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best funny Congratulations puns
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The use of congratulatory puns is funny yet smart to give tribute to important occasions or attainments. These ones have puns and clever jokes about wishing well for a congratulation. 

The puns of congratulations can refer to single achievements/events or be thematic such as puns built on the phrase “congratulations”, puns with reference to success/achievements, etc. Other possible thematic puns include ones with specific names or events involved.

 These 60 Best Congratulations Puns used in congratulatory greetings give them some humor, which makes memorable and fun to listen to.

60 Best Congratulations Puns

  1. congratulations how to say congratulations (even when you’d really rather not) congratulating others is easy and fun, right? like when your friend worked really hard and got that awesome job ma…
  2. 25 funny phrases to say congratulationsconclusionrelevant readings
  3. “a win for you is a win for us all. congratulations!”
  4. i made a game where i’m the main character. i guess congratulations are in order, because i’ve played myself.
  5. your love is the perfect match – just like the two of you. congratulations!
  6. victory dance and congratulations galore!
  7. “congratulations to my favorite new home owner! with your touch, it’s going to look amazing!”
  8. you snailed it. congratulations!
  9. congratulations. you’re 18. on a list of 20 people that i want to kill.
  10. pawsitively the best congratulations on your achievement!
  11. idioms are great for getting your point across in a more creative way. for example, you could say, “you really hit it out of the park! congratulations!”
  12. “warmest congratulations on your achievement.”
  13. congratulations! you’re dino-mite.
  14. congratulations messages for achievements
  15. my son hit puberty and i said congratulations, you’re a millionaire… check your sperm count.
  16. my son hit puberty and i said congratulations, you’re a millionaire… check your sperm count.
  17. the average person loses their virginity at 17. congratulations you are above average.
  18. dad, you’re ‘tie’-riffic! congratulations on your success!
  19. you’ve unleashed your potential – congratulations!
  20. your achievement is the cat’s ‘meow-tain top.’ congratulations!
  21. warmest congratulations,
  22. you’re the purr-fect example of achievement. congratulations!
  23. congratulations usa we have officially gone black and gone back.
  24. congratulations. donut stop. keep going!
  25. why send congratulations cards?
  26. you’ve clawed your way to the top – congratulations!
  27. congratulations! take a bao.
  28. 100. congratulations. mayo your dreams come true.
  29. congratulations to director domee shee and her pixar crew for winning best animated short at the oscars! well deserved. take a bao.
  30. you can make it more interesting by adding a bit of sarcasm to the congratulations. for instance, you can say, “oh great. another thing for you to brag about.”
  31. why do they call it a paring knife? because it cuts things into two, so now you have a pair.my 15-year-old had to think about this for a minute… then he goes “wait, doesn’t every knife do that?” congratulations, son, that’s called critical thinking.
  32. work anniversary congratulations card designs and messages
  33. congratulations to china for managing to land on the dark side of the moon perhaps they can shed some light on what it’s like there
  34. congratulations to user mrspeedemon! let mr. peedemon know he’s a lucky man.
  35. “this calls for celebrating! congratulations!”
  36. congratulations! you’ve officially upgraded from ‘dad’ to ‘rad dad!’
  37. simple congratulations
  38. congratulations to amy winehouse for being sober one year.
  39. occasions anniversarybabybirthdaycongratulationsgraduationparties & entertainingwedding
  40. “congratulations on your well-deserved success.”
  41. shell yeah! congratulations.
  42. a round of appaws for your big win – congratulations!
  43. as we promised in the title, we’ve composed are 10 congratulations messages to acknowledge success. get inspired here!
  44. “sending you heartfelt congratulations today and wishing you all the best on your next project.”
  45. job interview interviewer: how do you explain this 4 year gap in your resume?candidate: i was in yale. interviewer: congratulations! you are hired. candidate: thank you. i really need this yob.
  46. congratulations are in order aacgilnnoorsttu
  47. congratulations! you’re kind of a big dill.
  48. do you want to join the “p” club? congratulations, ur-ine!
  49. anyone can write, “congratulations on the baby!” for something different, try saying, “you’ve got one lucky baby.” or, write, “bravo! a standing ovation for your brand new bundle of joy!”
  50. congratulations to one smart cookie!
  51. my son hit puberty and i said congratulations, you’re a millionaire… check your sperm count.
  52. how to earn a ton of money in 1 easy step put 5 female pigs and 5 male deers in your backyard.congratulations, you now have ten sows and bucks!
  53. when to send the congratulations card?
  54. some congratulations cards have specific event deadlines. if you’re congratulating someone on their graduation or wedding, the card should reach them by their big day.
  55. unique messages to say congratulations on the baby
  56. caps off to your remarkable achievement! congratulations, graduate!
  57. yes! people absolutely appreciate handwritten congratulations cards and thank-you notes. frames, scrapbooks, and other means of preserving handwritten cards are making a comeback.
  58. congratulations! it’s party thyme.
  59. “congratulations and bravo!”
  60. demi lovato announced they are non-binary today congratulations themi lovato!.

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