55 Fudge Puns Promise to Have You Rolling with Laughter

best funny fudge puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Fudge puns are playful and humorous wordplay that turn around the theme of fudge, a sweet confection made from sugar, butter, and milk. These puns often incorporate clever twists, double meanings, or punny references related to fudge.

Join us as we explore the different types of fudge puns and indulge in the mouthwatering humor they bring.

55 Best Fudge Puns

  1. i thought it was weird when my boss at the bakery asked me to pack fudge cause we don’t sell fudge.
  2. the ice cream parlor asks for my order parlor: “hello sir, can i take your order?”me: “yes, i’d like a male hot fudge sundae please.”parlor: “i’m sorry sir, a male hot fudge sundae?”me: “yes, with nuts”.
  3. “what did the fudge say to the candy corn? ‘let’s stick together, no matter how corny!’”“why did the fudge start a blog? it had a lot of sweet stories to share.”“fudge: the treat that turns any frown upside down.”
  4. why was the fudge a great singer? it had a “melodious cocoa voice!”
  5. fudge resilience: bouncing back with sweetness!
  6. my heart is filled with fudge.
  7. what’s a better name for fudge?
  8. i’m pro-fudge & i vote.
  9. what did one robber say to the other after stealing 20 tons of nutella?“let’s get the fudge out of here!”
  10. what’s a fudge’s favorite winter activity? building “choco-snowmen” in the yard!
  11. what do you call a fudge that can predict the future? a “chocolate fortune-teller!”
  12. why did the fudge go to therapy? to work through its “cocoa emotional” issues!
  13. candidates for the president of the evolution society said that the anonymous votes were fudged…but the committee assured them it was just natural selection!
  14. headed to the fudge, be back never.
  15. get up, stand up.  stand up for your fudge.
  16. colonel fubster (the guy who watches aunt marge’s dogs) is actually cornelius fudge… she just keeps mishearing his name, and he’s given up correcting her…
  17. life is short, but the fudge is endless!
  18. hot fudge feels deep needs.
  19. fudge the rules and embrace the chocolaty goodness!
  20.  it’s not over til the fudge lady sings.
  21. they sit at a table and peruse the menu, and the waiter comes over.good afternoon, can i take your order please? can i have the chocolate fudge dessert, and melania will have the sorbet just desserts mr president? yes, just desserts
  22. why did the fudge start a band with the marshmallows? for the perfect “melty harmony!”
  23. mmm, move over eggs. bacon just got a new best friend. fudge.
  24. fudged-up fun (tom swifties)
  25. i may have fudged, but i did not inhale.
  26. why did the fudge start a band? to share its “sweet beats” with the world!
  27. “oh fudge!” i yelled as if i had forgotten something… as we were driving by the chocolate store. groans had by all.
  28. follow me to the fudge.
  29. what’s a fudge’s favorite party game? “pin the sprinkles on the fudge!”
  30. what did bob marley’s impersonator say to the crowd at candy fair?“get up, stand up. stand up for your fudge. don’t let them put nougat before us!”
  31. fudge-ology: the study of heavenly chocolate goodness!
  32. went to an icecream place yesterday i asked for a hot fudge saturday
  33. is there anything better than a chocolate fudge center?
  34. “fudge: the key to my happiness.”“fudge is a piece of cake… or fudge.”“fudge: a little slice of heaven.”“fudge is my spirit confection.”“fudge is the secret ingredient to a smile.”“fudge: the real treasure at the end of the rainbow.”“i’m fudging obsessed with fudge!”
  35. what flavors would you name your almost-certainly cursed fudge?
  36. veg → fudge: as in, “fudge out” and “eat your fudgetables.”
  37. “i’m fudging obsessed with fudge!”
  38. i love hot fudge sundaes; i could die for hot fudge sundaes. – bob farrell
  39. families are like fudge. mostly sweet, with a few nuts.
  40. a bad day with fudge is better than a good day without it.
  41. ahead of worlds wanted to share something very special. i made a post a few years ago after c9 semifinals. still the top post. today my wife gave me my fudge factor hoodie with his league name on it.
  42. child: why on this night do we eat hot fudge sundaes? adult: to remind us that being jewish is like having your birthday every day!! plus they’re delicious! – jon stewart
  43. what do you call a piece of fudge that’s gone bad?a spoil-sport!
  44. what did the fudge say to the honeycomb? “we make a sweet pair!”
  45. where does the best fudge in the universe come from? uranus.
  46. negro equality, fudge!! how long in the government of a god great enough to make and maintain this universe, shall there continue to be knaves to vend and fools to gulp, so low a piece of demagoguism as this? – abraham lincoln
  47. “fudge is the secret ingredient to a smile.”“fudge: the real treasure at the end of the rainbow.”“i’m fudging obsessed with fudge!”
  48. how do fudge friends greet each other? they say, “hey, sugart!”why did the fudge go to the fancy restaurant? it wanted a taste of the haute-chocolat cuisine!
  49. what’s a gay guy’s favourite job packing fudge
  50. why did the fudge become a detective? to solve “sweet mysteries”!
  51. “fudge is my spirit confection.”“fudge is the secret ingredient to a smile.”“fudge: the real treasure at the end of the rainbow.”“i’m fudging obsessed with fudge!”
  52. when denny fires the associate for being fat, this is the judge they got in the lawsuit to follow. bravo, boston legal-writers. the last name fudge a little too on the nose though
  53. everyone needs fudge, hildy. it’s how god helps us cope.
  54. kevin spacey is doing a remake of k-pax… it’s called fudge-pax.
  55. fudge-tastic dreams: where cocoa fantasies come true!

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