75 Dutch Puns That’ll Have You Laughing in Two Languages

best funny Dutch puns
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Dutch puns are a type of wordplay that uses the Dutch language in a humorous way. They can be based on puns that work in other languages, but they often have a distinctly Dutch flavor. For example, Dutch puns often play on the Dutch word for “cheese” (kaas), which can sound like the English word “cause”.

Dutch puns can be found in a variety of sources, including books, magazines, newspapers, and websites. They are also often used in everyday conversation.

75 Best Dutch Puns

  1. what do you call a dutch cheese that’s always late?a: gouda-nuff time!
  2. why did the dutch windmill start a band?a: because it had the wind instruments
  3. why did the dutch tulip bring a suitcase?a: because it wanted to take a trip!
  4. what do dutch folk need for kissing? tulips
  5. why was the dutch cookie sad? because its mom was a wafer too long!
  6. why do the dutch walk so loudly? wooden shoe?
  7. i met a dutch guy with inflatable shoes the other day and arranged to have dinner with him unfortunately he popped his clogs
  8. why do dutch racers finish first? they’re always in dutch mode!
  9. Q: What do you call a Dutch dog who loves tulips?
    A: A tulipwoofer!
  10. how do you say “hi” to a dutch cow?a: moooooi!
  11. i would hate to have to wear dutch clogs, wooden shoe?
  12. what’s a dutch skeleton’s favorite holiday?a: halloween-d!
  13. how do dutch gardeners greet each other?a: tulip!
  14. why did the dutch artist only paint in the winter? he didn’t want to get van gogh-nippled!
  15. how do dutch cows stay up to date with current events?a: they read the “moo-spaper”!
  16. what was the last cooking implement used by anne frank? a dutch oven
  17. why did the dutch mathematician refuse to do sums? he said it was beneath his delft!
  18. i speak english and every language other than dutch… but they’re all dutch to me.
  19. the dutch are not pale skinned…they are a ‘pale fart’ (bleekscheet).
  20. what do dutch baby boomers eat for breakfast? holland oats
  21. advertise with dutchreview
  22. translation: ben je van de trap gevallen?meaning: a dutch person might ask you this odd question if you have had a rather drastic haircut
  23. the dutch won’t say “it’s okay”…they’ll assure you “it sits like a moustache” (het zit wel snor).
  24. there’s no dutch thing as bad publicity
  25. how does a dutch gecko know when there’s an earthquake? van der waals start shaking.
  26. Certainly! Here are some Dutch puns for you:
  27. Why do the Dutch always carry an umbrella? Just in case of a rain of tulips!
  28. What’s a Dutch pirate’s favorite letter? Arrr-tichoke!
  29. How did the Dutch chef cut their vegetables? With a windmill slicer!
  30. Why are Dutch bicycles so good at telling stories? They have two-tired adventures!
  31. What’s a Dutch vampire’s favorite fruit? A blood orange – but only if it’s grown in the Netherlands!
  32. How do the Dutch apologize? They say, “I’m sowwy!”
  33. What did the Dutch artist say to the blank canvas? “Let’s paint the town orange!”
  34. Why did the Dutch gardener bring a ladder to the tulip field? To reach new heights in floral arrangements!
  35. How do the Dutch stay organized? They tulip their belongings in order.
  36. What did the Dutch bee say to the tulip? “Let’s make some honey and bee beautiful together!”
  37. Why did the Dutch baker become a comedian? Because they kneaded a good laugh!
  38. What’s a Dutch cow’s favorite instrument? The moo-sical horn!
  39. Why did the Dutch teacher go to the beach? To catch some Dutch rays!
  40. How do the Dutch express excitement? They shout, “Dutch you believe it?!”
  41. What’s a Dutch pirate’s favorite currency? The gulden doubloon!
  42. Why did the Dutch acrobat join the circus? They wanted to tulip into the air!
  43. How does the Dutch snowman greet people? With a warm “Dutch you a Merry Christmas!”
  44. Why did the Dutch football team bring a ladder to the game? To climb the league standings!
  45. What did the Dutch baker say to the dough? “Rise and shine, it’s time to be stroopwafelin’!”
  46. How does the Dutch mathematician solve problems? With tulip-ication!
  47. Why did the Dutch beekeeper become a poet? They loved crafting honeyed verses!
  48. What do you call a Dutch dessert with a sense of humor? Stroop-jokes!
  49. Why did the Dutch painter go to therapy? They had too many unresolved brush strokes.
  50. What’s a Dutch cat’s favorite game? Wooden shoe-and-seek!
  51. Why did the Dutch person bring a mirror to the party? To reflect on the tulip of the town!
  52. How do the Dutch say goodbye? “Tulip for now!”
  53. Why did the Dutch cyclist win the race? They had a tulip gear!
  54. What’s a Dutch cow’s favorite genre of music? Moosic – it’s udderly delightful!
  55. Why did the Dutch inventor create a tulip-shaped car? To drive in full bloom!
  56. How do the Dutch keep track of their to-do list? They write it down in a tulip notebook.
  57. What did the Dutch flower say to the bee? “Bee my guest and pollinate!”
  58. Why did the Dutch comedian become a gardener? They wanted to tulip the soil with laughter.
  59. What’s a Dutch snowman’s favorite accessory? A carrot for the nose and a tulip hat!
  60. How does the Dutch chef like their eggs? Scrambled with a side of stroopwafels!
  61. Why did the Dutch musician start a band? To create tulip-tuous melodies!
  62. What do you call a Dutch cat that can play the piano? A musical purr-former!
  63. Why did the Dutch bicycle go to the repair shop? It had a flat tulip.
  64. How does the Dutch programmer write code? With tulip-lines of precision!
  65. What did the Dutch chocolate say to the Belgian chocolate? “We’re in a league of our own – the stroopwafel league!”
  66. Why did the Dutch detective become a florist? They had a knack for tulipating mysteries.
  67. How do the Dutch prefer their coffee? With a side of stroopwafel and a sprinkle of windmill magic!
  68. What’s a Dutch cow’s favorite Shakespeare play? “Mooch Ado About Nothing.”
  69. Why did the Dutch painter start a YouTube channel? To tulip viewers with beautiful artwork!
  70. How does the Dutch gardener greet their plants? “Tulip and bloom!”
  71. What’s a Dutch cat’s favorite TV show? “The Purring Dead – Wooden Shoe Edition.”
  72. Why did the Dutch person become a magician? To tulip the world with enchanting tricks!
  73. How does the Dutch cyclist stay hydrated? With tulip water bottles!
  74. What’s a Dutch computer’s favorite language? Tuli-py!
  75. Why did the Dutch baker open a cafe? They wanted to share the joy of stroopwaf

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