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best funny drawing puns
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Drawing puns are puns that use wordplay or humor related to drawing or drawing-related concepts. They can be used in a variety of contexts, including writing, social media, and everyday conversation.

There are many different types and themes of drawing puns, including Misdirection, Cartoony, Cultural, Humorous exaggeration, Puns on different forms of art, Puns on different types of drawings and Puns on the act of drawing.

85 Best Drawing Puns

  1. remember rafiki’s drawing of the lion king? what a simple simba symbol.
  2. did you hear about the artist who gave up on his uncompleted drawing after accidentally breaking his pencil? apparently, there was no point to continue drawing the picture
  3. i told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high she looked surprised
  4. my wife asked for help, she said she was drawing a blank. i told her to turn the pencil around.
  5. i’ve spent the last month working on a super detailed drawing of oedipus. it’s really been a motherfucker.
  6. why did the pencil get a speeding ticket? it was caught drawing over the limit.
  7. a drawing of a donut with a tiny pencil sticking out: “a ‘sweet’ sketch!”
  8. i was applying to volunteer at a blood drive, but they rejected me when they asked me to demonstrate drawing blood.i guess they didn’t want me to use crayon.
  9. i told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high… she looked surprised
  10. i ripped my drawing as it looked bad. the guy i drew the tattoo for was horrified.
  11. why are farmers so good at drawing circles?because they are protractors
  12. what do you call an uncomfortable drawing? a painting
  13. i wrote a computer program to draw pictures of flowers but now it’s just drawing the same flower over and over and over and over…it must be a lupin.
  14. why was the sketchbook popular? because it was good at drawing a crowd.
  15. i feel kinda stupid and kinda proud for coming up with this (drawing on a phone is hard)
  16. why is north korea excellent at drawing straight lines? because of their supreme ruler.
  17. my son had a bad habit of drawing everywhere. first, he started vandalizing his toys, then the newspapers, and eventually the furniture. but when he drew on the walls i had to stop him.because that’s where i draw the line
  18. what’s a mexican least favorite lesson in art?drawing border lines.
  19. why was the sketchpad the best at organizing parties? it was good at drawing plans.
  20. why did the drawing enroll in a self-defense class? it wanted to learn how to draw boundaries.
  21. an image of a cloud with a pencil peeking out: “drawing inspiration from the skies!”
  22. i can’t ‘erase’ my love for drawing.
  23. what do you call a drawing that lies? a sketchy situation.
  24. why did the drawing get hired for the job? it had impressive sketch-credentials.
  25. i made a quick drawing of a dark alleyway’s a very sketchy place.
  26. i told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high she looked surprised.
  27. what do you call a drawing of a boat? a sketch-oon.
  28. why did the artist refuse to use rulers? they believed in freehand-drawing.
  29. my friend challenged me to finish his bird drawing. he had already drawn the head, torso, and be honest, i just winged it.
  30. what did the artist say when their drawing was stolen? “i’ve been framed!”
  31. why was the drawing always in a hurry? it didn’t want to ‘sketch’ around!
  32. my teacher told me to draw what’s on my mind ever since then, i’ve been drawing blanks
  33. you make my heart ‘hop’-py with your cute drawings!
  34. i’m not just drawing, i’m drawing you in.
  35. an illustration of a sun holding a pencil, with rays of light forming doodles: “drawing sunshine!”
  36. what do you call it when you take a drawing of the father, the son, and the holy ghost and turn it into a sculpture? 3-deify
  37. a drawing of a cat holding a paintbrush, surrounded by colorful splatters: “purr-fectly artistic!”
  38. what’s the deal with furries? haters think there’s nothing wrong with drawing cats. but oh, when the cat becomes a femboy it’s suddenly a problem.
  39. why did the drawing go to therapy? it had sketchy lines.
  40. what do you call a fast drawing? a quick-sketch.
  41. how did the drawing become a millionaire? it drew the winning lotto numbers!
  42. did you hear about the jewish man who kept drawing on his penis? he was told for good hygiene you have to draw back your foreskin.
  43. what did the drawing say to the frame? “you really know how to bring out my best angles.”
  44. i get aroused when i erase pencil drawings in fact, i think i’m gonna rub one out
  45. how can an artist fill in a cv? drawing from experience.
  46. i was trying to sketch some kind of ammo, but i kept drawing a blank
  47. does anyone know how to draw a very realistic bullet? because i’m drawing a blank.
  48. what has the head of a dog, the body of a pig, and the legs of a spider?my daughter’s drawing of a snake.
  49. how do you make a tissue dance? put a little ‘boogie’ in your drawing!
  50. before the drawing board was invented …… what did people go back to?
  51. why did the drawing go to therapy? it had deep-seated sketch-issues.
  52. why was the art exhibition so crowded? it had a lot of drawing power.
  53. why don’t drawings make good secret agents? because they’re always traced.
  54. i suspect the drawing though, it was a sketch from the start
  55. i’m drawing a picture of a zoo animal, but i’m not finished yet. it’s just a rough giraffe.
  56. drawing on yourself should be illegal the minute you do, you’re a marked man
  57. what did the art critic say about the drawing? “it really draws you in.”
  58. a drawing of a rainbow with paintbrushes as the arches: “a brushstroke of color!”
  59. i’m ‘otter-ly’ in love with your drawings!
  60. why did the artist break up with the sketchbook? things were not drawing to a close.
  61. whenever i see one of those police composite drawings i’m like woah sketchy looking guy
  62. if you make 10 drawings, you’re not an artist and if you cook 10 meals, you’re not a chefbut if you kill one person…
  63. i was drawing a graph for my report expecting a straight line. but i got a curve.what a plot twist
  64. what’s an artist’s favorite way to relax? drawing a warm bubble bath.
  65. what do you call a drawing of a laughing cookie?a snicker-doodle
  66. if someone on a first date tells me their hobbies include drawing the flag of china without the stars i think to myself…that’s a big red flag!
  67. why did the drawing pin get in trouble? it was too pushy.
  68. i told my wife she was drawing her eyeliner too high she looked surprised
  69. my son brought home a drawing he made. but i know it wasn’t him that drew it because the drawing looked sketchy
  70. i was drawing a zombie for my friend and wasn’t sure how i would draw his eyes. first time posting here but hope this counts.
  71. what do you call a drawing of a clown? a comedy sketch.
  72. ‪what do you call a drawing of a sick person?‬ an illustration
  73. who would run a country where there are only objects used for geometrical drawing? the supreme ruler.
  74. why did the drawing go to the therapist? it had unresolved sketch-issues.
  75. why did the drawing become a teacher? it wanted to educate others on the power of art.
  76. i suspect the drawing though, it was a sketch from the start.
  77. why are farmers so good at drawing circles? because the are protractors
  78. what do you call a drawing of a clown?a comedy sketch.
  79. what’s the deal with furries? haters think there’s nothing wrong with drawing cats.but oh, when the cat becomes a femboy it’s suddenly a problem.
  80. what’s a marathon runner’s favorite drawing tool? a run-ning pencil.
  81. i told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows to high.. she looked surprised
  82. my friend impresses girls by drawing realistic pictures of trucks. he’s a pickup artist!
  83. so i made this list of people ranked by their interest in paper based drawing boards. i call it the flip charts.
  84. i told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too highshe looked surprised.
  85. why was the drawing pin always losing arguments? it couldn’t make a point.

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