75 Fig Puns to Crack You Up

best funny fig puns
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Fig puns are wordplay jokes that revolve around the word “Fig”, a fruit that grows on the Ficus tree, belonging to the Moraceae family.

They are a playful and creative way to use language to create humor or clever associations. Fig puns can be found in various types and themes, such as foodrelated puns, nature-related puns, wordplay puns, and imaginative puns.

75 Best Fig Puns

  1. figuring out the best fig recipes is a never-ending ‘fig-ure’ game.
  2. my fig tree and i share a special ‘fig-nificant’ connection – it’s the tree-mance of a lifetime!
  3. knock, knock. who’s there? fig. fig who? fig-tastic news, the sun is out!
  4. she decided to fig-ure skate, but she kept squishing beneath the weight.
  5. why did the fig get an award? for outstanding fig-ure in the fruit community.
  6. i made a fruit cocktail with a fig, but it was too thick, i guess it was fig-mented!
  7. why did the fig go to the party? it wanted to be a fig-ure of fun!
  8. let’s fig-ure this out together.
  9. knock, knock. who’s there? fig. fig who? fig-ured i’d come by for a surprise visit!
  10. if figs were hours, i’d have days!
  11. don’t let your dreams be fig-ments.
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  13. what’s a fig’s favorite shakespearean play? “much ado about fig-thing”!
  14. ready for a fig-tastic laugh? dive in!
  15. why did the fig go to the party? it wanted to be the main fig-ure of attraction!
  16. my friend said i’m ‘fig-tastic’ because i always bring figs to the potluck.
  17. what do you call a fig that loves to take photos? a fig-tographer!
  18. what’s a fig’s favorite dance move?a: the figgy shuffle!
  19. why did the fig leaf get an award? for outstanding foliage in a drama scene.
  20. i sometimes think about stuffing figs with tic-tacs for dessert, but never actually tried it it’s just a fig mint of my imagination
  21. what’s a fig’s favorite word? “fig-mentary” – a documentary about figs!
  22. i met this beautiful girl last night and we used a fig roll to get to a restaurant… we went on a date.
  23. i was going to prune my fig tree, but i decided to just leaf it be.
  24. i wanted to be a fig-urative artist, but i could only draw fruit.
  25. why did the fig leaf join the choir? it loved to be heard in treble.
  26. what do you call a fig that loves to dance? a jiggy fig!
  27. this is like fig-ured out already.i’m not great at math, but i can fig-ure this one don’t have the figgiest idea what i’m talking about!
  28. what’s a significant figure’s favorite dance move? the “decimal shuffle!”
  29. why did the fig bring sunscreen to the picnic?a: because it wanted to avoid becoming a sun-dried fig!
  30. knock, knock. who’s there? fig. fig who? fig-et about it; it’s a beautiful day!
  31. why was the fig always happy? because it had so many ‘fig’-ures to count!
  32. give me a fig-ure of speech, and i’ll eat it!
  33. you don’t have the figgiest idea what i’m talking about!
  34. i saw a beautiful drawing of a fig last week and i just realised why i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, it was a fig meant for my imagination.
  35. i told my fig tree a secret, and it replied, ‘lips are sealed – they’re in a ‘fig-tight’ package.’
  36. figs are the ‘fig-celerators’ of flavor in my cooking.
  37. the fig blushed because it saw the fruit salad dressing!
  38. knock, knock. who’s there? fig. fig who? fig-ured i’d end this list with a sweet goodbye!
  39. i find myself in a ‘jam’ when i run out of fig preserves.
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  41. i offered my fig tree some advice, but it simply replied, ‘let’s not fig-ure this out.’
  42. what do figs do when they have a dispute?a: they have a fig-ht!
  43. knock, knock. who’s there? fig. fig who? fig-ging in the garden, want to join?
  44. what’s the first thing eve said to adam after eating the forbidden fruit? does this fig leaf make my butt look big?
  45. don’t get too fig-ity with me!that’s not my fig deals.a fig a day keeps the doctor’re a fig deal!fig-ure it out!figs and giggles.stay fig-tive!hey, fig it up!can we fig-ure something out?don’t get too fig-ugly!but figs never lie.
  46. why was the fig always invited to art shows? because it had a great sense of fig-esthetic!
  47. why did the fig get an award? because it was a figment of everyone’s imagination!
  48. my fig tree is my favorite place to sit and ‘fig-ure’ things out.
  49. feeling blue? let fig-tive wordplay cheer you up!
  50. what did the fig wear to the beach? a fig-kini!
  51. the apple tree couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t producing any square apples.
  52. do you have any fig news to share?
  53. what did the fig say to its child at bedtime? “sweet dreams, my little fig-let!”
  54. why did the fig apply for a job at the bakery?a: because it wanted to be a fig-ure in the pastry world!
  55. ready to be amused by fig-nificant humor?
  56. what’s a fig leaf’s favorite song? “leaf me alone!”
  57. sorry, i was just daydreaming in my fig-ment of imagination.
  58. i’m in a fig-ment of imagination when i see fresh figs.
  59. let’s fig-ment our own world of mirth!
  60. why was the fig blushing? because it saw the banana peel!
  61. why was the fig so good at debates? it always knew the fig-ures of speech!
  62. what’s a fig’s favorite outdoor activity? fig-nic in the park!
  63. my fig tree is such a drama queen; it’s always having ‘fig-tantrums.’
  64. when a fig shares its feelings, it’s fig-spressive!
  65. why did the significant figure take a vacation? it needed to get away from the daily rounding!
  66. figuring out how to care for my fig tree can be quite a fig-ht!
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  68. how did the fig respond when asked if it could keep a secret?a: “i’m as tight-lipped as a fig!”
  69. you can’t hide the truth, the fig-ures speak for themselves.
  70. why did the fig turn red?a: because it saw the fig-ure of its dreams!
  71. that dessert is just fig-tastic!
  72. figuring out the perfect spot for my fig tree was a bit of a fig-ure-it-out game.
  73. how do you make a big laugh? just give it a little “fig-tickling”!
  74. why did the fig bring a ladder to the orchard?a: it wanted to be a little more fig-ured!
  75. how do figs celebrate their birthdays?a: with a fig-tastic party!.

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