115 Fox Puns Can Turn Your Frown Upside Down

best funny Fox puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Fox puns are quite broad, touching on fox traits like cunningness, speed, and bushy tails as well as general humor about fox behavior.

Fox pun pop culture references are also common, with puns about Fox News, the Fox movie studio, and even Firefox web browser.

Overall, these 115 Best Fox Puns aim to be clever and tongue-in-cheek, making lighthearted connections between the characteristics of foxes and amusing plays on words. 

115 Best Fox Puns

  1. why don’t foxes wear socks? they have built-in fox trotters!
  2. what did the fox get for his birthday?– a gift fox set!
  3. why did the fox bring a map to the bakery? it wanted to find the quickest way to dough-nuts!
  4. what does the doctor who of foxes use to travel? his police fox.
  5. what’s a fox’s favorite smartphone app? fox tunes for music!
  6. what do you call a fox who’s lost his tail? a “bob”!
  7. why was the fox so good at basketball? he had a natural ‘hoop-fox’ jump shot!
  8. if foxes could text, they’d probably send emojis of trees and rabbits.
  9. how did the rooster discover that the fox intended to devour him?a: the fox continued to display telltail symptoms.
  10. why was the fox good at painting? it had an “artful” eye.
  11. how does a fox start its stand-up routine? with a “foxy” opening line!
  12. where does a fox sleep during the winter?– near the fur-nace.
  13. if a fox could talk, it would probably have a lot of “tail” to tell.
  14. the fox cub failed his geometry test, but why?a: since he was unable to recall the furmulas!
  15. what’s a fox’s favorite casualwear? fox attire only!
  16. the capitol police tweeted: ‘we have received several reports of aggressive fox encounters on or near the grounds of the u.s. capitol. for your safety, please do not approach any foxes.’
  17. why did the fox make a good detective? because he was great at chasing tails.
  18. why was the zookeeper afraid of the fox? a: because it was a fur-ce to be reckoned with.
  19. you’re the fox in my fairy tale, making my heart soar!
  20. how does a fox jazz up its den? fox decorations!
  21. how do foxes bring joy to others? by spreading “fur”-nomenal laughter wherever they go!
  22. why did the fox get a job at the bakery? he wanted to be a ‘sly’-cer!
  23. what did the fox name his mystery novel? tails of the unexpected.
  24. foxes: nature’s way of saying, “stay on your toes!”
  25. how is a fox, a deer, and a rabbit different? they are different animals.
  26. a fox snuck into the chicken coup last night and killed them all… authorities were unsure whether to label it a coup d’etat or a henocide…
  27. why did the fox become a gardener?a: he had a green paw.
  28. put it in the safety deposit fox.
  29. what do you call a fox with a carrot in each ear?
  30. what did the fox say when he won a marathon? ‘i’m the fastest sly-athlete!’
  31. which character from ‘shrek’ does every fox cub love?– lord furquaad!
  32. why did the fox wear a hat? to protect his foxhole.
  33. “well, i liked the book.” the fox replied.
  34. what’s a fox’s favorite type of music? fox rock.
  35. a man went to a movie, and realized that he was sitting next to a fox.
  36. “the fox changes his fur but not his habits.” — anonymous
  37. why was the fox worried about her missing cub?– because he had strayed fur away from home!
  38. what is a fox’s favorite dairy product? furmented yogurt.
  39. be like a fox: always land on your feet and stay ready for a laugh!
  40. what do you call a member of the dog family that moves quickly pressing up against your window? firefox encountering an unexpected problem with windows.
  41. during a project, what will the supervisor tell the intern fox?a: your work is not imaginative. think outside the fox!
  42. why did the fox bring a helmet to the party? to protect his sly-houette!
  43. why did the fox become a magician? it had a talent for pulling sly-tricks.
  44. put it in the safety deposit fox.
  45. why did the fox go to the dentist?a: he needed a foxy smile.
  46. what is a fox’s favorite classical music piece?a: fur elise.
  47. “why did the tremendous fox become a chef? it had a ‘flair’ for creating ‘furrific’ culinary masterpieces!”
  48. how does a fox apologize? with sly-ncerity.
  49. what do you call a fox who loves to swim? a sly-mmer enthusiast.
  50. when the fox passed away, where did he go?a: furadise.
  51. fox news host jeanine pirro gets ticket for speeding at 119 m.p.h. but, fortunately there was no accident. she was charged with wreckless driving.
  52. why did the fox bring a stopwatch to the race? for some quick-pawed timing!
  53. what happened to the movie about foxes?– it bombed at the fox office.
  54. what do you call a fox who’s always suing people? a foxy litigant.
  55. how do foxes make everyone laugh? they bring the “foxy” charm and quick wit!
  56. if there are scavengers that want to go through the garbage, let them do it as i don’t give a fox.
  57. what’s a fox’s favorite social media platform? sly-stagram.
  58. what do you call it when fox fur is mixed with rain?
  59. what did the fox say when he won the lottery? “i’m a million “fur-tune” richer!”
  60. after learning the wonderful news, what did the fox say?a: “are you fur real?”
  61. what do you call a fox who’s always getting kicked out of seminary? a foxy dropout.
  62. why hire a fox? because they always find loopholes.
  63. what’s a fox’s favorite type of music?a: fox-rock.
  64. what do you call a fox who’s an expert in puzzles? a “cross-“fur”-d enthusiast”!
  65. what’s a fox’s favorite subject? fox-onomics!
  66. how does a fox stay cool in the summer?a: by chilling in the shade of its tail!
  67. what will the fox say after waking up on a beautiful morning?a: it’s quite a foxy day today! even the slys clear today!
  68. fox news investigates
  69. what do you call a fox who leads an expedition? a tail-blazer!
  70. how did the fox outwit the competition? with “fox”-iness and cunning strategy!
  71. why did the fox start a gardening show? it wanted to teach others how to have a “foxtastic” garden!what do you call a fox who loves to solve puzzles? a “riddle-fox”!
  72. what do you call a fox with a great sense of humor? a “funny fox”!
  73. why was the zoo employee afraid of the fox?– because he knew it was a fur-ce to be reckoned with!
  74. why did the fox go to the car dealer?
  75. what does a fox say when he’s surprised? “for fox sake”!
  76. why did it take so long for the artist to finish his fox sketch? because he was paying too much attention to de-tail!
  77. why are foxes bad at knitting? their paws are too foxy!
  78. ‘there are possibly several fox dens on capitol grounds,’ walker said. ‘animal control is currently on the grounds seeking to trap and relocate any foxes they find.’
  79. foxes: giving ‘sly’ a whole new meaning!
  80. why were the foxes hunting rabbits?– because they were in the mood for fast food!
  81. why did the fox go to school? to brush up on its “foxy” arithmetic!
  82. a wild fox attacked several people in washington, d.c. this week and was finally captured tuesday after biting a congressman outside the u.s. capitol
  83. what does the doctor who fox use to travel?– his police fox!
  84. why did the fox make a great storyteller?– he was good at chasing tall tails!
  85. why do foxes make terrible stand-up comedians?a: they always paws for too long.
  86. what do you call a brand new show airing fridays on fox? canceled. 🙂
  87. the meat disappeared from the car because of those damn animals for fox sake.
  88. where does a fox sleep during the winter?a: near the fur-nace.
  89. exclusive megan fox sizzles in a very sexy cutout dress with mgk at nobu malibu – while seen for first time since revealing devastating ectopic pregnancy couple stepped out
  90. what do you call a mischievous baby fox? a “pup”-kin!
  91. why did the hunter lose the trail of the fox? because he was outfoxed.
  92. how does a fox greet its friends? with a “brush-up” hug!
  93. have you heard the story of the vet who became proficient in fox communication?a: she was going crazy like a fox!
  94. foxes always have a plan – and a backup plan too.
  95. why did the fox bring a ladder? to get over its problems.
  96. fox news’ “antisemitism exposed” newsletter brings you stories on the rising anti-jewish prejudice across the u.s. and the world.
  97. “are you a fox?” the man asked.
  98. how did the foxes travel while on vacation? fur-st class!
  99. fox news investigates
  100. you’re my foxy soulmate, the missing piece in my den!
  101. why did the fox go to school? to brush up on its sly-ence skills.
  102. why was the scientist fox celebrated?– because he was a tail-blazer!
  103. what do you call a sly fox with a great sense of style? a “fur-bulous” fashionista!
  104. what did the grape do when the fox stepped on it? it just let out a small vine.
  105. what do you call a fox in a suit? a “sharp”-dressed animal.
  106. what do you call a fox that mediates fights? a fox peacekeeper!
  107. why did the fox become a therapist? it had a talent for sly-choanalyzing.
  108. “is your name ‘vixen’? because you’re the foxy lady of my dreams!”
  109. what do you call a fox who loves flowers?a: a botan-vixen!
  110. what does a fox wear to a fancy dinner? a fox-tux!
  111. foxes – where cuteness meets cunning!
  112. what do you call a fox that’s good at math?a: a cal-cunning-lator!
  113. she was crazy like a fox.
  114. why did the fox cross the road? to chase the chicken!
  115. what did the fox say after surviving an accident? “that was too close fur comfort.”

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