55 Elvis Puns That You Feel Like a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

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Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Well, aren’t you just a blue suede shoe full of Elvis puns! This collection truly does the King’s comedic legacy justice with its play on his iconic songs, style and career.

From his love of teddy bears and blue cheese to dentistry and math club adventures, no facet of Elvis’ life or art seems to escape the grasp of punny wordplay.

These 55 Best Elvis Puns crooning his way through topics both silly and serious, this tribute to The King proves he’s still rocking hearts and humor in the funniest way.

55 Best Elvis Puns

  1. “what did the peanut butter say to elvis? ‘stick with me, baby!’”
  2. where wouldn’t elvis ever stay on valentine’s day? a: the heartbreak hotel.
  3. how did elvis become a computer expert? he mastered the “jailhouse rock-et science.”
  4. why did elvis open a car dealership? he wanted to sell “blue suede sedans.”
  5. what do you get when you cross elvis with a dog? an “hound dog” with sideburns!
  6. what do you call an elvis impersonator with a cold?a: all shook up!
  7. how was elvis described by his tailor? a: army.
  8. why did elvis start a detective agency? he wanted to solve the mystery of “the case of the missing teddy bear”!
  9. “why did elvis love astronomy? he was fascinated by the ‘jailhouse rock’et!”
  10. what do you call elvis when he loses his temper? the king of fists!
  11. what’s elvis’s favorite ice cream flavor? banana rhapsody!
  12. what was elvis doing at the beach? a: going to a clambake.
  13. my pet mouse elvis died last night. he got caught in a trap.
  14. what did elvis say when his fans asked for his secret to success? just keep on rockin’.
  15. what do you call it when elvis takes a selfie? the king’s kodak moment!
  16. what did elvis say when he ran out of shampoo? “uh-huh-huh, thank you, thank you very ‘mousse’!”
  17. why did elvis go to the shoe psychiatrist? a: his suede shoes were blue.
  18. why did elvis become a gardener? he wanted to grow some “love me tenders”!
  19. what’s elvis’s favorite exercise equipment? the pelvis treadmill!
  20. what do you call a deer with sideburns? an elvis parsley!
  21. elvis the serenader: the crooning romeo of rock
  22. what do you call it when elvis runs out of coffee? jailhouse shock!
  23. what do you call an arabian elvis in an earthquake? amal shookup
  24. what do you call a bear who can sing like elvis? a “teddy bear”!
  25. what did elvis say to the computer? “you ain’t nothin’ but a laptop!”
  26. why did elvis become a lifeguard? he could save people with his hip-swiveling techniques!
  27. really like that elvis song about internet dating. love me tinder.
  28. what do you call it when elvis opens a bakery? the king’s croissant!
  29. why did elvis become a weather forecaster? he could predict when it’s raining “love drops”!
  30. what’s elvis’s favorite breakfast food? love me tenderloin!
  31. heartbreak hotel hijinks“why did the hotel maid refuse to make elvis’s bed? she couldn’t bear to touch his teddy bear!”
  32. why did elvis become a gardener? he wanted to “rock ‘n’ grow” his own vegetables!
  33. why did elvis become a pharmacist? he could prescribe the perfect “love potion no. 9”!
  34. knock knock who’s there? elvis elvis who? elvisit you later.
  35. why was elvis always happy? he knew how to “rock” and roll with it!
  36. why did elvis always eat at mcdonald’s? because he was a big mac daddy.
  37. why did the elvis impersonator escape from the zoo? because he heard the lion sing “love me tenderloin.”
  38. what do you call elvis when he’s tired? the sleepy crooner!
  39. why did elvis become a dentist? he had a passion for “cavity-tender” love!
  40. what’s elvis’s favorite type of pizza? blue suede cheese!
  41. elvisaurus: the prehistoric crooner
  42. “what did the ghost say to elvis? ‘you ain’t nothing but a spook hound!’”
  43. why did elvis start a car dealership? he had a knack for selling “heartbreak mobiles”!
  44. what do you call elvis when he’s feeling down? the moody blue king!
  45. what was elvis’s first great hit? a: a grand slam in little league baseball!
  46. why did elvis go to the bakery? he wanted to get a “sweetheart roll”!
  47. what did elvis say when a woman asked to touch his jumpsuit? blue suede shoes.
  48. what did elvis say when he couldn’t find his guitar? “has anyone seen my ‘strumming’ stick?”
  49. what did elvis say when he broke up with his girlfriend? you ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.
  50. what’s elvis’s favorite dance move? the hip-shaker shuffle!
  51. when i asked her why she was still dating that scruffy elvis impersonator she said, “i’m courting a tramp. i can’t walk out!”
  52. what do you call it when elvis sings underwater? the “deep blue c!”
  53. what do you call elvis’s favorite animal? the hound dog-gon!
  54. why did elvis join the math club? because he wanted to “count the ways” to solve equations.
  55. what’s elvis’s favorite genre of movies? rockumentaries!.

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