. They link cones like traffic cones, pine cones, ice cream cones to humorously incongruous contexts.

The puns evoke familiar cone imagery like road construction sites with traffic cones or kids enjoying sweet icy treats. Some puns feature conversational one-liners between cones while others create silly scenarios like a massive Godzilla-sized traffic cone wreaking havoc.

 Very dark and tragic puns also abound, using the shock factor of things like sudden accidents and deaths for extremely morbid humor.

55 Best Cone Puns

  1. first time seeing this baby conifer cone.
  2. what did one traffic cone say to the other on valentine’s day? ‘you’re the ‘cone’ for me!’
  3. even in a cone, my dog is a ‘cone-stant’ source of entertainment.
  4. what do you call a pine cone that creates exact replicas of itself? a pine clone
  5. why did little timmy drop his ice cream cone? he was run-over by a car.
  6. he goes across the street to a ice cream stand for a vinilla cone. later he goes back to the shop to check on his car. mechanic says “looks like you blew a seal”. penguin goes “no, it’s just ice cream”.
  7. a safety cone’s favorite dessert? ‘cone-densed milk ice cream.’
  8. i walked through some tamarack trees today and took a photo, which couldn’t capture the beautiful light the same as my eyes. the are a bit rare as a deciduous conifer, they have cones and needles but they shed their needles in the fall.
  9. as a mom was bribing her child with an ice cream cone to behave, she sighs, “why can’t you be good-for-nothing like your dad?”
  10. do you think my dog’s cone is his ‘cone-cealed weapon’ of cuteness?
  11. traffic cones have a lot in common with introverts; they both signal ‘caution: stay away!’
  12. pine cones easy to get in, hard to get out.
  13. cone fiction – imaginative and quirky stories centered around traffic cones.
  14. which cone one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with cone? i can suggest the ones about coop and elope.
  15.   how do traffic cones stay in shape? they cone-tinue to exercise!
  16. 7 yr old daughter dropped this when i held up her 2 ice cream cone shaped nail polish bottles to my eyes me: “hi i’m jimmy ice cream eyes”her: “hi jimmy, you’re looking sharp today..” as she walked’s like she doesn’t even have to try
  17.    what do you get when you cross a snow cone with a donut? a frosty sprinkled treat!
  18. what do you call a safety cone that’s always on the move? a ‘cone-vagabond.’
  19. my dog has to wear this cone till he heals from surgery. it helps with the biting, but the barking? he sounds like a sub-whoofer.
  20. i was brewing my first batch of beer with a friend and he told me to add the seed cones that are used primarily as a bittering, flavoring, and stability agents. i hopped to it!
  21. ice cream van had an accident near me. the area is coned off.
  22. philadelphia. a conifer of some type in a public park, possibly not native as i’ve never seen this. cones are about 1 inch in diameter here.
  23.   “i’m so cone-fused, which flavor should i choose?”
  24. a donut, cupcake, and a ice cream cone crossed the road… the streets were oddly desserted that night.
  25. does anyone know the name of the tree? i’m assuming some type of conifer. i’ve harvested some of the green pinecones and want to know if the seeds, or cones themselves are edible. brisbane, australia
  26. the lord of the rings: the cone of the king – a quest to destroy the one traffic cone ruling them all.
  27. pinus lambertiana (commonly known as the sugar pine or sugar cone pine) is the tallest and most massive pine tree, and has the longest cones of any conifer. plus it’s genome is the largest ever sequenced for any organism.
  28.   what’s the difference between a traffic cone and a politician?   one is an empty vessel, and the other is a traffic cone.
  29. i bought a tv from a guy wearing a white outfit and a white cone mask it was a 3k tv
  30. i’m fair-skinned. i have tattoos of ferris wheels, tilt-a-whirls and sno-cones.
  31. my friend turned into an ice cream cone whilst on holiday he’s been a wafer so long now
  32. why did the traffic cone cross the road? to block the chicken from making a bad decision!
  33. i got a new snow cone machine. it’s really been crushing it.
  34.   “i’m a real road-cone artist!”
  35. why’d billy drop his ice cream cone? because he got hit by a bus.
  36. 7 yr old daughter dropped this when i held up her 2 ice cream cone shaped nail polish bottles to my eyes me: “hi i’m jimmy ice cream eyes”her: “hi jimmy, you’re looking sharp today..” as she walked’s like she doesn’t even have to try
  37. i’m fair-skinned. i have tattoos of ferris wheels, tilt-a-whirls and sno-cones.
  38. how do you compliment a cone’s appearance? you tell it, “you’re cone-tastic!”
  39. cone alone – a lone traffic cone finds itself forgotten on a construction site.
  40. did you hear about the traffic cone that became a motivational speaker? it was great at ‘cone-vincing’ people to slow down.
  41. what’s a traffic cone’s favorite song? ‘traffic jam’ by james taylor!
  42. i’ll start: i must conefess that i love cone!
  43. what did thumper get charged with when he stole a slurp of bambi’s ice-cream cone? assault-lick.
  44. this scale of a conifer cone looks like a skull
  45. conezilla – a massive traffic cone creates chaos on the streets.
  46.    why did the snow cone go to the beach? to get a suntan on its shaved ice!
  47. cone wars – a battle between different traffic cones for control of the road.
  48. did you hear about the man who abandoned his diet, for an ice cream cone? what a desserter!
  49. safety cones always have a ‘cone-stant’ presence on construction sites.
  50. why did the female snowman delete tinder? she was getting too many snow cone pics.
  51. when your ice cream cone misbehaves… sometimes you just have to give it a good lickin’
  52. did you hear about the cone that became a stand-up comedian? it really knows how to “cone-nect” with the audience.
  53. why did timmy drop his ice cream cone? timmy got hit by a train.
  54. what do you call a pin head with dandruff? a snow cone.
  55. found this conifer, really bendy and hard to break has really little cones on the end of the leaves, what is this?

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