75 Curry Puns to Curry Up and Laugh

best funny Curry puns
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Curry puns are a playful take on words that incorporate themes related to Indian cuisine and curry dishes.

There are various types of curry puns that fall under different categories, such as puns that play on the names of common curry ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques and cultural references related to Indian cuisine.

So, get ready to spice up your day with these 75 Best Curry Puns and a sprinkle of creativity.

75 Best Curry Puns

  1. what do you call a curry that’s afraid of heights? a “trembling tikka”!
  2. “awesome food , real authentic taste . we ordered chicken curry (spicy) , chicken tikka n hyderabadi…” more
  3. i visited the world’s best curry restaurant it was second to naan.
  4. if i pour curry on a door, can we call it a corridor? or maybe pouring thyme on a table to regard it as a timetable?
  5. steph on the sideline is giving his team mates en-curry-gement.
  6. what did the christmas stocking say to the curry pot? ‘fill me up with ‘spicy’ surprises!’
  7. had beaver curry last night. bit like a normal curry, just a little otter.
  8. embrace the curry craze and let your taste buds dance
  9. how does a beef curry like to dance? with a little ‘rump’ and ‘spice’!
  10. what do passionate indian chefs and functional programmers have in common when they are exhausted? they curry on.
  11. hurry → curry: as in “i’m in a bit of a curry, can we talk later?” and “curry up! we need to leave now!” and “curry up and wait”
  12. indulge in a curry paradise that’s beyond compare
  13. what’s a curry’s favorite type of game?a: spice and seek!
  14. why is there no more curry in afghanistan? because there’s a thali ban.
  15. why did the curry take up photography? it loved capturing the essence of spices in pictures!
  16. why did the chicken take up meditation after making curry? it wanted to achieve ‘inner peas’.
  17. what’s ferris bueller’s favourite curry? chicken-tikkahhhhhhhhhhh
  18. why did johnny cash write ring of fire after eating spoiled curry? because it got his creative juices flowing
  19. homemade katsu chicken curry.
  20. why did the chicken refuse to share its curry recipe? because it believed in ‘bird-tential’ secrets!
  21. what’s santa’s favorite spice in his curry? ‘santa’-mon!
  22. what do you call a curry that’s a great listener? a “supportive saag”!
  23. why did the thai curry become a writer? because it had a ‘pen’-chant for storytelling!
  24. why did the curry go to therapy? it had issues with being too saucy!
  25. what’s a tomato’s favorite type of curry?a: tomato-tikka masala!
  26. why did the curry break up with its partner? they couldn’t find common “garam masala” ground.
  27. curry and rice, a match made in culinary heaven
  28. curry-licious creations that are simply irresistible
  29. curry, the art of transforming ordinary into extraordinary
  30. how does a curry handle a breakup? it turns up the heat and becomes “jalapeño business”!
  31. why did the curry refuse to be a comedian? it didn’t want to get roasted!
  32. why did the curry become a dj? it wanted to mix up some “spice-tro beats”!
  33. get your curry fix and let the flavors collide
  34. why did the thai curry become a weather forecaster? it wanted to predict ‘spicy’ conditions!
  35. curry your worries away with every delicious bite
  36. dwaraka’s bawarchi indian kitchen4.0 (46 reviews)indianthis is a placeholder“the chicken curry was well-seasoned. for $20 buffet lunch of all you can eat, it was a great lunch…” more
  37. what do you call a dinosaur who eats curry? mega-sore-ass
  38. spice up your life with a curry adventure like no other
  39. why did the curry become an artist? it wanted to create “spice-tacular” masterpieces!
  40. spice up your meals and curry your way to culinary greatness
  41. i knew a drug addict that was so desperate for a high he snorted curry powder. got really ill and taken to hospital. he was put in an induced korma.
  42. i’m going as fast as my legs can curry me to clean up the spilled rice.
  43. don’t be a chicken, curry on!
  44. curry’s club sale sharks say the 25-year-old has their full support.
  45. 117. keep calm and curry on.
  46. from curry to butter chicken to tandoor dine with us and experience the most exotic indian food
  47. what is the favorite food of the cannibal who only ate scientists? marie curry
  48. the results of the post-mortem were in, and it was clear the man had been murdered with a plate of mild curry. a blunt force korma
  49. what do you call a chicken that’s a fan of indian cuisine? a ‘curry-ous’ chicken!
  50. woman in hospital after being served daffodil bulbs instead of onions in her curry… don’t worry she will be out in the spring
  51. what did the christmas wreath say to the curry pot? ‘you’ve got me all ‘wreathed’ up in aromas!’
  52. at the indian restaurant, the waiter asked me, “curry ok, sir?” me: ok. one song, and then i really need to go home.
  53. let the curry revolution begin on your plate
  54. curry: the flavor revolution that’ll leave you craving more
  55. what do you call a scared curry? a “chicken tikka”!
  56. what do you call a curry that can predict the future? a “spice oracle”!
  57. the results of the post-mortem were in, and it was clear the man had been murdered with a plate of mild curry. a blunt force korma
  58. what’s the difference between evaporation and farting after a curry? evaporation is when a liquid becomes a gas….
  59. curry your cravings and dive into a world of flavor
  60. curry: the sizzle and pop that brings meals to life
  61. why did the curry become a doctor?a: it wanted to spice up lives!
  62. what do you call a curry that’s always working out? a “muscle curry”!
  63. why did the chicken bring a dictionary to the curry cook-off? to look up ‘thyme’ and ‘cumin’!
  64. why did the green curry start a band? because it wanted to make some ‘thai-namic’ music!
  65. my dad had an accident once eating curry he slipped into a korma.
  66. when the chicken made a mistake while cooking curry, it said, ‘oops, i ‘herbed’ it up!’
  67. i love talking dirty with the wife while we’re eating curry… … nice bit of pilau talk before bed.
  68. i told my dad i had made a curry from scratch… he asked me where i got my scratch from.
  69. i fell into a large vat of curry…. was in a korma for a month.
  70. why did the thai curry break up with the rice? because it wanted to ‘spice’ up its love life!
  71. why did the curry refuse to join a dance competition? it didn’t want to “curry the weight” of expectations!
  72. what’s a beef curry’s favorite game? hide and ‘steak’!
  73. i love talking dirty with the wife while we’re eating curry… … nice bit of pilau talk before bed.
  74. when the beef curry got a compliment, it replied, “i’m just ‘rare’-ly amazing!”
  75. what’s a chicken’s favorite bollywood dance move? the ‘wing-wag’ in the curry!.

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