50 Flour Puns to Knead Your Funny Bone

best funny Flour puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Flour puns are all about finding the humor in baking ingredients through clever wordplay. The most common themes in flour puns involve playing with words related to baking, like “kneading” dough or letting it “rise.” Flour puns also make references to bread, like feeling “bread-tastic.”

Some flour puns draw connections between the ingredients and other concepts. Our first batch of 50 Best Flour Puns is sure to leave you wanting more of their half-baked humor.

50 Best Flour Puns

  1. white flour! white flour! white flour! white flour!
  2. why did the flour go on a shopping spree? it wanted to “dough-vour” the latest fashion trends!
  3. i pray in front of a pastor every sunday. he name is al, and he comes with corn or flour tortillas.
  4. how did the flour feel about its celebrity status? it said, “i’m “dough-mous” around the world!”
  5. how did the flour feel about its new baking partner? it said, “we’re a “flour-midable” team!”
  6. what do you call it when a german hits you with a loaf of bread? gluten tagand when a hippie hits you with a loaf of bread?flour powerand when a lot of people do it at the same time?a rye-ot
  7. did you hear about that hippie superhero who could make tulips and daffodils grow just by sprinkling baking ingredients on them? he said it was his self raising flour power.
  8. how did the flour respond when asked about its baking skills? “i’m really “kneaded” in the kitchen!”
  9. i love baking with flour, it really sifts my soul.
  10. why did the flour take up meditation? it wanted to find inner “dough”-peace!
  11. the person who discovered wheat intolerance has died. the family has requested, no flours.
  12. what kind of flour should you use to make a cake for a cat? all purr-puss flour.
  13. if you don’t like the taste, just add sugar, flour, cocoa and baking powder and bake for 30 minutes.
  14. what kind of flour is independent? self-raising flour..i’ll get my coat.
  15. how did the flour feel about its new recipe? it said, “i’m on a “roll” with this creation!”
  16. i prefer my flour to be dolphin safe… …and not all porpoise!
  17. how did the flour react when it won the lottery? it said, “i’m “dough”ing to celebrate!”
  18. why did the flour go to the gym? it wanted to work on its “glute-n”!
  19. if i put self raising flour on it… does that mean i still have to pay child support?
  20. a new flour made from ground-up insects could keep millions around the world from going hungry! it’s simply the bee’s knees!
  21. what kind of flour is independent? self-raising flour..i’ll get my coat.
  22. i was gonna make bread this morning, but when i checked the pantry for flour… there was naan.
  23. whats the purpose of the flour in that recipe? all.
  24. with great flour comes great riceponsibility-uncle ben
  25. what kind of flour do orphan kids use for cooking? self raising flour
  26. pizza chefs who have flour on their face at the end of a long shift… …call that a 5-o’clock shadough.
  27. what do you call a flour that likes to rap? a “flow-er”!
  28. what type of flour do you buy an orphan? self raising.
  29. i was gonna make bread this morning, but when i checked the pantry for flour… there was naan.
  30. the delivery guy accidentally got us 3 extra bags of flour they were not kneaded.
  31. we followed my dad’s death bed wish and buried him covered in baked flour, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni… r.i.p dad, rest in pizza.
  32. what do you call a talkative bag of flour? a “flour-chatter”box!
  33. how did the flour feel when it became a cake? it said, “i’m “batter” than ever!”
  34. this year for valentine’s day i got my wife the ace of hearts and packets of corn flour, rice flour and self raising flour she wasn’t happy. apparently it wasn’t what she meant when she said she just wanted a card and flowers
  35. why did the flour get a standing ovation? it had a “dough-licious” performance!
  36. why did the flour start a blog? it had a “dough-mestic” desire to share its recipes!
  37. i accidentally dumped white flour on my black labrador… …now she’s a greyhound.
  38. what do pilgrims use to bake cookies? may-flour!
  39. how do you impress a baker? bring them flours. happy cake day, ya filthy bastards
  40. how did the flour feel about its toast? it said, “i’m “bread”-tastic!”
  41. what do you call a rebellious bag of flour? a “flour-rebel” with a cause!
  42. flour, sugar, salt, water and yeast grew up together in jail. guess you could say they were bread in captivity.
  43. what do you call flour that loves to read? a “well-read” dough!
  44. what do you call a frenchman wearing a beret who bakes bread? a flour de lis.
  45. what’s the odd one out? a. flourb. yeastc. royaltyd. meatd. meat because it’s usually not in bread.
  46. why did the flour go to the art exhibit? it wanted to see some “flour”ishing paintings!
  47. what do you call a heroic bag of flour? a “flour-venger”!
  48. what’s a baker’s favorite movie? flourless in seattle.
  49. the general doctor sits her down and asks her what’s wrong.”doctor, i keep thinking i’m a fruitcake!”the doctor wasn’t sure how to respond.”i see. what’s gotten into you?””raisins, butter, flour… all the usual ingredients!”
  50. why did the flour join a band? it wanted to “rise” to the occasion!

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