50 Dart Puns to Feel Like a Dart Legend!

best funny dart puns
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Dart puns celebrate these aspects of darts while also poking fun at the occasional missed throw. Dart Puns often reference the bullseye or triple 20 scoring areas with jokes about pies, biographies, or movies with “bullseye” in the title.

Performance-related puns discuss darting skills with phrases like “dart-istic” shots or “dart-bodys” to stay in shape. Emotion-based puns may discuss dartboards being calm during storms because they know how to “weather the point.”

No matter the theme, these 50 Best Dart Puns aim to bring a little levity and laughter to the dart-throwing sport.

50 Best Dart Puns

  1. darting right to my heart!
  2. why did the dart player bring a towel to the game? to wipe away the “sweat” from his victories!
  3. what do you call a dart player’s favorite dessert? “bullseye” pie!
  4. life is full of ups and downs, just like a game of darts.
  5. why don’t darts have friends? they’re too pointy!
  6. what’s a dart’s favorite type of book? “bullseye” biographies!
  7. why was the dart player always happy? because they had a “point” to their life!
  8. why did the dart player bring a compass to the game? to ensure his throws were always “on point”!
  9. what did the dart player say when he lost his game? “i guess it was a shot in the dark.”
  10. “dartboards – the unsung heroes of patience.”
  11. what did the dart say to the dartboard after a great throw? “that was a “dart-stic” shot!”
  12. darts: the sport where you can aim for the stars but settle for the triple 20.
  13. why did the dart player bring a camera to the game? to capture his “dart-istic” throws!
  14. what’s a dart player’s favorite day of the week? darturday, of course!
  15. what did the dart player say to his competition? “may the best aim win!”
  16. why did the lawn dart visit the psychologist? it had issues sticking to one place.
  17. how do dart players solve problems? they “dart-iculate” their thoughts!
  18. why was the dartboard always calm during storms? because it knew how to weather the “point”!
  19. why did the dart player bring a pillow to the tournament? in case they hit the “bed”!
  20. what’s a dart’s favorite type of movie? “dart-thrillers”!
  21. what do lawn darts and carrots have in common? they both dig the earth.
  22. when the dart missed the board, it was just trying to think outside the box.
  23. what do you call a group of darts that perform a synchronized routine? “point-perfect” precision!
  24. “why don’t darts ever play hide and seek? because they always stick out!”
  25. the best way to find your center is with a dartboard.
  26. you’ve got the dart’s touch.
  27. what did one dart say to the other dart when they were feeling down? “cheer up, we’ll ‘stick’ together!”
  28. what do you call a dart player who can’t stop singing in the shower? a “darting” vocal star!
  29. how did the dart player become a fashion designer? he knew how to make the “dart-ing” style statements!
  30. why did the dart player get fired from his job? because he couldn’t focus on the task at hand, only the dartboard!
  31. i doubt playing darts in space will be popular – there’s no atmosphere.
  32. darts and dreams: both fly towards their target.
  33. when life gets tough, throw some darts and toughen up.
  34. what’s a dart player’s favorite time of day? when it’s time to hit the board!
  35. how do dart players stay in shape? they do a lot of “dart-bodys!”
  36. why did the dartboard get a promotion at worka: because it was always on target with its tasks!
  37. why did the dart player become a gardener? he loved hitting the “bullseye” on every flower!
  38. why did the dart player become a magician?
  39. why do dartboards never get lost? because they always know where the bullseye is.
  40. because no one wants seed-darts!
  41. what’s a dart player’s favorite kind of party? a dart-y party!
  42. what do you call a dart thrown in error?
  43. “why did the dartboard bring a map to the game? it didn’t want to get lost in the bullseye!”
  44. i asked a guy in a pub if he wanted a game of darts. he said “ok, nearest the bull starts”. … he went “baaa”i went “moooo”he said ok you start.
  45. why did the dart player bring a candle to the tournament? in case they wanted to “light up” the scoreboard!
  46. dart minds think alike.
  47. my friends and i like to get together and play polo with our rams, challengers, chargers and darts… dodge ball can become dangerous, but it’s fun.
  48. why did the dart player bring a mirror to the gamea: to reflect on their accuracy!
  49. what did the dart player say when they won?
  50. what do darts do on a rainy day? they stay inside and play “point-and-click” games!.

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