65 Cup Puns to Start Your Day

best funny cup puns
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Cup puns are a playful and humorous way to use wordplay involving cups in various contexts. From clever wordplay to witty one-liners, cup puns offer a playful crush on everyday situations.

Cup puns often rely on double meanings, clever word combinations, and puns related to beverages, sports, everyday situations, or popular culture.

So, grab your favorite cup and get ready to enjoy a brew-tiful collection of 75 Best Cup Puns that are sure to perk up your day!”

65 Best Cup Puns

  1. i once mistook somebody’s drink for mine. it was definitely not my cup of tea.
  2. keep your cool like a championship team aiming for the stanley cup.
  3. itty bitty t-cup committee
  4. so my daughter is clearing the table and holds her cup above her head and says “dad look…” “i’m breathing underwater.”i’ve never been prouder.
  5. why did the cup go to art school?a: because it wanted to be a “mug”nificent artist.
  6.  coffee is like magic in a cup – hot and enchanting.
  7. he has a diary, a tiara, a special cup, a pet he adores, and an obsession with a famous teenage boy.
  8. i’m shy but after a cuppa coffee, i can espresso my feelings.
  9. you’re my cuppycake in a world full of muffins.
  10. fill your cup with laughter!
  11. what’s a dixie cup’s favorite movie? ‘cupzilla’ – it’s a smashing hit!
  12. when it’s coffee time, all of us coffee addicts religiously visit the nearest coffee maker and make sure to grab a brew ti ful coffee cup.
  13.  i shared a dream about a talking cup of tea with my sister, and she responded, “that’s just a dream a-cup-of-tea!”
  14. man remember when we got knocked out of the world cup, shit wasn’t fair.. they made us play against trinidad and tobago
  15. playing the game of life with the heart of a stanley cup champion.
  16. skating through life with a stanley cup-sized smile.
  17. how does a cup express its feelings?a: it has a “mug”-nificent emotional range.
  18.  my coffee cup isn’t half full or half empty; it’s overflowing with potential.
  19.  i’m not lazy; i’m in energy-saving mode. i stick to the same cup all day.
  20. aiming for my goals like a slapshot to the stanley cup finals.
  21. why did the cup get a promotion at work?a: because it had great teamwork!
  22. coming summer 2014 at the world cup
  23. why did the dixie cup start a band? it was tired of being solo – it wanted a ‘group’ experience!
  24. holding onto dreams like a player grips the stanley cup trophy.
  25. an englishman walks into a bar… there’s usually a scotsman, irishman and welshman too, but they’re still at the rugby world cup.
  26. some prefer their coffee in a mini mug i prefer mine in this giant cup.
  27. why was the cup always the life of the party?a: because it had a great “s-pour-it”!
  28. celebrating life’s victories with a stanley cup-sized grin.
  29. tea-riffic days start with a warm cup and a smile.
  30. what do you call an american in the world cup final. ref
  31. what did the cup do when it won the lottery?a: it became a “mug”-nificent millionaire!
  32. how does a cup stay cool in hot weather?a: it enjoys a nice “iced-tea.”
  33. open letter to qatar: you’re seriously banning homosexuality at your world cup? come on guys…
  34. the best part of waking up is realizing you still have one more cup left.
  35. if a man named reese was cremated, his urn would be a reese’s cup. and inside would be reese’s pieces.
  36. i used to be so lonely, so i glued a coffee cup to the roof of my car now wherever i go, everyone waves to me
  37. what did the dixie cup say to the impatient person? ‘hold your horses, i’m not done cup-tivating!’
  38. who is the only person over 60kg to ride a melbourne cup winner? chris munce’s cellmate.
  39. they want to rename the championship trophy, the stan lee cup
  40. a dyslexic man walks into a bra either way he’s getting at least two cups
  41. russia managed to win the first match of the world cup after putin a lot of effort.
  42. time for a cup of laughter!
  43. i can’t bring myself to steal someone else’s drink. it’s just not my cup of tea.
  44. why did the cup go to therapy?a: it had too many “handle” issues.
  45. how does a cup stay calm under pressure?a: it takes a deep “mug” breath.
  46.  two girls, each with their own cup of coffee, living their best life.
  47. have a brew-tiful day!â having a steaming cup of java is a nice start to any day!
  48. why did the dixie cup apply for a job? it wanted to be part of the ‘cuporate’ world!
  49. cup-kin spice and everything nice!
  50. what’s a cup’s favorite type of music?a: mug-sic!
  51. rugby world cup france 2023
  52. i don’t like coffee it’s not my cup of tea
  53. why did the dixie cup refuse to play hide and seek? it always got caught red-handed!
  54. why did the blind man always use paper cups? he has no need for glasses.
  55. a man started beating me with a cup and stole my wallet. i think i got mugged
  56. what’s the difference between england and a tea bag? …a tea bag stays in the cup longer!#fifaworldcupbrazil
  57. what’s the loneliest drink? i dunno but its in a solo cup.
  58. cupping it classy with wordplay!
  59. a sippy cup is called mr. sippy, what would you call his wife? mississippi.
  60. just like the stanley cup, success is earned through teamwork.
  61. cup-tain america: civil war
  62. why did don corleone send back the plate for his coffee cup? someone gave him a saucer he could not reuse.
  63. how do cups stay in shape?a: they have a “mug”nificent fitness routine.
  64. what’s it called when you steal someone’s cuppa joe? mugging.
  65. where do birds go for a cup of joe? to the nestcafe.

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