55 Fence Puns Guard Your Laughter

best funny fence puns
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Fence Puns are a form of wordplay that turns around the concept of fences. They often use clever and humorous language to create puns related to fences, such as wordplay involving the word “fence” or incorporating fence-related imagery.

Here is the list of 55 Best Fence Puns That Will Have You Fenced In with Laughter.

55 Best Fence Puns

  1. i install fences in alleyways for a living. it’s a pretty dead end job, if you ask me.
  2. why did the fencer become an artist? they wanted to paint the town red with their fencing skills!
  3. i’ve put a high voltage, electric fence around my garden… … my neighbours dead against it.
  4. i have a fear of fences i just can’t get over it
  5. why did the fence take up yoga? it wanted to find its inner fence-ibility.
  6. what do fencers say when they’re surprised? “well, i didn’t fence that coming!”
  7. how did the fence handle a difficult situation? it put up a brave front.
  8. i’m having some real trouble mending my broken fence. can anyone here give me some tips?i was told you guys are the best at reposting.
  9. what did the fence say to the lawnmower? “i’m here to “edge” you on, let’s maintain the yard together.”
  10. did you hear about the cow who jumped over the barbed wire fence? it was udder destruction.
  11. because if they’re on the fence too long they get caught.
  12. what’s a fencer’s favorite animal? the parry-ot, known for its swift movements!
  13. helen keller reads “warning! electric fence!” in braille “well that’s not a good sign” she said
  14. how does a fence apologize to a gate?a: it says, “i didn’t mean to latch out at you!”
  15. why should you never touch an electric fence because it hertz.
  16. how did the fence handle a neighbor’s complaint? it listened with an open mind and built a “bridge” of understanding.
  17. can one of the mods tell me why my post was removed? it’s annoying that my fence fell over.
  18. why did the fence start a recycling program? it believed in giving materials a “second picket.”
  19. i took my kids to a pumpkin farm today and they had an electric fence around their parking lot. as i placed my hand on the fence i told my kids “i’d be shocked if this is on!”
  20. what time is it when a cow sits on your fence? time to get a new fence
  21. breaking news: last night someone drilled a hole into the fence surrounding the local nudist colony. police are looking into it.
  22. did you know now that it is politically incorrect to say ‘black paint’?now you have to say “jerome can you please paint the fence”.when it’s time for an elephant to sit on your fence, what time is it?time to get a new fence.
  23. why do cemeteries have fences around them? because people are dying to get in.
  24. what is long, brown and runs around the garden? a fence.
  25. why was my post removed? can someone tell me why my post was removed?i’m a bit annoyed about this as it caused my fence to fall over
  26. what’s a fencer’s favorite type of footwear? lunge boots!
  27. what’s a fencer’s favorite dance move? the fleche-é!
  28. my friend is like lightning when hammering nails into his fence.he never strikes the same place twice.i just moved next door to a man who sells stolen goods on the black market.you know what they say; “good fences make good neighbours”
  29. billy: “my dad said it will take that contagious to fix the fence.”
  30. why did the fencer go to the pet store? they wanted to find a feisty guard-dog!
  31. why did the fencer start a book club? they wanted to discuss thrilling fencing adventures and en-garde-ting novels!
  32. why did the fence become a fashion designer? it had an eye for “fence-tastic” styles.
  33. a farmer in nebraska just had his fence destroyed by a tornado, and he’s asking for our help he heard we have a lot of experts in re-posting
  34. scrolling this sub is like fixing a fence that’s fallen. repost. repost. repost.
  35. why did the fencer open a bakery? they wanted to offer a wide range of fenci-cakes!
  36. why did the fence become a judge? it had a great sense of “fair-baration.”
  37. i put a melon on a fence post it’s post melone
  38. why did the fence start a podcast? it had plenty of “fence-inating” stories to share.
  39. what do you call a fencer with a sweet tooth? a sabre-toothed fencer!
  40. why did the fence get promoted?a: because it was outstanding in its field!
  41. my brother has me worried. any time he drives by a milk farm, he pulls over and leaves a few dollars on the fence. doesn’t he know cow tipping is illegal?
  42. why was my post removed? can anyone tell me why my post was removed?i’m a bit annoyed by this because my fence has fallen over.
  43. what do fencers do when they’re cold? they huddle together for fenci-warmth!
  44. i watched a dwarf escape from prison today. as he climbed down the fence, he smirked at me. i thought to myself, “hmmm, that’s a little condescending.”
  45. my neighbor has been mad at his wife for sunbathing nude. i personally am on the fence
  46. why did the fencer start a flower shop? they wanted to arrange beautiful bouquets with a touch of fenci-flair!
  47. what did the fence say to the vine? “let’s grow together and create a “fence-tastic” partnership.”
  48. i tried climbing a fence today, i was shocked to find out it was an electric fence
  49. how did the fence handle a conflict? it offered a “peaceful” resolution between the two sides.
  50. what did the fence say to the dog digging under it? “you better “paws” and reflect on your actions.”
  51. what did the fence say about the windy weather?a: “this wind is fence-sational!”
  52. why did the fencer join a circus? they wanted to showcase their sword-swallowing skills alongside their fencing expertise!
  53. what did the fence say to the misbehaving tree?a: “you’re barking up the wrong fence!”
  54. why did the fencer become a detective? they had a knack for un-raveling mysteries!
  55. what did one fence say to another during a storm?a: “hold on tight, we’re in for a picket storm!”.

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