60 Florida Puns to Soak Up the Sunshine

best funny florida puns
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Florida puns typically play on themes related to the state’s warm weather, beaches, tropical environment, and unique wildlife like alligators and manatees. In a lighthearted, human-like tone:

They often revolve around its unique features, such as its beaches, wildlife, weather, and culture. the list of 60 Best Florida Puns can be a great way to express humor and appreciation for the Sunshine State.

60 Best Florida Puns

  1. “i am a florida guy. i don’t do cold.” – j. r. ramirez
  2. why did the alligator bring a calculator to florida? to crunch some numbers in the swamp!
  3. “florida: where ‘gator spotting’ is a sport.”
  4. “florida’s peace and serenity”
  5. “florida: where winter is just a myth.”
  6. what do you call a parrot that loves miami in florida? a “poly-glamorous” bird with a taste for palm trees!
  7. why did the manatee always carry a snorkel in florida? just in case it wanted to take a “sea”lfie!
  8. wild and free in florida.
  9. in florida, we salt margaritas, not sidewalks.
  10. florida, where summer lasts 6 months, twice a year.
  11. apparently florida has the highest rate of infidelity in the country…it’s an unfortunate state of affairs.
  12. how do you describe the weather in florida during summer?a: humid-dity!
  13. what do florida’s beaches say to the tourists? “sandy”-greetings!
  14. why did the florida dolphin become a motivational speaker? it had a “porpoise”-driven message!
  15. “florida is a golden word…the very name florida carried the message of warmth and ease and comfort. it was irresistible.” – john steinbeck
  16. i live in florida and people are crazy here. and i say that lovingly.  –amy seimetz
  17. “florida, i’m coasting.”
  18. famous quotes about florida
  19. how do you make a manatee smile in florida? give it a big “sea-cow” hug!
  20. why did the alligator blush in florida? because it saw the swamp’s romantic “lily pads”!
  21. according to latest news the current governor of florida used to own and run his own alligator farm. so not only does he have experience with horrible scaly reptiles.
  22. my wife just told me that a pizza restaurant in florida exploded… i said, “the owner probably had insurance and kneaded the dough.”
  23. what’s the difference between the lost city of atlantis and florida?about 3 days.
  24. why do florida’s oranges make terrible secret agents? they can’t help “peeling” under pressure!
  25. why was the math book sad in florida? it had too many problems to solve under the sun!
  26. florida, where the sunsets are a daily reminder of life’s beauty and wonder
  27. what’s a florida hurricane’s favorite board game? “blow”-opoly!
  28. what’s a florida ghost’s favorite mode of transportation? “boo”-cycles!
  29. “memories in the south”“sunny days in florida”“endless beauty of the south”“florida’s peace and serenity”
  30. florida: where you know not to touch the steering wheel with your bare hands in the summer.
  31. when life gives you lemons, hand them back and ask for florida oranges
  32. if you think the humidity in florida is bad, just wait until you step into a theme park restroom
  33. enormous air plant at the botanical gardens in orlando florida!
  34. why did the sandcastle blush in florida?a: because the sea-shell it had a crush on walked by!
  35. why did the artist find inspiration in florida? because the natural beauty and vibrant colors sparked their creativity.
  36. i’m so stoked to be going to florida this weekend!
  37. best beach destinations on the florida panhandle
  38. “for a lot of people in different times in their life, florida represents a new start.” – larry reimer
  39. why did the tomato turn red when it visited florida? it realized it was “ripe” in the sunshine state!
  40. a classic family florida vacation… she’s a navigator, not a get lost for a while crocodile!” said after my parents were shocked my brother and his new wife where heading in the right direction to the beach.
  41. knock, knock. who’s there? gulf coast. gulf coast who? gulf coast we’ll have a great time exploring florida’s coastal beauty!
  42. florida: where the weather forecast is always hot and humid with a chance of thunderstorms
  43. “you know how only you can insult your own family? that’s how i feel about florida.” – danielle schneider
  44. what’s a florida alligator’s favorite drink?a: gator-ade!
  45. what do florida’s seagulls do for fun? go on “beachcombing” adventures!
  46. i stayed at a fancy resort in florida, and it was “shore”ly the highlight of my trip!
  47. florida, where the palm trees sway and the worries fade away
  48. why did the florida tomato become a detective? it loved solving “fruitful” mysteries!
  49. my love for you is like a florida sunset. orange, coral, pink, and lavender, it exists to warm your heart through the inevitable darkness. –jarod kintz
  50. what’s a florida mosquito’s favorite food?a: blood oranges!
  51. florida is a kitchen, i can’t handle the heat.
  52. why did the florida citrus take a music class? to learn some “fruit”-ar chords!
  53. every day is a beach day in florida.
  54. just when you thought florida couldn’t get any weirder, you stumble upon a mermaid convention…
  55. what’s a florida sunflower’s favorite tv show?a: “the sunshine hour”!
  56. tolls on florida turnpike from orlando to miami area totalling $16!? is this expected?
  57. life in the florida keys is like a treasure hunt – you never know what “keys” you’ll discover!
  58. did you see the alligator’s new art exhibition in florida? it’s a “bite”-sized masterpiece!
  59. some aquatic mammals at florida zoos escaped it was otter chaos!
  60. “another day, another florida beach.”

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