85 Door Puns that Will Turn Your Frown Upside Down

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Door puns are a type of wordplay that involves using the word “door” or a variation of it in a punny way. These puns can be found in literature, stand-up comedy, and everyday conversations.

Door puns can be classified into different themes, such as physical attributes, functions, and emotions. Physical attributes include puns about the shape, size, and color of doors.

Functions refer to puns about the different uses of doors, such as opening and closing. Emotions involve puns about the feelings that doors can evoke, such as happiness or sadness.

Here is the list of 85 Best Door Puns That Will Leave You Smiling.

85 Best Door Puns

  1. why did the garage door go to the gym? it wanted to work on its “lifts.”
  2. door-mat, please wipe your feet!
  3. the door was great at keeping time – it had a “knock”-watch!
  4. what kind of sound does a door make when it’s sneezing? a-choo-hold!
  5. i tried to write a book about doors, but it didn’t have an opening chapter.
  6. why did the door get promoted at the company?a: because it knew how to “open” new opportunities!
  7. the garage door told me it was feeling a bit “shuttered” about life. i said, “you’ve got to open up!”
  8. i asked my door if it was a morning person. it said, “i’m more of an afternoon swing.
  9. what did the door say to the lost key? “don’t worry, i’m always “key”-ping an eye out for you!”
  10. ever heard about the famous door comedian? he always had a cracking opener!
  11. what did the door knob say when it was feeling down? “i need someone to ‘turn’ to for support.”
  12. i saw a door at the gym lifting weights; it was all about “hinge” training.
  13. i’m writing a song about getting my door lock replaced. there’s a key change at the end.
  14. what’s a door’s favorite vegetable? turn-ip the doorknob!
  15. what did the door say to the naughty child? “you’re going to be grounded!”
  16. why was the door always happy? it had a “knob-solutely” fantastic sense of humor!
  17. the door’s favorite song? “don’t stop be-“hinge-ing.”
  18. the door didn’t want to close, but i told it to stay put.
  19. what do you call a cute door? adoorable
  20. what’s a door’s favorite place to travel?the “jamboree”!
  21. why did the door blush? because it saw the walls “lock” eyes on it!
  22. the door handle tried to become a motivational speaker, but it couldn’t quite “grip” the audience.
  23. why did the door go to therapy? it had too many emotional hinges.
  24. why did the door go to school? to become a little more “a-door-able”!
  25. why did the door become an artist?because it wanted to make an “impression”!
  26. knock knock. who’s there? a boy. a boy who? a boy who is knocking at your door.
  27. why did the door enroll in an art class? it wanted to brush up on its “door-iginal” creations.
  28. i need help in fixing my door hinges. if anyone can help, please come in. my door is always open.
  29. papa door told the son door to try and take the best decisions in life. this was because a door’s life hinges on every decision.
  30. how does a revolving door flirt? it gives you a wink as you go around.
  31. why did the door feel left out? because it wasn’t in the mainstream!
  32. why was the revolving door so proud? it always held its pivot.
  33. knock knock. who’s there? a boy. a boy who? a boy who can’t reach the doorbell knocking at your door.
  34. what did the door say when it saw its reflection? “mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the grandest of them all?”
  35. here is our top list of door one liners. find your favorite one liner about the door, enjoy it, and share it with your friends and family.
  36. why did the door run away? because it wanted to be a jar.
  37. why don’t doors ever get lost? they always find their way to the right “entry.”
  38. how did the garage door say goodbye? “i’ll shutter later!”
  39. why did the door start a baking business? it loved to “rise” to the occasion and create delicious treats.
  40. why did the door get a time-out? because it slammed too many times!
  41. why did the door go to school? to become a ‘smart’-anologist!
  42. why did the door become a pioneer in smart home technology?a: because it wanted to “open up” to the future of convenience and connectivity!
  43. that door is a real “knockout”!
  44. why did the revolving door blush? it saw the entrance way!
  45. here are some hilarious door one liners that are funny and clever.
  46. what kind of room has no doors or windows? a mush-room.
  47. i love learning about his-door-y.
  48. what’s a pirate’s favorite kind of door?an “arr-door”!
  49. knock, knock, wordplay on the door! (spoonerisms)
  50. why did the door become a gardener? it loved to “bloom” and “sprout” new ideas.
  51. doors may not have legs, but they definitely have a “hinge” of style.
  52. why did the door become a chef? it wanted to be a part of the “cabinet” of culinary delights!
  53. the back door’s motto is “never be afraid to take the ‘exit’ road.”
  54. because it wanted to capture the “door moment”!
  55. why did the door blush? it saw the walls undressing!
  56. why was the garage door feeling depressed? it was always left hanging.
  57. why did the door get an award? it’s outstanding in its field.
  58. why did the door become a weather forecaster? it always knew when to shut up!
  59. i complimented my door’s appearance, and it blushed with a shiny varnish.
  60. i bought a new deo-door-ant.
  61. why did the door start a fitness routine? it wanted to work on its “door-able” physique.
  62. being a door is very hard. you will get board very quickly.
  63. the door said it was feeling jamb-packed with emotions.
  64. i’d like to or-door take-out.
  65. the door told me a secret, but it said, “don’t let it go ‘off the hinges.’”
  66. what’s a door’s favorite type of music? heavy metal – it loves a good slam!
  67. why did the door become a gardener? it wanted to branch out!
  68. you might think doors are shy, but they’re masters of making an entrance – just ask any actor who’s dramatically burst through one!
  69. the doorknob felt “twisted” trying to figure out the right direction.
  70. why did the door cross the road? to get to the other side.
  71. my son couldn’t open the door of the car. so i told him to twist the handle like ajar.
  72. we found a different len-door for the mortgage.
  73. why did the door file a police report? it was ajar!
  74. my door decided to take up painting; it loves “portraying” different perspectives.
  75. what did the door say to the impatient person? “keep your cool, i’ll “hinge” the door open soon enough!”
  76. after getting kicked out of the society of euphemism, i kicked down their back door to gain entry.
  77. doors have their ups and downs, but they always open up in the end.
  78. what did the garage door say when it was surprised? “well, spring my coils!”
  79. my door is starting to get a little rusty. it’s time for some wd-40.
  80. i told the door to get a grip on things. it said, “i’ve got a handle on it.”
  81. what do you call a door that’s always open? door-matic!
  82. my door had an essential job of not letting intruders in. i think it is more than capable of handling it!
  83. we need an en-door-sement.
  84. why did the door bring a camera to the meeting?
  85. what’s a door’s favorite ice cream flavor?“rocky road”!

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