105 Dragon Puns That Will Set Your Mood Ablaze

best funny dragon Puns
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Dragon puns touch on themes of mythology, wordplay, and subverting expectations. Dragons represent legendary power and magic, so puns that depict them doing mundane activities create an absurd contrast.

The puns frequently portray dragons doing everyday human activities like playing sports, going to school, or working jobs. Many jokes poke fun at dragon stereotypes like hoarding treasure, breathing fire, or battling knights.

Overall, 105 Best Dragon Puns allow people to imagine these mythical creatures in funny modern contexts.

105 Best Dragon Puns

  1. how do dragons measure earthquakes? they check the richter-scale.
  2. that dragon had his own reasons for participating in the 40 hour flame-ine.
  3. i saw a dragon knitting, and it was creating the most intricate “scale-sized” sweaters.
  4. “why did the dragon start a rock band? because he had a ‘fiery’ passion for music!”
  5. dragon had an accomplice when he robbed the bank. he was his under-wing.
  6. what’s a dragons favorite snack?– fire crackers
  7. i’m not a damsel in distress. i’m a dragon in a dress.
  8. what sport do dragons end up playing when they try to play hockey?– water polo.
  9. dragons are magical creatures, appearing in folklore tales around the world. no wonder kids are so enthralled by them!
  10. why are dragons so amazing at making music? they really know their scales.
  11. dragons make good lawyers. they get out their claws.
  12. what is a dragon’s favorite day of the week? fry-day!
  13. why did the dragon join the army? he wanted to be a tank.
  14. why did the dragon bring a napkin? it wanted to have a fire-breathing meal!
  15. which is the favorite literary novel of dragons? ‘the white fang.’
  16. what do you call a dragon with a sunburn? a “heat-dragon”!
  17. why did the dragon start a photography studio? he loved capturing “fire”-y moments!
  18. what does a dragon like to eat at a restaurant? hot wings.
  19. why don’t dragons ever get lost? because they always “wing” it!
  20. why did the dragon cross the road? to burn down the peasant village!
  21. why did the dragon take a break from its diet? it needed to indulge in some scales-aring!
  22. why do dragons make terrible referees? because they always flame the players.
  23. why do dragons sleep during the day? so they can fight knights.
  24. what do you call a dragon in foggy weather? smaug!
  25. why did the dragon go to the therapist? he was tired of fire-breathing anger!
  26. how do dragons keep their skin so smooth? they ex-scale-iate.
  27. what does a doctor give a dragon who’s going to be sick?a: plenty of room!
  28. why did the dragon bring a toilet to the party? because he heard it was going to be a “blast”!
  29. dragons are just dinosaurs that learned how to play with fire.
  30. what do you call a dragon with a coffee addiction? a dragon that’s always dragon in the morning without it!
  31. what has four legs, four wings, and a tail?– a dragon with spare parts.
  32. do you know why the reddit dragon is yellow?-– it’s got bananas for scales
  33. why did the dragon start a fashion line? he wanted to be a “fire” model!
  34. fun & scary komodo dragon facts for kids!
  35. how does a dragon make you laugh? it “sparks” your sense of humor!
  36. dragons appreciate a good sense of humor; they love to “spark-dragon” conversations!
  37. how does a dragon scratch an itch? with its fire-claws!
  38. why was the dragon always invited to barbecue sundays?– so he could fire up the grill!
  39. what do you call a dragon who loves to party? a “fire”cracker!
  40. how do dragons communicate with each other underwater? they send bubbles of fire-morse code.
  41. “what’s a dragon’s favorite dessert? s’mores fireballs!”
  42. how do you measure the weight of a dragon? it actually depends a lot on the scales!
  43. have a “tail”-endous day, courtesy of a dragon’s fiery breath!
  44. what does a dragon have before bedtime? a knight cap.
  45. why are dragons generally known to practice sabbath? because they only prey on weak knights!
  46. what was the dragon doing on the motorway? about 30 miles per hour.
  47. what type of stories and folktales are dragons famous for? long tales.
  48. “what’s a dragon’s favorite type of music? heavy ‘metal’!”
  49. why did the dinosaurs live longer than the dragons?a: because they didn’t smoke.
  50. dragons are excellent soccer players because they’re great at “fire”ing up the field!
  51. what did the dragon say after receiving a gift for his birthday?– fangs a lot!
  52. what do you call a lazy dragon? a dragon that doesn’t give a puck!
  53. what do you call a dragon with a fast internet connection? the wi-fire.
  54. what time is it when you see a dragon on top of your roof? too late.
  55. why did the dragon hate to fight knights and swordsmen? he was tired of tinned food.
  56. how many dragon ball z characters does it take to change a lightbulb?– 1, but it’s gonna take about 5 episodes.
  57. did you hear about the dragon that stole the king’s crown? it was his crowning achievement.
  58. why was the dragon banished by his community? for committing blas-flame-y.
  59. what has 4 legs, 4 wings, and a tail?a: a dragon with spare parts.
  60. what’s a dragon’s favorite type of movie? anything with a “fire-breathing” action!
  61. how does a dragon cook his food? he flambés it with his fiery breath!
  62. the dragon opened a fitness studio and became the most popular instructor, offering “dragon yoga” classes.
  63. why do dragons have wings? so they can fly, obviously!
  64. why could dragons not be fire fighters? they cause the fire.
  65. why are dragons such good storytellers? they tell great tales.
  66. what do you call a fearful dragon? a cowardly-lion!
  67. ender dragons find it extremely difficult to read any book or novel. because they always finish at the start!
  68. how did the dragon feel after a long flight? he was “winged” but not “defeated.”
  69. how much does a dragon weigh? depends on the scales.
  70. why are dragons such good storytellers? they tell great tales.
  71. why do dragons always win at poker? they have an ace up their wing!
  72. how do dragons make a quick escape? they dragon their feet.
  73. why do dragons live in tall buildings? they like to tower over people.
  74. the dragon went to the dentist and was told it had “fang-tastic” oral hygiene.
  75. what do you call a dragon that can’t stop talking? a chatter-dragon!
  76. why did the dinosaurs live longer than the dragons?– because they didn’t smoke.
  77. why did the dragon start a comedy club? it wanted to give everyone a good “laughenfire”!
  78. why did the dragon become a gardener? it wanted to grow “fire”weed!
  79. how do dragons handle stress? they practice “fire”-meditation!
  80. why did the dragon become a dj? he loved dropping “fiery” beats!
  81. why did the dragon start a bakery? he wanted to make “flapjacks” with his fiery breath!
  82. what do you call a dragon with a sunburn? toasty!
  83. what did the cat say to the dragon? “meow!”
  84. if a dragon ever opens a bakery, i bet it’ll make the best “flame-bread.”
  85. what day do dragons eat the most on?– happy chewsday.
  86. what do you call a dragon gym trainer? a scale master!
  87. why do dragons sleep during the day? so they can fight knights!
  88. why does the dragon only sleep during the day? he only hunts knights!
  89. a leprechaun, a walking tree, and a dragon walk into a bar. i should quit drinking.
  90. what do you call a group of musical dragons? a jam of dragons.
  91. what do you get when you cross a dragon with a unicorn? a magical dragicorn.
  92. dragons might not be around today, but if you take a look at old maps, they say loud and clear that here be dragons. maybe the old map writers weren’t wrong!
  93. what is a dragon’s favourite european food? swiss charred.
  94. why did the chef feed the dragon spicy salsa? she needed to barbeque some chicken.
  95. why did the dragon start a baking show? he wanted to create “blazing” recipes!
  96. what does a dragon call a bus full of people? meals on wheels.
  97. the only reason the dinosaurs lived longer than dragons was due to the fact that they never smoked!
  98. dragon your toes again?
  99. if you see a red dragon and a green dragon, which dragon should you pick? the ripe one.
  100. how does smaug move files from one folder to another? dragon drop.
  101. all these bearded dragon posts got me thinking… that there will never be a butter meme than this.
  102. the difference between hannukah and dragons is that one is eight nights and the other ate knights.
  103. how do you know if a dragon is under your bed? your mattress is pre-heated.
  104. why do dragons make great detectives? they’re experts at dragon investigations!
  105. why did the dragon become a detective? he always kept his scales on the case!

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