55 Fossil Puns to Roaring with Laughter

best funny fossil puns
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Fossil puns take prehistoric plants and animals trapped in rock and turn them into comedic’s usually about a fossilized creature’s favorite dance move, a paleontologist’s discovery, or an ancient organism’s new career.

Common themes for fossil puns involve giving fossils hobbies, emotions, and interests while incorporating geological terminology like “sedimental” messages or having “deep-rooted” issues.

These 55 Best Fossil Puns provide an amusing way to learn about paleontology and geology, bringing some levity to topics that are often thought of as serious or dry, much like a fossil’s sense of humor.

55 Best Fossil Puns

  1. what do you call a christian who studies fossils?
  2. what’s a fossil’s favorite dance move? the fossil shuffle!
  3. what did the fossil say to the paleontologist after a long day of digging? “i’m fossil-fied!”
  4. i was looking for the head of a dinosaur but… it was a fossil arm
  5. why did the fossil go to therapy? it had some unresolved issues from the stone age!
  6. a black man attended a protest against fossil fuels… and got six global warming shots in his back.
  7. how do fossils stay in shape? they do plenty of dino-sorobics!
  8. what do you call a pirate that digs for fossils?
  9. what’s a fossil’s favorite board game? “rockopoly!”
  10. why did the fossil go to therapy? it had some deep-rooted issues!
  11. why did the fossil become a gardener? it loved working with ancient seeds!
  12. what did the archaeologist say when accused of lying about fossils? hey, those artifacts …
  13. what did the fossil say to its friend? “i’m old but still a rock star!”
  14. how do fossils stay in touch? they send each other sedimental messages!
  15. why did the fossil blush? because it saw the bones in your closet!
  16. how do you start a fossil rock band? by “rocking” the prehistoric beats!
  17. rocks, minerals & fossils
  18. why did the fossil start a fashion line? it had a great sense of fossil-ion!
  19. how does a fossil show affection? with a big bear hug from the stone-age!
  20. what’s a fossil’s favorite tv show? “rock of ages”!
  21. why did the fossil go to therapy? it had deep-seated issues!
  22. why did the fossil get a job as a comedian? it had a dry sense of humor!
  23. what do you get when you cross a fossil with a computer? a memory that will never go extinct!
  24. what did the fossil say to the geologist? “you really rock my world!”
  25. the other day i found this literal fossil of a pc… it had about a trilobyte of storage on it!
  26. when i told a group that the fossil they were looking at was 65 million years and 3 weeks old, they asked me where the 3 weeks came from.
  27. fossil two: it looks so amazing! how good is it?
  28. why did the paleontologists fall in love with the fossil?
  29. what did the hip fossil scientist call his little helpers?
  30. why did the fossil start a band? it had a rock-solid rhythm section!
  31. how did the fossil get promoted at work? it had a strong work ethic and never took sedimentary leave!
  32. i thought i had found a dinosaur leg but fossil arm.
  33. why did the fossil join a band? it wanted to be a fossil-frontman!
  34. what’s a fossil’s favorite exercise? cross-fossil country!
  35. why did the fossil go to art school? it had a natural talent for drawing fossilgraphs!
  36. today i learned that burning fossil fuels… is one of the leading causes of statistics.
  37. scientists thought they had found a limb of an ancient hominid… but it was just a fossil arm.
  38. what did the fossil say when it found its long-lost friend? “it’s been an absolute eon since we last met!”
  39. the fossils were having a pool party, and they all had a dino-mite time!
  40. what does melania trump and a paleontologist have in common? both are experts in dating fossils.
  41. what’s a fossil’s favorite type of footwear? sandals made of “soles”!
  42. the fossils that didn’t want to be digged up must have had some skeletal objections!
  43. why did the fossil open a bakery? it kneaded a new career!
  44. what is the relationship between an old fossil and a paleontologist called?
  45. why did the fossil join a rock band? it had a natural talent for drumming up excitement!
  46. how do fossils send letters? by using stamptosaurus!
  47. what do you call a fossilized insect? a bug in amber-tion!
  48. why did the fossil go to the party alone? it didn’t want to be taken for “granite”!
  49. how do you know if a fossil was afraid before it was petrified?
  50. why did the fossil start a fitness routine? it wanted to be a bone-a-fide gym enthusiast!
  51. what do you call a fossil that’s always late? a stonograde!
  52. what did the fossil say to the geologist? “you rock my world!”
  53. why did the fossil start a band? it had a rockin’ rhythm!
  54. what kind of music does the fossil record play?
  55. so scientists finally discovered a fossilised dinosaur butt. for it to survive intact all that time… it must have been a megasaurus.

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