35 Fencing Puns to Keep Bouts of Boredom at Bay!

best funny fencing puns
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Fencing equipment and techniques are often used creatively in wordplay. Puns may reference swords, masks, foils, épées, or techniques like parrying and thrusting.

Comparisons are drawn between fencing and other concepts like occupations, hobbies, or everyday objects. they refer to equipment, techniques, or the activity of fencing itself, these 35 Best Fencing Puns add humor and levity through their tongue-in-cheek manipulation of language.

35 Best Fencing Puns

  1. what did the fencing mask tell its sword-wielder? “i got your point last time!”
  2. i got into fencing recently but it got pretty boring what’s the point you know?
  3. fencing tournaments can be tremendously popular events, particularly when held within a foil house environment.
  4. become a member of fencing sports academy and take weekly classes. we offer a wide range of times during the week.
  5. why did the kids run away from the guy fencing off alleyways? he was an alley gater.
  6. fencing is one of those sports which know exactly how to lead one towards success!
  7. fencing: where every touche is an exquisite moment.
  8. why did the fencer bring a telescope with them when practicing fencing? in order to keep track of their opponents!
  9. one song beloved to fencing coaches? “hit me with your best shot”.
  10. fencing experts know how to combat boredom!
  11. why did the fencer start a book club? they wanted to discuss thrilling fencing adventures and en-garde-ting novels!
  12. what type of music do fencing athletes prefer to listen to? rapier!
  13. fencing professionals can always be relied upon. they always speak the truth without faltering.
  14. what did the fencing team say when they won the championship?a: “we really “foil”ed their plans!”
  15. what drink would a fencing sword enjoy most? ‘on guard’-iantea.
  16. why did the fencer bring their compass with them when practicing fencing? so they could navigate their way towards victory!
  17. how do fencers tell time?a: with a “fencing” watch!
  18. fencing: the art of building relationships through each stroke!
  19. my experience at a fencing tournament wasn’t particularly engaging or captivating; in fact, it seemed quite dull!
  20. fencing: the only sport where poking someone else is both permitted and encouraged!
  21. fencing specialists always know how to counter their opponent’s plans and avoid defeat.
  22. why did the fencer bring a ladder to the match? they wanted to reach new heights in fencing!
  23. why did the fencer go to the park? they wanted to practice their fencing skills in a fence-tastic environment!
  24. fencing competitors use fluorescent-shrouded bulbs for lighting!
  25. why was the fencing coach always calm? because they knew how to stay on point!
  26. why is reddit like fencing? when it’s not parrying, it’s full of repostes.
  27. How do fencers stay cool during a match? They use their fence-itivity!
  28. Fencing is an excellent ‘weapon’ against boredom!
  29. What type of fruit does a fencer enjoy eating most frequently? That would have to be “parry!”
  30. Why did the fencer bring a map to the match? In case they needed to find their way to victory!
  31.  A good fencer always nails their opponent!
  32. Why does fencing mask make such an amusing piece of equipment? Because its face always cracks up laughing with no mask to hide any emotions behind.
  33. Why did the fencer bring a suitcase to the match? In case they needed to “pack” a punch!
  34. Fencers always leave a lasting impression, especially with their en garde faces.
  35. What band are fencing swords fond of listening to? ‘The Clash’.

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